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I think she left out a few things.

Angel Anjel is an attention whoring, self-absorbed furry from the heartland of bestiality and incest, Mississippi. She undoubtedly fits right in with her dimwitted horsefucking brethren, since she can't seem to spell even fucking simple words like "angel" correctly. Her shit-stirring and trash-talking traits are also typical of furfags, though she is quick to cry "fursecution" should anyone take a similar approach to dealing with her. Also, her LiveJournal is friends only except for when she wants to indoctrinate you, which serves as a perfect example of her sadly all too common hypocrisy.

For over 100 years her fursona was a grey cat with wings and a dildo tail, created as a fan character for the children's cartoon show Gargoyles. Recently she decided having a shitty fan character isn't hardcore enough so she created a heavily pierced, Rubenesque elephant named Gaia to spread her message of peace, love, and how much she adores gigantic, wrinkly elephant ass.


Furries are magnets for the most retarded kinds of drama, and Anjel is no exception. She can and sometimes will suddenly change her opinion whenever convenient to support her ill-founded arguments, making her exceptionally infuriating to tolerate. Additionally, in the midst of any drama, if Anjel & butt-buddies are getting pwnd she will apologize and attempt to make friends with the victim of her inane bullshit. This is most likely so they won't go around telling anyone what an enormous fuckwit she made of herself, and therefore ruining her e-reputation.

Certain people have been especially subject to her egotistical stupidity, and the lulz and drama therein has been preserved for all to see in the sections below.


Back in the days of the LJ "art horrors" communities, Anjel posted one of TigersKitten's (Lj-favicon.png tk_creations) auctions to Lj-favicon.png furbid_horrors because the eyes were uneven. [1] TigersKitten ignored Anjel's attempt to start shit, but over 9,000 members told Anjel the drawing wasn't "horror worthy". Anjel got pissed and, in an amazing display of her "shart wit", followed up the entry by re-posting the exact same auction. Most of the members weren't on Anjel's ass-kissing squad, so her stupidity was not well-received and she was rightfully called an annoying cuntrag.

Later, Anjel e-mailed TigersKitten and tried to apologize, but utterly failed since TigersKitten has the amazing ability to ignore bullshit. The picture did actually end up selling, which shows just how much furries care about the quality of art they waste their money on.


According to MidnightFury, Anjel is a "drama-loving, pothead whore". MidnightFury is quite possibly probably the worst recipient of Anjel's attacks.

Over 100 years ago, MF found a kitten that had been set on fire. She rescued him and named him Tad. Rather than bring Tad to a shelter on the basis he would just be euthanized, she decided to bring him to the vet.

MF panhandled the people on her LJ friends list, since being fucking poor she couldn't afford the vet bills. In her entry she explained what happened to Tad and asked for commissions and donations so she could pay the vet. MF included her personal information so she could be paid. At the time, Anjel was on MF's friend list. Rather than simply ignoring the plea like any intelligent person, Anjel began spreading the rumor that MF was using a sob story to buy Prismacolor markers. She brought everything MF had posted (vet invoices and receipts with her full name, her address, her phone number) to the Catfights, a drama forum composed of menstruating fatties who are far older than the recommended age to collect My Little Ponies.

Shortly afterward, someone named Ilea came to MF's DA gallery and claimed that MF was cheating people out of money for markers. MF theorized that this person was from the Catfights and checked; she was right, because she found all her personal information and the rumor right there for everyone to see. Further research led to the knowledge that Ilea was Anjel's friend. MF theorized that Anjel had put her under a friends filter for the express purpose of talking behind her back. Reportedly this thought didn't occur to her until she went to the Hattiesburg Wal-Mart, where some time earlier Anjel had made fun of fatties with some French people. Apparently Anjel got kicked off of Furmont for posting the information. She bitched about it in the LJ community Drama_awesome, once again stating MF's real name. The Catfights bitches heard about it and troll-bombed MF. At some point, death threats were made.

MF cut Anjel out of her life because she finally realized that Anjel is a bad influence. At this point, Anjel had already been given three or four chances to fix their friendship, and MF had simply had enough. In a stellar display of intelligence, Anjel bitched about it even more in her LiveJournal. Because Anjel is a serial adder and all her friends are just as much of drama whores as she is, it wasn't long before MF did not feel safe in the furry and MLP fandoms.

MF hid from the fandom and resurfaced on December 9, 2006 as DecemberStar. It seems that as DecemberStar she was a popular artist, but the creation of this article in late March 2007 (See sections Kaye Darktail and Anjel's Reaction to ED) caused Anjel to automatically assume MF was a main player in the creation of the article simply because an old LiveJournal post of hers was included in the first draft.

