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The art thief herself, showing the world how much of a Christfag she is while wearing a bra.

Angelic-Catalyst, or Mary James in real life, is the reason why you don't give autistic trailer trash internet access. A self proclaimed goth but also a Christian, Mary has plagued artists on DeviantArt as well as other Fur Friendly sites and even has a petition out to ban her with over three hundred signatures!!

When It Began

At first she was just like any other furfag, drawing her lustings for dog cock and drawing her fursona 200 pounds lighter than her actual self. She was well known for having submitted explicit yiff on Deviantart at first, but things progressed after she found something else for her grubby sausage fingers to clamp onto. August 5th, 2011, she uploaded an image of her imaginary dog boyfriend and her 200 lb lighter fursona fucking, penetration and semen visible for all to see. Despite multiple comments telling her that the piece of shit was a violation and having the rules spelled out for her, she simply hid the comments and ignored the masses of logic being mashed in her play-doh face. Apparently hiding what everybody already knows and ignoring it makes the rules go away. Eventually she moved the deviation into scraps clearly unaware that the mods can, in fact, see everybody's scraps. Everybody on DA can actually, so that did her no good what-so-ever. It was quickly uncovered and word spread that the sad attempt at imaginary dog sex was just moved, not RE-moved. Despite having been reported as far back as the submission date, two months, DA has yet to remove the blatant violation of Terms of Service and good taste. Predictably, the little butter-ball disabled comments since hiding them was a waste of her thousands of precious Little-Debby calories. She fails to realize that nothing will protect her canine lustings.

Behold! The voice of Fatturd herself in a
shitty role play with herself.
At least she knows she sucks ass.
Typical Christian FurFag on Welfare, Personified About missing Pics

The Girl known as "FATTURD"

On January 2011, Mary wrote a bullshit story of her life on DeviantART after getting butthurt from all the critics and trolls getting on her ass, hoping it'll get published as a book. Because the fatass' spelling and grammar was improper, it got edited by a user on DA and stored it in his journal. The story here follows:

It has been two years since I was first known as an art thief. Maybe it's time for this book to be known because I have taken a break from drawing, using the same style I used at the time while changing it for improvements. There will always be different ways of improving your skills and knowledge. My way is by looking at other examples and drawing them in my own prospective using Microsoft Paint. The truth is that all of my digital work is first drawn on Microsoft Paint. I never had Adobe Photoshop back then, so I had to color the drawings on Paint. Now I had copied a lot of poses and got the same negative feedback, even though I had permission from the artists. People believe it by the first look. I don't know why it has to be this way, but people just assume these days. I might as well enjoy telling you people a story about my life when it comes to the accusation of stealing art.

Years back, there was a girl name Brittney, who's DeviantART user name was Uiuku67. She's a very good artist in my opinion. But I wasn't up to her level. So with gratitude, I asked her if I could borrow some poses. She said, “Yes”. So I gave her credit after using the poses for my artwork.

When the work was done, there was trouble. Some of her friends didn't like the way I traced Uiuku's work. They say that tracing a lot in theses conditions is bad because they think it's true. I personally don't think so, but they started making journals on the website about it. This is where the fire began to light up. They compared Uiuku's work with mine on their journal entries. You can say they are similar by idea. But you cannot copyright an idea or a pose. I used different characters in my drawings and I had permission. But one person said it wasn't good enough. What more could they want from me? And so, this war repeated as I draw more with the style. Every time the negative feedback comes to me, I had the idea of making new accounts, which got out of hand. The truth is, I made over thirty accounts on DeviantART. My reasons being will be explained.

Every time I make a new account, the people giving me negative feedback find me like if they are the police department. But I never gave up. I never attempted to give myself up. The critics then started to laugh at me because they think I am 12 years old. They called me several names that I can't stand. Am I the only one who's not being mature?

When I add each critic to my block list, they say it is a cowardly act. I believe that DeviantART has the right for me to block those people. Some of them make a new account account with a different name they think of to continue the harassment against me. I think they are persistent, but I never knew what I could do back then. Uiuku67 felt bad for what I was going through. So she made a confession that I had her permission to use her poses. However, her fans and friends still think it's wrong to use them.

Afterwards, friends of myself still tried to help out, but they can't accept my stubborn personality. I didn't care what they said because it was a waste of my time. Even today, I am still stubborn.

Soon, there was another artist I found. For some reason, I liked her made-up species. I don't think you can claim a species either to be honest, but I really liked the fursona she had. I then had an idea of making a character that was like hers, and I did. I even made one for my boyfriend too. This was way back then. The girl's user name was Carnival. She did amazing art that inspired me, like how Uiuku67 did. After a while, it happened again. I was sort of prepared for the time being. The critics posted more hate journals about the same topic. Nothing has changed much for the second time I copied someone's art.

During this whole time, the DeviantART moderators didn't do anything to resolve this situation.

I kept switching accounts, but I am still caught by the same people over and over again. And I will not give up. This isn't the first time that it has ever happened to me. It's like an on and off switch. There are times when I can draw and create my own things, and there are times when I want to copy things or try out new styles. Simple as that. It's how I improve and it's always been my way.

Soon, after the harassment, everything started to get calm. But not for long. There was a style of Klonoa style that I liked, whom is a character made by Namco for his video game series. So it gave me the idea to draw Klonoa with the style by Shaolin Bones, which I believe was his name. Bones was famous for drawing Klonoa pornography. I didn't care about it, but I loved his manga style.

Not many people were upset about it. They just know the style was similar, but I draw my own art with it. By the looks of it, I think I made the artist popular. Though the artist wasn't online much, I couldn't have a chance to talk to him.

