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Editing is a type of art. It should be an honor to have your art edited over


A person on AniRoleplay, thinking editing is an art.

Domo arigato, motherfuckers. is a website that has a userbase of acne-ridden basement dwellers and 16 year-old girls who come to the site in their spare time when they're not playing World of Warcraft or begging for attention on deviantART. The original characters on the site are often traced from pictures stolen from the internet, then recolored so the person can claim them as their new KAWAII DESU SUGOI OC and hide the fact that they have no real talent whatsoever.

Every weeb on the site gets into constant wars of who has a better character, or who will get their senpai to notice them first. AniRoleplay might as well be Myspace's retarded weeaboo brother who never graduated high-school and now works at McDonald's for $3.50 an hour. It's that bad.

What is this shit?

AniRoleplay was founded by a bunch of horny Narutards on that were unhappy about the lack of anime on the site. Eventually they recruited members from other sites and AniRoleplay went live on April 3, 2013, allowing them to roleplay as their favorite animu characters while complaining about how much their life sucks.

That being said, the site has users that range from being complete Sonicfags to being straight up otakus that watch anime all day while sticking their dick in their body pillows. The majority of the users act like complete retards, having large egos that put their penises to shame. Half the time, the users don't even roleplay, they either post statuses suited for Failbook, or are on Skype showing off their privates because they need a helluva thrill. In order to be accepted as apart of the forum by it's users, you have to act like them and do what they do. The entire site is both a battle field and circle jerk in its own right.


Aside from drawing animu tracing artwork and being butthurt faggots, the primary goal to being popular on this site is to obtain pageviews. Remember kids: Attention is the most vital commodity of survival to the attention whores that comprise the bulk of Aniroleplay's population! Though, in the process of getting pageviews, you are most likely going to run into a 50 year old man posing as a 16 year-old school girl through a sexual RP.

The pageviews on the site also means the camwhores and art-thieves can fake suicide and gain sympathy from their followers if they're popular enough. They have more entitlement on the site than you.

Recoloring wars

The recoloring battles on YouTube pale in comparison to the skirmishes that happen on AniRoleplay. Roleplayers fight amongst themselves over who's the best at recoloring (since changing hair colors in actual pictures takes so much skill, logic naturally doesn't apply) and they all use the same pictures that were drawn by actual artists. Take this user for example.




"Editing is art theft"

Yeah, I think we crossed that bridge years ago when we started editing. We know it is. We're not so stupid that we don't know, but has anyone shut us down? Has any of us been arrested? Fined? Deleted strictly based on "art theft"?

No, I don't think so.

In my opinion, you put it on the internet, it's going to get jacked somehow by someone at sometime. As long as we are not gaining a profit from it, I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT WE'RE DOING.


—Natalia from Nightmare Carnival, not understanding the rage artists get when their artwork gets plastered over with eye-blinding colors.


because I think we've made it fairly obvious that we don't care.

As a fellow artist, fuck yes, I know art theft is wrong, But after being in this community for so long, I know that it is kind of an honor to have someone edit your art, because I am one picky little bitch when it comes to originals, So if someone likes my art enough to edit it, HIP HIP HOORAY! I know I'm doing something right.


—Natalia, not getting that artists don't feel like it's an honor having their art edited.

Types of Users on the Site

Anitards (also known as Aniroleplay retards) can choose what kind of roleplayer they want to pretend to be by choosing from a category menu. There are different types of autistic fucks roleplayers that originated from the "golden days" of Myspace rp. Those being the serious T-1 Novella style rpers, the Tourneyfags who fight in rp tournaments and the Bubblegum rpers. How many more are there? We'll never know, but what's one thing they all have in common you maybe ask? A bunch of butthurt weaboos who show their autisim with butthurt photos and blocking for no reason. Aniroleplay's population also consists mainly of emotionally-unstable weaboos who aspire to move to Japan and become famous hentai artists but instead they end up as Cosplay enthusiasts that earn a living off the Harajuku by exchanging odd jobs for food in the back alleys behind the clothing stores. If the website as a whole had cancer, then Aniroleplay would be the biggest malignant tumor of them all.

Bubblegum Roleplayers/"Original" editors

These types of roleplayers consist of ugly, high school drop outs who spend the majority of their time photoshopping anime pictures to make up for their lack of a pleasing appearance irl. They're usually too stupid to construct or articulate complete sentences so they use highly saturated gifs from reality shows or famous singers to get their point across. They spend their days posing as a sexy, slender anime persona to make up for their lack of a High School degree or even a job at the local Subway. Their recolors consist of over-editing, high contrasted, over-sharpened, and gaudy rainbow hair.

Whores of recoloring
Amilia's new account - Who deserves her own page by the bullshits she hides. On the outside she says she's a nice girl, but she's actually a thrash whore who uses up her friends and gets rid of them

backup account

Nightmare Carnival Another ass pleabin worthy of ED

Indie inc.