Fearing retaliation, MF deleted all her art and intended to leave the internets, but a bunch of gallery-watchers came out of the woodwork to tell her just how much they loved her. As a result, MF has only decided to take an internet vacation.

She adds people to her friends lists and watches them because she wants the attention. She's using you to make herself more popular. She doesn't CARE about you. And, if you're popular enough, and she does something to piss you off, she'll try to throw money at you to make you stop being angry, so you don't go telling people what a megawhore SHE is. If I had thought about it, that's what I'd have done when she did what she'd done to me. I was popular then, and people may have listened to me about her. I might have been able to cut her down before she got where she is now, and I regret having not done it...

And, here she is now...Preaching her tree hugging hippie bullshit, then turning around and making fake troll journals to hurt someone she's never even met before. Bet she's never even had any trouble from him personally, either. Hypocrite, anyone?


—MidnightFury, on Angel being an attention whore.

Jeremy, Duke of Otterland

Anjel, in collaboration with a few people on her friends list, started a LJ account called Lj-favicon.png duchessotter. It became old meme quickly, because no one gives a shit about Prince Jeremy any more. Essentially, this troll journal accomplished nothing.

Kaye Darktail

Anjel posted to an angry scribble to her FurAffinity account, showing Gaia's enormous ghetto booty and a lot of near-illegible text demanding the world should stop trying to make beautiful women like Gaia wear makeup and fit into -3 dress sizes. [2] Kaye Darktail didn't agree with the way the message was delivered, and attempted to have a serious debate with Anjel not knowing what an impossible task she had set out to accomplish. Anjel posted a SUPER SECRET entry in her LiveJournal and had her butt-buddies gang up on Kaye. Anjel and her ass-kissing brigade completely missed the point of the initial comment and much pointless bickering was had. Eventually, two friends-locked LJ entries later, Kaye got user-banned from commenting on Anjel's FA account. Kaye and friends had many lulz at Anjel's expense, because none of the anti-trolls understood Kaye was actually agreeing with them for the most part.

A non-ED personality drops the aforementioned link and hilarity in #rule34 ensues

[23:59] <%Drinky_Kraw> oh wow
[23:59] <%Drinky_Kraw> hey slowz
[23:59] <%Drinky_Kraw>
[00:00] *** Maru quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[00:02] <+capt_slowpoke> I've drawn it
[00:05] <%Drinky_Kraw> to the obsessive extent displayed there?
[00:06] <%Drinky_Kraw> lol @ those Japanese guys
[00:08] <+capt_slowpoke> It was petrification futa horsecock porn of a chick with hooves
[00:09] <+capt_slowpoke> with cum spilling out of its ass
[00:09] <+capt_slowpoke> Then another pic of it shattered into a pile of rubble
[00:11] <%Drinky_Kraw> wow
[00:11] <%Drinky_Kraw> thats like some scribblekid shit right there
[00:11] <%Drinky_Kraw> only furry
[00:14] *** SleepingWarrior quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:21] <+capt_slowpoke> It wasn't really even furry
[00:21] <+capt_slowpoke> It has a human body, just hoof feet and a horse cock and tail
[00:21] <+capt_slowpoke> oh it was also fat. 
[00:25] <%Drinky_Kraw> okay now we're getting into oddball German art territory
[00:25] <%Drinky_Kraw> lol like that airport sculpture
[00:28] <+capt_slowpoke> err, not quite
[00:42] <%Drinky_Kraw> ho god
[00:42] <%Drinky_Kraw> feminist pretension alert
[00:49] <%Drinky_Kraw> goddamn fatties! TARGET PRACTICE
[00:49] <%Drinky_Kraw> ALL YOU'RE GOOD FOR
[00:50] *** capt_slowpoke quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[00:52] *** capt_slowpoke ([email protected]) joined
[00:52] <capt_slowpoke> Did you get that? 
[00:53] <capt_slowpoke> I know that foul smelling skank in real life. 
[00:53] <%Drinky_Kraw> didn't go through
[00:53] <%Drinky_Kraw> Damn, rly? Wowzers
[00:53] <capt_slowpoke> My brother tried to fuck her
[00:54] <capt_slowpoke> Her distdain for makeup includes deodorant apparently
[00:54] <capt_slowpoke> Last I saw her she wasn't fat either
[00:54] <capt_slowpoke> don't know why she's drawing a thing about fatasses
[00:55] <capt_slowpoke> She's like, a skinny fuckin hippy
[00:56] <%Drinky_Kraw> thats just weird then
[00:56] <capt_slowpoke> Maybe she got fat
[00:56] <capt_slowpoke> I don't know, she never ate anything, so I don't see how that's possible
[00:57] <capt_slowpoke> I am tempted to troll her
[00:57] <capt_slowpoke> because it's fucking easy
[00:57] <capt_slowpoke> But I don't want to get B& from FA because I need the money
[00:57] <capt_slowpoke> curses
[00:58] <%Drinky_Kraw> lol maybe she only thinks she's fat.
[00:58] <%Drinky_Kraw> but in reality she hasn't eaten in so long she's got an african kid belly
[00:58] <capt_slowpoke> No, she was definitely not fat when I knew her. Just.. incredibly stinky
[00:58] <%Drinky_Kraw> lolol
[00:59] <capt_slowpoke> Seriously I have never smelled a chick with BO that bad
[00:59] <%Drinky_Kraw> Is it because she has bad genes or does she just never wash up?
[00:59] <capt_slowpoke> You could always tell when she was behind you or anywhere within like 8 feet
[00:59] <capt_slowpoke> She apparently doesn't believe in deodorant
[00:59] <capt_slowpoke> And never showers
[01:00] <%Drinky_Kraw> lol wow
[01:00] <capt_slowpoke> I may not shower every day but I do when I'm gonna be around people and I put on some goddamn deodorant so I don't smell like a fucking used sock 
[01:03] <@Titanium> fucking butthurt artists
[01:03] <capt_slowpoke> Who is?
[b][01:03] <capt_slowpoke> Ashley there? 
[01:03] <capt_slowpoke> She hates it when you call her that
[01:04] <capt_slowpoke> IRL she wants to be called Anjel
[01:04] <capt_slowpoke> because if you know her real name that gives you power over her apparently[/b]
[01:04] <capt_slowpoke> Not enough power to make her wear some goddamn deodorant though. 
[01:05] <@Titanium> Rdzreborn2k5
[01:06] <capt_slowpoke> What is he butthurt over? 
[01:06] <%Drinky_Kraw> so she's like an elf?
[01:07] <%Drinky_Kraw> only stanky?
[01:07] <@Titanium> people criticizing his "art"
[01:07] <@Titanium>
[01:07] <capt_slowpoke> Stanky can't scratch the surface
[01:07] <%Drinky_Kraw> o lawdy
[01:09] <capt_slowpoke> Wow, did he draw all of those himself? 
[01:09] <capt_slowpoke> He must be proud of how he got the details so exactly the same in each one
[01:10] <capt_slowpoke> Is he seriously getting butthurt over people calling that crap out for what it is or what? 
[01:13] <%Drinky_Kraw> ......and nothing of value was lost|0}}