I got really tired of drawing Klonoa and got into lombaxes, a species made by a company called Insomniac for a video game series called Ratchet and Clank. I then drew my own things and it still wasn't in the copying phase.

But after a while, I got into the style of Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega. I learned that pretty quickly considering that I drew Sonic back when I was 8 to 10 years old. I came up with a new character until I found out that she looks like a female version of another character named Ray from an artist user named Roxo89 on DeviantART. I didn't know this, but it was never my intention. Then again, I might have deleted the message sent to me by the artist. I prefer notes instead, but she comments on my drawing of Sasha the Urbanhog. I might have deleted the message because I get a lot of messages on the website. She was a bit rude to me. I was too. But I don't take anymore stupidity from people either. It's how I am.

Roxo made a journal entry about what happened. A new war began to emerge. Thankfully, my friends did manage to get these people off my skin. How many green hedgehogs are there? Sonic style is a type of style and I didn't mean to make a similar character. I don't know every Sonic fan character at the top of my head.

While the war went on, I was hacked the second time. I didn't know who it was, but I made a new account on the website because the hacker deactivated my account. Apparently, it could be the same one I heard rumors about. I never knew if it's true, but it makes sense. Back to this day, I am accused once again as an art thief. I handle this well, considering the moderators aren't doing anything about it. I don't see them going any faster than they should be. Apparently, they did not take the pics down. Though the critics still complain about it. More hate journals and trolls. It's all old. I am not surprised, but I must say, I did fight this battle on my own though. I somehow lost it, but I didn't stay down. More people come, and I am still stubborn.

If anyone is still reading this book, I thank you for reading it. When you see me on the DeviantART website on the Internet, please do not give me sympathy. This is how my life is and how I see things. I copy art and I don't sometimes. It's an on and off switch. Right now, I do believe the switch will turn off and won't be copying or be inspired for a bit.

But if I do start copying, please know that I've been through this many times. It doesn't even bother me much from the experience I've had. I thought this story would come in mind if you'd like to know. I am a nice person and I might unblock some of the critics when they calm down. Let the moderators of DeviantART decide what they will do. It is best to leave it to them in my opinion.

Give Her an Inch

Her fursona being virgin-fucked by Zach using the stolen species. She was asked to remove this by the owner of the species but quickly hid and ignored it

In early August, when she first joined (for the 40th time), she quickly discovered an original species called Kuguars which were created by a fellow deviant. In a note, the deviant revealed that she'd never initially gave her permission to use her creation. She became upset but didn't reveal what exactly she did. What she did say was that Angelic-Catalyst moved to like 10 other accounts, clearly to avoid having to credit the original artist and respect their wishes. This was likely back when Angelic-Catalyst was GameGirl556. On her current and latest account, she openly admits that she doesn't give a shit about the deviant whose species she stole.(Not that anyone should give a shit about some half-assed created 'species' anyway.) Even after people explain to her that using people's creations without crediting gives her a bad image, she blows it off after ignoring it completely.

In one image, she draws two characters fucking using the Kuguars and the very next day, the creator of the Kuguars asks her kindly to not use her creations for animal porn. Incapable of compassion and respect, she ignores the creator completely and even blocks her to prevent her from requesting that she not use what rightfully belongs to her.

"pfffft and I don't give a fuck if people do get angry. are they gonna threaten me with text? I can draw what I want and nothing is going to stop unless God himself wants to. He can take my talent away ya know"


Y U STEAL SO MUCH About missing Pics

It was debated that she traced the works of the deviant she stole the Kuguars, but upon inspection, it's found that if they are in fact traces, then stubby little fingers cannot grasp a pen or pencil well enough for her to do it halfway decent. More likely though, she just pulls up an image done by the artist she claims to love and care for and redraws it, inserting her own cliche characters. Go to her gallery, pick an image, any image, it it will be a rip off of the deviant she most recently back stabbed.

Well we all know she steals species and traces but upon inspecting her FatBook page, she just got even lazier. She has come to the decision that tracing is a chore and it's just easier to steal the art itself.

Spreading the Lard and Tardation

FurAffinity won't tolerate furfags like Mary E. James.

Aside from her current main account, it was found that she has a 'sketch' account where she keeps her uncolored faggotry, which is what Scraps are for. Given her record for whoring up accounts, it's not really surprising that she has another for pretty much no reason. Mosey on over to Gothic-Fennec, can somebody say poser? And you'll find more of her self exalting furry shit complete with sonic scribblings and doodles of how she desperately wishes to be: a non lard-ass. It wouldn't be a surprise if her internet boyfriend was also an overweight dog fucker. Before she became the cancer that is Angelic-Catalyst, she had forty other DevianTart accounts, which aren't listed in any particular order.