Itachi da King Fucboi of Anirp

whatever the fuck her name is

Pyro Micro

Akina heartless


WTF is that thing?


Magical creations

Serious Roleplayers

These types try to pose as intelligent, successful, creative writers. In truth, they're no better than the aforementioned type. They are usually spending their days challenging other roleplayers. of their type to text fight with them. Calling them out as cowards if they don't take them up on said challenge. Like the bubblegum roleplayers, these people are more along the lines of high-functioning Aspies. Usually these douchebags clearly don't give a single fuck about other roleplayers who tend to have a writing length of a one-liner to a motherfucking paragraph.


Mostly consist of God-Modding weeaboos, who join group tournaments using moves from Dragon Ball Z, and Sword Art Online. The only way to win these tongs are to pick an overrated anime and use the toughest moves from there. Writing more than 3 paragraphs in necessary. Even though you get disqualified if you write over 10 paragraphs. There's also a replying due dates. If you don't reply within the time they tell you, you're automatically banned. People will bitch and whine to win tournaments so it's an unfair experience on both sides. Remember kids the autism is strong in these tournaments, so you must show it to win.

Where to go for a cock swinging tournament

Y SO ELITIST??? About missing Pics

Elite role players

Now take note children the common way to survive is to become a keyboard warrior on this website. Commonly known as an elitist. Autistic fucks with over inflated egos who run or think they the site with their horrible 8 paragraph fan fictions with unnecessary detail. You will likely find these types of role players if they have "multi-para" and above type of roleplays in their profile.

You're such a fucking casual do you even know how to rp? Write more. I want to know detail of everything the color if the setting


elitist role players to casuals

[ "She just acted like this for nothing >.>" - Little Rose
[ 241647 Oh she turns out to be a diaper fag

Thirsty bitches

When you think of "thirsty" don't just think of men on this website. These role players are the cum guzzling,ass pleabins of the site both men and women. Keep in mind that a sign for a thirsty nigga is of they have in their profile "girls only" and "no men". Other signs of extreme thirst is if you notice one gender taking other the opposite's friend's list and vice versa. Thirsty role players also consist of the casual pedophiles that Chris Hansen failed to catch. An old man roleplaying as a sexy anime character to have fantasy sex with their waifu.



A large group with so much of an ego that even Mani Pink looks normal. The general purpose of this site was to gather the "glory" days of roleplaying with the nostalgia faggot admins creating pages for their pedophilia 57 year old mother who is seen before getting with younger men.

Fun Facts about Aniroleplay and its Administrators

- The administrators of Aniroleplay are Christians. Like every good Christian, they will delete those evil devils who dare to come to their site no matter who they are.

- Though the admins are ""pure Christians" they've proven that they don't give two fucks about the users on the website.

- A good half of the site suffer from autism or Aspergers Syndrome, so be aware not to join as an underrated anime or else they'll find you.

- The users claim that it's a roleplay site, but 90% of them are just there to edit or start fights over the web since they're so tough.

- The admins are thirsty for money, so they put tons of ads on the website that lead to viruses, so the only way to get rid of these ads is to be stupid and pay for a premium account to get rid of them.

- They say no Rule 34, however the ads on the site can be quite suggestive.

- The Admins are confirmed weeaboos and confirmed racist creating a website called Asianroleplay. A website only for Asians No honkeys or niggers, but with the Admin's logic sooner or later we'll have niggerroleplay or whitepeopleroleplay.

The admins felt their wallets empty of jewgoldz, so as an attempt to steal moar monies from their users, they created another site that functions just like the one that they're already running. Users come here to bitch about the others on Aniroleplay. It's nothing special and it's the same as it's sister counter-part.

How to troll the users

- Use God-Modding! Act like fucking Jesus and burn their Naruto recolor to a crisp in an RP.

- Join the website as a food item, A penis or vagina. Weird fetishes work too.

- Join the website with a slutty default picture, or a cartoon character.

- Make a hate page on somebody.

- Steal somebody's edits.

- Rape every girl in a roleplay.

- Make statuses that will bring attention like crying about your life or wanting to be an hero.

High Class triggering 101.

When your website turns to shit

Like how a penny pinching Jew gets anal about not getting his daily penny, The weaboo Admins get desperate to the point where they beg you request to vote for their site to be on the top roleplay websites. If you don't vote for them, they will BAWWW and delete your account before taking you into the back alley to talk.


Vote for AniRoleplay at 'Top RP Sites'.

We need a NEW vote from you, every 24 hours, to keep us ranked high on 'Top RP Sites'.

It only takes 5 seconds to vote.


—Admins of Aniroleplay

You know you've turned to shit when you're telling people to vote for Donald Trump and deleting them if they don't.

Gallery of autism

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