Anjel's Reaction to ED

It's not her fault people stalk her! Really! You're just asking for trouble anyway!

Hidden under the safety of LJ's privacy filters, Anjel has apparently become so emo over the existence of this article she sent her ass-kissers to delete it. [3] [4] She has also bragged about having an ED article on other websites, in what may be a possible attempt to hide her butthurt. [5]

Apparently I infuriated Kayedarketail so much with telling her what a dumb bitch she was that she made an entire ED SITE DEVOTED TO ME

And this is the funniest part. She has MIDNIGHT FURY COLLABORATING ON IT!

As far as ED sites go, it really isn't even that insulting towards me. I find it so entirely sad and pathetic that Kaye and Internet fury go to such extreme lengths, that is makes me laugh.


—Anjel, in denial of how butthurt she is.


If you disagree with Anjel, you are clearly infuriated and obsessed with her.

A few days after the creation of her ED article, Anjel deleted roughly 25 people from her friend list. Anjel placed the blame on Lj-favicon.png joanmichele for leaking her super secret LJ entries. Joan-Michele attempted to confront Anjel about it but Anjel completely avoided her until a public exchange on Anjel moved the conversation to private messages because she was too afraid of losing her e-credibility to keep it in the open.

It seems that she has quickly moved from laughing at this article to becoming extremely butthurt in record time, confirming suspicions that her original reaction was indeed fake. Word has since come around that she is going nuts about the article and has even become ridiculously paranoid. As of March 29, 2007, Googling for "anjel furry" shows this ED article as the first entry. During communications with Joan-Michele, Anjel has stated "You get that ED article taken down, and I can promise MF doesn't have the same thing happen to her" - meaning, of course, that if this article is not removed, she or one of her drama friends will write a entry about Midnight Fury out of pure spite. This is yet another beautiful display of hypocrisy because she has said on several occasions (including in the lolfurries thread) that she doesn't want to be involved with Midnight Fury any more.

UPDATE Apparently, Anjel thinks other scientists will take her seriously under a misspelled name, so she is rounding up TEH INTENETS LAWYERS to have this page taken down because it "Ruins her name that she will be publishing under."

PRO-TIP: Her stupidity, drama-mongering, and hell, even her existence (not to mention her inability to wear deodorant), has already done that for her. She didn't need any help from us. Nice to know she gives us so much credit though. THANKS, BB!

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