Deviantart-favicon.png FireyFira has once again abandoned one of her many online accounts only to flee to another, Deviantart-favicon.png xxAngelxArmandoxx. As Deviantart-favicon.png xxnightangelsxx is a DEAD ACCOUNT ACTIVE as well.
Yeah. That's ttly Armando watching Mary's victims u gais. More like Mary has taken control of his account. Wonder what he'll do.
  1. !Gamegirl556 DEACTIVATED
  2. !KikyoWolf DEACTIVATED
  3. !AngieWolf DEACTIVATED
  4. !NightSakuraWolf DEACTIVATED
  5. !xXAngieFirestarXx DEACTIVATED
  6. !The-Angel-Within-Me DEACTIVATED
  7. !Angelic-Demon93 DEACTIVATED
  8. !xXFireWolf93Xx DEACTIVATED
  9. Deviantart-favicon.png ~Angel-Bloody-Roar
  10. Deviantart-favicon.png ~xxflamealchemistxx
  11. Deviantart-favicon.png ~Kaniko-Moonlight
  12. Deviantart-favicon.png ~xXAnimeTheAngelXx
  13. !Angie-Wolf DEACTIVATED
  14. !Flame-Alchemist-Girl DEACTIVATED
  15. !MoonLight-Cabbit DEACTIVATED
  16. !Kauiku DEACTIVATED
  17. !Kai-Uiuku DEACTIVATED
  18. !Hikari-Uiuku DEACTIVATED
  19. !Kaiineko DEACTIVATED
  20. !Emo-GameGirl DEACTIVATED
  21. !Angelic-Angie DEACTIVATED
  22. !GameGirl93 DEACTIVATED
  23. !Pekoe-Panda DEACTIVATED
  24. !Angie-Wolfie DEACTIVATED
  25. !CoolKat96 DEACTIVATED
  26. !Firelily-Maiden DEACTIVATED
  27. !EmoCabbit DEACTIVATED
  28. !Angie-Firestar DEACTIVATED
  29. !owicked57 DEACTIVATED
  30. !Kaiuneko DEACTIVATED
  31. !GameGirl-556 DEACTIVATED
  32. !ResidentEvil-Girl DEACTIVATED
  33. !LeonsFurryGirl DEACTIVATED
  34. !Catalyst-Angel DEACTIVATED
  35. !Catalyst-Lydia DEACTIVATED
  36. !Cataclysm-Angel DEACTIVATED
  37. !TwilightEchidna DEACTIVATED
  38. !RockKuguar DEACTIVATED
  39. !Anuiu DEACTIVATED
  40. !Catalyst-Thylacine DEACTIVATED
  41. !NinyaKitty DEACTIVATED
  42. !Mikuraya DEACTIVATED
  43. !Rio-Dingo DEACTIVATED
  44. !t3chn0Girl DEACTIVATED
  45. !Liru93 DEACTIVATED
  46. !Gothic-Girl93 (perhaps her very first account) DEACTIVATED
  47. !Gothic-Fennec DEACTIVATED
  48. !Angelic-Catalyst DEACTIVATED
  49. !xXGothicChristianXx (deactivated the same day it was made)
  50. !Blackhearts62 DEACTIVATED
  51. !CrimsonFurvor DEACTIVATED
  52. !GothicVulpix formerly Gam3Girl DEACTIVATED
  53. !Fire-bird93 DEACTIVATED
  54. FireLily93 NowDeviantart-favicon.png IcePuppyHeart DEACTIVATED
  55. Deviantart-favicon.png xXRoxiePandaXx NEWEST ACCOUNT ABANDONED BANNED
  56. Deviantart-favicon.png xxnightangelsxx Currently ACTIVE BANNED
  57. Deviantart-favicon.png anuiu-stamps Currently ACTIVE BANNED
  58. Deviantart-favicon.png midnight-fennec BANNED
  59. Deviantart-favicon.png dinodogs101 BANNED
  60. Deviantart-favicon.png yingbear ACTIVE DEACTIVATED

If that wasn't bad enough, she whores accounts pretty much ever where she goes, like SoFurry!

  1. [1] Liru93
  2. [2] xXGothicChristianXx
  3. [3] Angelic-Catalyst
  4. [4] Anuiu
  5. [5] Ninyakitty
  6. [6] Carnavat
  7. [7] CrimsonFurvor
  8. [8] Winterangel
  9. [9] MidnightFennec
  10. [10] Firelilymaiden

And InkBunny:

  1. [11] RockKuguar
  2. [12] Gameguar
  3. [13] AngelicCatalyst
  4. [14] xXGothicChristianXx
  5. [15] Carnavat
  6. [16] CrimsonFurvor Removed
  7. [17] RioDingo
  8. [18] IceyVixen
  9. [19] MidnightFennec ACTIVE
  10. [20] Digikat06 ACTIVE

And Furocity:Permanently Down

  1. [21] Catalyst
  2. [22] Angelic-Catalyst
  3. [23] Carnavat
  4. [24] + CrimsonFurvor +
  5. [25] Gam3Girl
  6. [26] IcePuppyHeart

And FurAffinity:

  1. Furaffinity-favicon.png Catalyst-Angel - SUSPENDED
  2. Furaffinity-favicon.png RockKuguar - SUSPENDED
  3. Furaffinity-favicon.png LeonsFurryGirl - SUSPENDED
  4. Furaffinity-favicon.png Gamegirl556 - SUSPENDED
  5. Furaffinity-favicon.png xXGothicChristianXx - SUSPENDED
  6. Furaffinity-favicon.png Angelic-Catalyst - SUSPENDED
  7. Furaffinity-favicon.png Coronalioness - SUSPENDED
  8. Furaffinity-favicon.png Carnavat - SUSPENDED Suspension Revoked FUCKING SUSPENDED AGAIN LOL
  9. Furaffinity-favicon.png Crimson-Furvor - Lol SUSPENDED again.
  10. Furaffinity-favicon.png Gam3Girl - Her newest account. SUSPENDED
  11. Furaffinity-favicon.png Kuguar-Angel - SUSPENDED
  12. Furaffinity-favicon.png Kuguars - SUSPENDED
  13. Furaffinity-favicon.png Catalyst-Girl - SUSPENDED
  14. Furaffinity-favicon.png RioDingo - SUSPENDED
  15. Furaffinity-favicon.png IceMaiden - New but Suspended
  16. Furaffinity-favicon.png GameGuar - SUSPENDED
  17. Furaffinity-favicon.png Digikat04 - ABANDONED Username also directly stolen from Deviantart-favicon.png Digikat04
  18. Furaffinity-favicon.png Firelilymaiden - ABANDONED
  19. Furaffinity-favicon.png Yingbear - ACTIVE

