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Angry German Kid

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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A day in the life of a fucktard.(Could not have been described better)
Angry Austrian Kid is AGK's father

Angry German Kid, also famously known by the Japs and the Geekbags of the Rising Sun as Keyboard Crasher-KBC is a video which features a 14 year old German dumbass named Leopold decided to make a video of an example of a 13-year old boy getting very angry and aggressive about the FPS Unreal Tournament because it loads too slow and he gets killed several times, or in other words, fails. He swears like a retard and starts to smash his keyboard several times until it breaks completely. He makes twice as much noise as a woman in labor, or alternatively, Spinoza Ray Prozak during the mating season. A news team came to his house, and asked if they could put the video on the news. They then told a lie saying that he was mentally retarded and going through therapy for the lulz.

Acceptable AGK Videos.

Do not try this at home.


Not too surprisingly, AGK generated one or two responses:

German can b such a scary language when screamed.

Little does he know the insane aslyum guys are waiting just outside the door.


— Virus2J1

i was the one that killed him.


— Punjer

If this isn't staged, then there is no God.


— WynterSun



— Unknown Faggot

oh scheiße es wida soweit man muss sich schämen ein deutscher zu sein... wenn das einer von unseren Politikern sieht gibst wieder ne hübsche Debatte im Bundestag...kann man nur hoffen das es ein fake is


— Honk99 Doing it wrong

This is of course ignoring all the shit about whether or not Germans are inherently evil. After all, everyone knows they are.

Explanation/Background On Video

Happy German Kid

AGK was previously considered a whiny noob until waging war against undeniably gay Chris Crocker, making him an international hero of sorts. It is speculated that AGK sharted all over Crocker's bitch face before feeding him/her to his legion of Hitler clones which he keeps locked in his basement.

The Angry German Kid video is about the "Killerspiel Debatte" (eng = killing games debate) in Germany. German politicians and media are faggots who think that playing video games like Counter-Strike or Unreal Tournament makes kids aggressive and trains them how to kill people (in fact, it teaches them real military tactics like jump-ducking up and down to evade bullets and missiles being shot at them). Which is most likely true, because everyone knows that all German people are Jew-hating Nazis.(Who cares?)

The trigger for this were 2 massacres at 2 different schools where at least 100 or 14-16 pupils got shot down and killed. Both killers became An Hero at the end. The police found the video games Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament and Final Fantasy VII at their homes. Obviously, this means that they were trained by video games and not just emos or closet furries to begin with.

AGK is known as "Der echte Gangster" (The real gangster) in Germany and made even more retarded videos pretending to be hardcore. He even made a remake of one of his older movies in English: [1] This kid actually had severe problems (No Shit?). According to a newspaper article he was in a clinic solely dedicated to computer addictions. After three days he escaped, stole all the money from the receptionist and went to an internet cafe where he played for 26h without a break. Although this sounds cool, its always assumed by news reporters that it is not. This video isn't fake and only shows how addictive computer games can be. Around 50,000 people are addicted in Switzerland and online games make them even more attractive and tempting. In all honesty, having alcoholic parents is a greater indicator of teenage violence than playing video games. But as you know, everybody lies.

The Return of the Angry German Kid

Somewhat, the Angry German Kid is also known to have spouted out the popular words "Eat your Melted Shit" and the misheard "Tapioca" which got really famous among the azn japanese nerds and weeaboos. The Tapioca term was overused by the Japs so much that they decided that it is high time to rape his video and his tapioca, resulting in a win touhou remix video, usually seen on the Internet by japanese weeaboos who do not have anything to do but mock the poor insane kid. Techno Freaks like you might wanna check those remixes on the tubes called "Tapioca Remixes" .Just recently, a new remix video lasting about 13 minutes or so since last Thursday about the mentally-unstable kid was posted on the tubes, and this time the kid appeared with more of his cronies.

This time AGK is deciding to eat a larger bowl of ramen, masquerade as 3 different transvestites from the gay mazima beauty salon but got shot by his friend Daisuke, apparently go to Middle East as the poor loli fish Ponyo but got his belly hurt, and became Captain Israel, saying all sorts of gibberish when beating the hell out of his prostitute German Shepard. PROTIP :Watch the very few ends of the clip, you will learn an awesome jappo word related to fapping. Just hear "SIKO SIKO" then you'll know what he means (the picture he is fapping to is from one of the popular hentai games in the land of jappos featuring a loli sex education teacher. But stupid jewfaggot Nico had to censor it with POLICE TAPE GODDAMMIT!)rages around like AGK and throws keyboard in midair

It seems that the Japfags on Nico^2 Douga wanted to beat the dead horse by reviving Angry German Kid so many times that the whole phenomenon became such absolute mindfuck for all good people out there. They even dug up lots of old forbidden archives showing the fact that AGK was the predecessor of the Fuhrer Hitler himself. Somewhat before the last moments of the Second World War, teh Fuhrer staged an epic mindfuck propaganda for his men so that they could drive their Soviet Tanks out of their FAAAABULOUSSSS- ridden country.

Here are the last of the Godforsaken words of the blasted shit before his winning death in 1945

How did the blasted kid come back to life? God Knows....

AGK's Band

Shortly after the appearance of a anime based on a TOTAL FUCKINGLICIOUS loli light music band called "K-ON" was released on televisions nationwide in the Land of the Rising Sun ,the fucking geeks with no life that waste their protein supply on fapping while watching the 5 girls from K-ON playing their instruments decided to reveal AGK's biggest secret- apparently he was trying to assemble the awesomest band in the world yet to be seen except on Jewtube and the Nico's, the sauce of all Fappanese epicness. This video shows the evidence in solid hard gaycity.

In case you cannot understand the Jappo sekrit code, here's a list on their members in Queen English. Angry german kid "leoplod"- is obviously HIMSELF Daisuke (APPARENTLY HIS NAME IS JEWFAGGED BY JAPPOS) Regan Michael Haruo- The lil' weiner's name is rumoured to be Leopold by AGK himself, but this evidence still needs more juicilicious sauce

Pool's closed

Angry German Style
The Angry german kid calls himself "a real gangster".
This is his first video in english.
His first attempt at singing:
The Angry german kid seems to like gay music.

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