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This is what would happen to Dot's face if she saw what was done to her, guess what the last one is.

The Animaniacs are typical Rule 34 fare, and are a frequently raped section of your childhood. They are all over WWOEC and are a particular favorite of a certain artist by the name of 8HORNS. This basement dweller believes that the only thing the internets needs is obnoxiously cute incest ameriloli pron of the Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Often times they are paired off with fellow raped childhood fair, Tiny Toons. The worst part: Fans of the show cannot deny that this sadly makes sense.

Origins in your Childhood

Animaniacs was one of the most insane and awesome American cartoons ever made. The plot revolves around Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner, three... things (dogs?) that are siblings and go around doing shit in the final decade of decent television. It was the last place to properly and frequently use the medieval tool, the anvil, in its proper form: dropping it on people to make them flat, like twelve-year-old girl flat. The show involved declaring to children that Elvis was still alive, that mimes should be hated and killed, and explicitly stated that the main characters had the ability to bend the space time continuum and divide by zero. Basically, it was a show that ate and shat pop culture references but was made to be fully digested by 8-14 year-olds. Amazing really. Seriously, they actually managed to slip a joke about fingering Prince past the censors. How can you not love that? Also, Yakko could name every country, even the ones with niggers. As one /b/tard stated: "The show is like /b/, but with less rule 34." It is likely this statement that lead to the raping of your childhood that follows.

Sadly, given that the characters were covered in fur, the show, like countless others before it and after, attracted hordes of furries like white on rice. The very nature of furries causes them to ruin everything they come across, and Animaniacs was not an exception. Just as they have done with Disney's Robin Hood, Starfox, and countless other things, the furfags proceeded to destroy everything wonderful about the show. The only good thing to come out of the mess was another reason to nuke Anthrocon.


Most, but not all, of the childhood rape around Animaniacs centers around the female and youngest Warner Sibling, Dot. Believe it or not, this is still actually more bearable than the ones without her, which consist of amerishota between Yakko and Wakko, which makes Calvin and Hobbes look down right decent.


If there has ever been one pedophile most responsible for the rape of a single childhood memory, its 8HORNS of Dot. This fucktard has actually been drawn in other fucktards' art taking Dot from behind, this the level of sick fuck that he has reached. The worst part: he's a decent artist. Most of his work is on model, and tortuously cute. Also, pretty much 100 % of other Ameriloli Pedophiles drawing Dot are actually drawing a gift for this fucker. We can only hope that an asteroid will land on him soon. Of course, we prefer a bullet instead.

Wakko and The Hammer

Actions speak louder than rules, and images are easier to read than either of those. Post "Rule 34 on Animaniacs" on /b/ and some sick fuck will probably pull the pic of Wakko sticking a hammer up his ass and cumming wildly. It will make you cry.

Cock Teases

Hellloooooooooooooo Nurse!

One of the biggest reasons people watch this show is for the occasional tits. Namely Hello Nurse and Minerva Mink.


Yesterday, some stupid fuck was trying to push off the idea that the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister were the true Gods of the universe. However, this was a massive fail as it had nothing to do with the internets and the fucktard Basement Dweller made himself An Hero, and was consequently Crucified.


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