And WeasyL:

  2. Midnight-Fennec ACTIVE BANNED
  3. Dinodogs101BANNED
  5. Firelilymaiden BANNED

And Tumblr:

  1. Tumblricon.png FireyFira Password protected again. BAAAWLETED
  2. Tumblricon.png gamegirl360 Completely opened. BAAAWLETED
  3. Tumblricon.png SugarReinDeer Password protected so no one can see her stealing. Baaawleted
  4. Tumblricon.png moondog01 Account number 4. BAAAWLETED
  5. Tumblricon.png firelilystudios Account number 5.BAAAWLETED
  6. Tumblricon.png midnight-fennec BAAAWLETED
  7. Tumblricon.png MidnightFennec BAAAWLETED
  8. Tumblricon.png anuiu ABANDONED
  9. Tumblricon.png angiefirestar ABANDONED
  10. Tumblricon.png digikat06 ABANDONED
  11. Tumblricon.png firelilymaiden ABANDONED
  12. Tumblricon.png IcysDomain - ACTIVE
  13. Tumblricon.png Yingbear - ACTIVE

And Twitter:

  1. Twitter-favicon.png Firelily93 Opened, closed, opened and closed once again. Probably so she can BAAAW in 'privacy' on the internet. ABANDONED
  2. Twitter-favicon.png DinoDogs101 ABANDONED
  3. Twitter-favicon.png MidnightFennecs
  4. Twitter-favicon.png FireyFira SUSPENDED
  5. Twitter-favicon.png Yingbearz ACTIVE

And Photobucket:

And FaceBook:

Aaaaand Youtube:

  1. YouTube Favicon.png crimsonfurvor Her other youtube account.
  2. YouTube Favicon.png riodingo Another youtube account.
  3. YouTube Favicon.png FallenAngelStrident Youtube Account three. Can't imagine where she got the strident part from.
  4. YouTube Favicon.png dinodogs101
  5. YouTube Favicon.png CatalystAngel
  6. YouTube Favicon.png ResidentEvilGirl
  7. YouTube Favicon.png xxangiefirestarxx
  8. YouTube Favicon.png kikyowolf24
  9. YouTube Favicon.png Marybeth12497
  10. YouTube Favicon.png Gamegirl557
  11. YouTube Favicon.png Yingbear

Memorable Shit She Says About missing Pics

E-Mommy Shenanigans

Meet the Mother who will rip you off! That's of course, if she doesn't encourage her daughter to do it.
FallenRealm claimed that trailers are not allowed where he is, yet with Google, two parks were found right on Amelia Island.

When trufax and logic began to overwhelm her, she became butthurt and cried to her internet mommy, Deviantart-favicon.png HurricaneLily/Wanda, who flew in to the rescue. From the arguments she supplied, it's obvious that Angelic-Catalyst has been crying to her about what a horrible, evil person the creator of Kuguars is. According to Wanda, Katie is simply out to get Mary and everything she does is just to torture the poor, innocent snowflake. As far as attacks go, Katies only been seen bashing Mary once and that was on a deviation Mary had shamelessly copied. It's been confirmed that Hurricane-Lily is her IRL mom who told the internet population that her daughter has cysts and autism. I thought my parents were embarrassing. Both Mary and Wanda use her cysts as an excuse for her obesity. It's not like eating nothing put Calzones, Pizza rolls and Dr.Pepper has anything to do with it. Mary herself admitted that she sleeps all day, spends all night watching T.V. and rips off actual artists. Her stamp walls usually include several stamps about being a 'night owl', 'thinking better at night', 'good ideas coming at three A.M.' and a few Pizza Hut stamps thrown in there.

Wanda decided to create a new account on DA shortly after it was discovered that she was Mary's mom. Deviantart-favicon.png waldo1995. She began harassing and stalking the same users that had been capping the daRama for a while. Some questions were raised on how it was known that this new user was, in fact, Wanda. Her frequent use of 'mommy's refridgerator art" was a dead away, though and soon everyone caught onto this newest account, and her trolling.

The Return of E-Mommy

She can't even use a microwave. There are no words to describe the amount of pathetic this girl possesses

March 5, Wanda made a very ungraceful return. After Mary continued to BAAAAW to her mommy about what jerks the trolls are for not tolerating her treating other artists like her personal coloring-book, she returned under the username MotherHen1993. The moment her account was approved, the hag sent two notes to the user Uriko44, who is Mary's most frequented victim, to tell her that she bought a "16 gauge shotgun with #1 buckshot" and is going to continue fanning the flames, in vain, until her precious little retard can rip off Disney themselves and get spoonfed asspats. She denies being trailer trash who lives off of welfare when they do in fact live in a trailer as confirmed by Mary herself who also spoke openly about using the check that's coming to her to get her faggot more reasons to stay inside all day and inevitably die from vitamin-D deficiency which he admitted to already having. She proceeds to flap her gums about getting investigators and attorneys to waste their time rummaging through their internet drama. Did we mention that she's claimed to have done this months ago and yet nothing happened? At all? Even if she has hired professionals for her sad internet drama, nobody is scared since it will inevitably end with them telling her to just better supervise her retarded cow of a child and have a nice day.

The [hopeful] End of the E-Mommy

Upon logging into DeviantArt on March 15, 2012, it had been discovered that the spam reports had finally been answered and thanks to the hard work and determination of a select few, Mommy Dearest, Deviantart-favicon.png waldo1995, had been officially BANNED. Permanently. After Wanda discovered this she made another account, Deviantart-favicon.png motherhen1993, to come back but was permanently BANNED once again. We'd like to thank all the little people.... /sarcasm. One small step, one giant leap!

EDIT: she's baaaack as Deviantart-favicon.png fallenrealm

As of March 22, 2013 Wanda had relinquished her account, used to impersonate her own son David, to her hell child and her fugly ass boyfriend Armando.

She's not a thief, she's a savant

After further prodding, Mary's mother made the claim that Mary has a 'photographic memory' after having been asked about Mary's having ripped off other artists. Sure, because it's not like MSPaint and a web browser window can be viewed side by side, it's only been twenty years since the PC was released with a new OS released every couple of years. And why just those couple of deviants she ripped off? If she really had a photographic memory, why aren't there any rip offs of magazine ads or commercials? Again, her mother has shrugged off logic in favor of her special snowflake.

Stupidity does not fall far from the tree

During her time on DA, Hurricanelily took it upon herself to stalk every person that dared talk bad about her pwecious little fat ball by adding hundreds of people to her watchlist and making herself a target. Mary proceeded to follow the path of her mommy dearest by doing the exact same thing, letting everyone that has ever slapped her in the face with trufax know that she's still on DA, still ban-evading, and still being a selfish, uncaring twat on one of her old backup accounts. But, her attempts at stalking fell flat on their jelly-ass when the flood of comments and logic became too much for her thin-skinned blubber to handle, and thus, resulted in deactivating her accounts. Sadly, DA was still not quite free of this cancerous little turd, as Mary has taken refuge in the accounts of one of her failknights, Deviantart-favicon.png HyperBlade53, another sack of lard that's desperate for photos of Mary's saggy tits and some furry cyber.

Prime Examples of Fail Parenting About missing Pics

In the summer of 2013, it had been found out that Mary's mom, Wanda, had been diagnosed with Cancer. What type of cancer and exactly how bad it is isn't exactly known. In fact, it's not known whether it's a scheme for sympathy or if Wanda really is slowly dying an expensive and agonizing death while her daughter ignores her and continues with her ways expecting Wanda to make her breakfast and buy her the newest Smash Bros. game. We shit you not.

Brief Relief: Fattards Short Ban

After being banned, she convinced her fellow sonicFag to upload her shit for her in his gallery

At some point, Pizzaroll-Catalyst was banned for cybering yiffy with her e-boyfriends all over her page. But she sucked enough dick to merit coming back. She must have been pretty good at it. Thinking she'd won and gaining a boost of confidence, she continued to rip off and steal from far better and far more successful artists than she will ever be.Later, after a countless number of comments, arguments and denial, Angelic-pizza-Catalyst finally deactivated herself. Shortly after the celebrations began it was remembered that this notorious, shameless account whore still had Gothic-Fennec which she immediately ran to. Either she's retarded alongside being Autistic, or she thinks banning means nothing and it's okay to just hop on another account. We're betting both. On her new account, she resolves to start anew and be original but then proceeds to add she's going to use bases. Somebody get her a V.I.P. spot in the Special Olympics.

If she isn't banned again, you can bet your HomeStuck love-doll she'll just rip off the next thing her beady little eyes spot. Bids one what poor soul will be the next victim of her shameless greed and retardation?

At It Again

Shortly after returning to DA for literally the fiftieth time, Mary announced that she was going to be slapping her fat rolls on MSPaint for her own species. Soon after she submitted reference sheets she made from stolen art, everybody crossed their arms and squinted. Mary was as capable of doing something on her own as much as a newborn rock was. It didn't take long to find out were her so called new species came from. A quick run through of her watch list revealed she was ripping from somebody on that list. She didn't change a single thing. Once again, she took something and renamed it, this time the Ripper species created by Deviantart-favicon.png K-9Coyote She tried to pass them off as things called Carunines but it was obvious to a blind person what they really were.

A screencap taken of Mary livestreaming where she compares her ripped off piece (right) to the original (left) to make sure she ripped it off sufficiently

She received waves of criticism and flaming and caps were made proving her to be a thief and eventually she removed all of the images concerning the stolen Rippers. It wasn't long after that until she made another announcement of another attempt at an original species and everybody knew what that meant.


After being caught stealing red-handed, once again, she came up with some bullshit called Coronalions which were basically flaming lions.

Turns out even the Coronalions were rip-offs

She made a ref sheet using the same stolen art and a couple of images before she decided they weren't getting her enough asspats and attention. She quickly abandoned those for something just as stupid, Carnavats which were giant black cats really. She only got as far as several images before she realized that those too were not pumping in enough attention and praise.


In a fit of self pity and frustration, Mary decided to 'clean' out her gallery which resulted in an empty gallery and only a few pieces of shit in her scraps. For a few days, people could rest easy knowng Mary's stolen abominations were out of public view. It was a short lived victory before she made yet another journal announcing yet another new species, the Ice Hounds. It seemed legit for a little while until somebody found a character sheet that looked exactly like the Ice Hounds and even had the same name. Because the character isn't widely used or very in-depth and Mary didn't bother with anything other than describing how the dogs looked, not much could be done to reveal that her precious mutts are just as stolen as every single thing she's done before them.

Mary's assburgers prevents her from realizing what a selfish cunt she is.

Mary Flails Back

Mary trying to act like nothing is capable of getting to her

After months of being trolled and revealed to be the fat, mooching little fucktard she is, Mary devised a totally flawless plan. After she squandered money from her monthly govornment check for a subscription, she uses a customizable widget to display all the caps made about her. Thinking this would make her seem tough and unaffected, she credits the cappers and feigns praise. But like every effort she's ever made to protect her double-wide ass, it was utterly translucent. People visiting her page and fans read the caps and were educated on the situation. The caps gained popularity and views and it wasn't long before people removed faves and watches. Realizing what a totally retarded mistake she just made, she quickly removed the cap wall and replaced with with dozens of caps proclaiming how awesome she was, how unaffected she was and even oozing her e-love for her yiff-bitch, Deviantart-favicon.png DarkSonic800 It wasn't long before the trolls and the followers of the situation began capping her stamps and mocking the stupidity and hypcrosy behind them. Once again, Mary removed the content she thought would help her but only condemned her further. In place of the stamps and cap display, she relied on her Shout-Box and Twitter to continue with her paper thin facade. She's seen tweeting about going to see the caps made about her and acting as if they don't bother her which would be believable if she didn't draw so much attention to them and 'how little she cares'. Safe behind her blocks, she flaunts her act knowing people won't be able to swoop in and sprinkle her pizza-rolls with freshly grated trufax.

Hypocrisy Au Stamps About missing Pics

Her Knight In TinFoil

On March 28, 2012, after over a year of dating, Mary's boytoy, Zach, seemed to finally grow a pair and dumped her sorry ass, resulting in one of the longest angst fest ever. A day later, she makes a post asking "please Lord help me let him go", something that is no doubt falling on deaf ears.

But as of April, 21, 2012, that all came to an end, when Deviantart-favicon.png twilightwolf5- after 3 years of asskissing, failed attempts at cyber-yiffing, following her everytime he hops on to another account, and stealing on her behalf- was finally been given the opportunity to become Mary's new faggot of the year. That was, what, an entire 3 weeks Mary spent moaning about her breakup with Zach? Yes, because nothing shows how damaged you were from a breakup than jumping into another relationship after 3 weeks of being single with the first person who licked your ass the most. It seems accounts and artists aren't the only things Mary goes through like a box a pizza-rolls.

So as of April, 27, 2012 the fatturd's boyfriend, Twi, is now banned on all three of his accounts. The banhammer didn't come down upon him due to his massive and obvious copyright infringement but the simple fact that his first account Deviantart-favicon.png twilightwolf4 was previously banned for uploading explicit pornography on a family website.

The couple didn't last long, and so as of June 27, this couple is no more. A reliable source informed us that Zachs having a job prevented him from being online 24/7 and Mary simply could not have that.

Gallery of Various LULZ About missing Pics

Temporary Peace?

After ragequiting for the fifty-second time, she posted a deviation containing her ripped-off sona and Deviantart-favicon.png Uriko44's Juliette on a stolen background after talking to one of Uriko. There seems to be an "understanding"

An apology to Uriko44

We had a private chat and finally came to an understanding with each other. We had a cute idea that Naomi and Juliet could be related like cousins or sisters. I did made alittle changes on Naomi so hopefully you can see the difference between that I didn't know what Juliet wears but I was looking through Juliet pictures and this is what I came up with. I know she wears a white dress too but sorry if I picked a bad outfit ;; Thank you for having a talk with me Julia I know we get off to a bad start. I hope you'll accept this apology from me. I know this might stop the drama but this matter was between you and me, not them. Naomi © me Juliet & Design © uriko44



Blessing or not, fatturd wouldn't know creativity if it bit her in the ass, her entire ass. That's a lot of creativity. Given her track record, it's not a stretch to say she'll milk the artists of their asspats and trust before deciding her own pathetic jabs at creativity won't get her anywhere and she reverts, once again, to lifting actual artists work and slapping her initials on the atrocity she shits out onto PhotoShop. Then once she gets caught, for the fifty-second time, she'll rage quit in the middle of her thirty-dollar subscription and copy-pasta her block list onto her new account. Mary once again asking for ass-pats but this time there's none to be had as her first generation victims are now believing she will always be made of fail.

Back to Square One

After a seemingly successful attempt to get Mary to be original for once in her sheltered life, it was discovered that one of her latest uploads made exclusively and to facebook was, you guessed it! A total carbon copy of somebody elses work. This time she targeted the DeviantArtist Deviantart-favicon.png PuppyHeartBeat and has added yet another victim to her list. Even before being busted for doing exactly what she's been doing for the past three years, yet again, she managed to fool DeviantArt into thinking she'd successfully shat out another 'original' species. It was soon discovered that she had found another artist who was exclusively on FurAffinity to rip off of. Mary apparently liked what they were doing so she went ahead and took the idea and, typical of fatturd, made no mention of where she actually got the idea. Still desperate for asspats and approval, she wanted everybody to think she had created the dragon-wolf things. Much to her luck, the artist wasn't on DeviantArt which allowed Mary to upload her ripped off species and gain praise but couldn't upload to FurAffinity knowing the artist would catch on and nag her out. Proof that Mary knew what she was doing was wrong.

One Trick Whale About missing Pics

She announced that she had interest in doing 'feral' art and shortly after submitted an image of a feral type husky in a blue neck-bow but oddly, she only uploaded the image onto her FaceBook. Reason enough to be suspicious. Through some snooping and digging, the original image and artist was found and once again, Mary was called out on her shameless theft. Outraged, Mary made a journal announcing that she was no longer going to upload to DeviantArt because too many people were calling out her bull. She tried to play the victim card, as per usual, crying about how she 'tried' to change and how she 'gave and gave' to make people notice she changed but she obviously didn't or else she wouldn't have even needed to write that journal. Redundancy at it's finest. Still full of RAEG that people actually caught her in the act once again, she begins to update her twitter about not needing to impress anybody even though it's obvious that she steals peoples shit because she wants everybody to like her. And because she's so angweee that people caught her stealing again, she twitters about committing suicide. Because she got caught doing what she knows is wrong. She then uploads yet another journal talking about how she baaawed to her parents and her dad mocking the journal comments to demean the seriousness of the situation. As you can see, her parents are the source of Mary's failure because they won't let Mary learn from her mistakes and rather enforces Mary's habits by teaching their speshul angle that Mary should do whatever she wants regardless of who she hurts and steps on. What wonderful parenting. Then in a typical Mary manner, she belches some bullshit about how nobody can hurt her via the internet so now she's 'stronger'. You know.."Haturz maek me famus" For somebody so 'empowered' and 'careless' towards what the masses have to say, suicide sure does seem a bit..extreme.

She claims to be taking a break from DeviantArt and FurAffinity, but we all know how well those 'breaks' work out. It's just another way of her saying "BRB guys, I gotta rethink my methods. I'll be back with more theft later."

More Theft Denial

As expected, shortly after she cleared her gallery of her sonic faggotry, she began to fill it again with images of Blade and her newest rip off strategically named Sayuri Waterlilly. Just like the first Sayuri, the new one was also a total rip off, however, this time she got lucky and the artist shrugged it off since it wasn't a carbon copy; just a total rip-off save for the psuedo-Japanese gibberish markings. Encouraged by this, she continued to rip and make bold lies. After the new Sayuri began to lose interest, Mary created yet another character to stand in place of her Sona. Again. This allowed for Blade to believe he's some sort of hotshot when in actuality, his stupid slut girlfriend is just desperate to be everybody she can't ever be. Everybody was pretty much still ignoring her anyway up until she, yet again, made a blatant rip-off of one of Deviantart-favicon.png Tofu93s characters. After uploading some shitty adoptables, she added an original character who looks nothing like Deviantart-favicon.png Tofu93s character Luminara. Because adding some shitty vines and stars is totally original and negates how everything else looks exactly the same. Mary stated that she did a comparison and that she didn't think they looked the same. SEEMS LEGIT. But as usual, she's convinced that everybody is just over reacting to her replicas.

Some Possible Conspiracy Theories

  • User Deviantart-favicon.png fleet-feet on DA is believed to be Mary's long lost, equally retarded sister. She has been suspended, luckily. Unfortunately, she returned after a 2 weeks, but has since been bombarded with comments calling her out on her stupidity and theft. Unable to handle logic and incapable of intelligence, Fleety, also know as Twi, abandoned her account and has moved to an obvious backup known as, Deviantart-favicon.png twilightwolf5, where she continues to rip off images from Google and upload Mary's traced works of furfaggotory. She is also guilty of failtrolling and acting as a mole for Mary. Turns out they were Twifag all along. But yeah, pretty much.
  • An admin of DA Deviantart-favicon.png realitysquared is Mary's father, and Mary inherited the retardation from him. Because R^2 is Mary's father, she can exploit loopholes in the Terms of Service, thus allowing R^2 and Mary to continue being on the site
  • Mary's mother, pulled deep into depression because she's too much of an ugly bitch to land a decent man, deluded herself into believing Mary is all she's got.
  • User Deviantart-favicon.png Pixellizer on DA is actually one of Mary's ex-boyfriend's who was too stupid to be a power offering, thus was rejected, however, he's so brainwashed, he prowls around, drawing mediocre porn and trying to start fights with random users.
  • The reason Mary is kept on the site is because of how much she pays the admins via premium memberships. She has given hundreds of dollars for suscriptions that end up going to waste, and the admins secretly fear if they IP ban mary that her and her mother will sue the site into the poor house. Even after all of the money Mary carelessly dumped into DA's black-hole of a bank account, nothing could save her from the consequences of filing a false DMCA report.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png FallenRealm is actually Wanda using the shared IP loophole to continue ban evading. CONFIRMED Tuns out Wanda was posing as her own son to get pat her ban and continue harassing people for not treating her princess like a special snowflake.

Groups for her 'Originality'

Despite the short lived Carunines, Carnavats and Coronalions, Mary had no qualms with wasting more server space by making groups for each of them. They gained close to no members and watchers and had only her putrid scribblings. Needless to say, they were a huge failure. She recently created a group focused around all of the species she ripped off and closed the groups she'd made before which is toally not conceited and attention whore-ish at all. Aside from her groups, she also made a second Twitter, Carnavat, which only two people follow. Her efforts for love and fame seem to be working as well as a black kid's effort to graduate highschool.

Former "True Loves"

She even rips off herself when forcing a new sona on her bf. She's that unoriginal
This proves that she's only using her 'true loves' to unwittingly play the guys she ACTUALLY is 'in love' with.

If we've learned anything about Mary, it's that she's a shameless thief and a total whore-bag. Just look at those tastefully crafted images of her many sonas taking it up the poon. A brief trip through some of her many accounts may be enough to make you go kick the nearest dog in the face, but it might also bring up a rather interesting pattern. Despite all of her former true loves having nothing in common other than being a bunch of fat ugly-fucks, their sonas all bear a striking resemblance! And by that we mean they look exactly the fucking same. It's been long suspected that Mary pays no mind to the true faces behind her boyfriends and instead focuses on their willingness to dish out that e-cock. They don't even have to be able to draw well, as proven by each of her ex's so long as they don't object to her making an entirely new fursona for them to use instead of their own. This usually ends up in their new sona's looking pretty much exactly like the sona of the boyfriend right before them.

The Bitchboys About missing Pics

1. Deviantart-favicon.png hyperblade53 Previously deactivated account. Ran off like the little bitch he is when confronted with logic. *Deviantart-favicon.png darkwolf537 Mary's newest bitchboy. BAAAAAWWLETED. And he's baaack. Deviantart-favicon.png xxclestialxangelxx Currently Deviantart-favicon.png xxAngelxArmandoxx Gee, I wonder who demanded suggested the Angel part. DEACTIVTED or BANNED NEW ACCCOUNT Deviantart-favicon.png xxShinoxWolfxx. Furaffinity-favicon.png Darkwolf53was Armandos FA until Mary whined at him to give her the Password and let her use it resulting in it's suspension. Probably revenge for faking amnesia to ditch her psycho ass. He ran off to Furaffinity-favicon.png DarkAngel53 which was suspended shortly after because his retard friend Furaffinity-favicon.png Rave-Knight listed it next to Armandos suspended account. Armando has returned, yet again, as Deviantart-favicon.png xxKingFluffyCuddlesxx. If that name doesn't strike fear in your soul or make you cream your panties, nothing will.

2. Deviantart-favicon.png twilightwolf4 BANNED Deviantart-favicon.png twilightwolf5 BANNED Deviantart-favicon.png fleet-feet BANNEDDeviantart-favicon.png twilight-kunwolf Dipshit is back. BANNED Deviantart-favicon.png songbreeze741 BANNED Dipshit's been allowed to return and is currently gracing DevianTart with more MLP cap scribbles and shitty Pony doll-maker game caps.

3.Deviantart-favicon.png Shadowedge12 is now Deviantart-favicon.png ZombieCaptain He was True Love #3

4. Deviantart-favicon.png Darksonic800Zachs DA, Deactivated when the little faggot couldn't handle the trolling. New account, Deviantart-favicon.png DCSonic93Deactivated again. What a pussy.

5. Deviantart-favicon.png Pyrocabbit,aka Aaron/Axel was so dedicated to Mary, that he lost many friends while defending her. In return, she cheated on him, sometimes in front of him in a chatroom, broke up with him, hooked up with the guy she was cheating on him with, broke up with him, then got back with Aaron only to fuck up his life further and dump him a final time, but not before they apparently had a son, Arson.

She's In True Love! For Real This Time Guis!

So this means that Mary sees Armando and Zach as one in the same. What would you think if you found something like this from your girlfriend while dating her?

We all know just how much a slut Mary is, but now she convinced she's really truly in love this time!!1 Nobody knows what the fuck happened to her first several true loves but it's safe to assume they got sick of her third-grader level roleplays and smothering. We do know that Zachary wised up and dumped her back into the lagoon from which she crawled when he decided he was going to get an education and a job which he couldn't do with Mary breathing down his neck all hours of the day begging for cyber. Then she dumped Twifag since she was only actually dating him so she wouldn't look foreveralone until she could snatch her next bitch. To this day, Twifag still mourns the loss for free cyber and art his love but that's nothing dodge/burn abused drawings of dog cocks can't distract him from. Shortly after, and we mean shortly, she made her move towards Deviantart-favicon.png xxangelxarmando who was Deviantart-favicon.png darkwolf537 at the time. Even though Armando was already in a relationship with Deviantart-favicon.png midnightrose1918, he was more than happy to indulge cyber with Mary and have pictures ripped off to celebrate their adulterous relationship. It wasn't long before Armandos girlfriend caught on and drama ensued. Instead of trying to explain why he was cheating on Andrea for this landwhale, which we all know is because FREE SECKS AND PIKCHURS!!11, the little bitch deactivated his account and proceeded to create Deviantart-favicon.png xxclestialxangelxx, now Deviantart-favicon.png xxangelxarmandoxx, which was very easily sniffed out since..well, the dumbfucks watched each other. What makes this closet-dwelling, cross-eyed retard special? He's more desperate for that e-pussy so he's much more willing to keep her bullshit under-wraps, especially if it means he gets to pretend-fuck Deviantart-favicon.png Uriko44 and Deviantart-favicon.png Tofu93s characters! Other than that, he's exactly like the rest of the fat, hideous, retards she's ever fallen in true love with.

Nothing can ever keep them apart! Except parents and busfare.

January 29th, 2013, Mary published a journal stating that Armandos parents were going to kick his fat, lazy ass out of the house if he didn't find a job. Of course, any person who wasn't a fucking retard would know that his parents were likely only using a scare tactic to help their son avoid being an obese piece of shit in societies septic tank, like his girlfriend. But instead of taking his future into serious consideration, decided he was going to take a bus down to Florida and mooch off of the government and off of Mary's parents, along with Mary. The fatfuck couldn't even hold a job at UPS, which was probably something retardedly simple like loading packages, but the economy isn't so bad that business are forced to quit the Equal Opportunity Hiring process. Unfortunately for Mary, but probably not so much Armando, his parents weren't going to let their failed-abortion abuse another families generosity. This resulted in massive butthurt mostly from Mary's end. Typical of an overgrown 10 year old, Mary cried until her parents gave her the option she wanted. Despite not even being able to afford the rent on their tin can, Wanda managed to gather enough money to fly Armando to Florida. It's safe to assume she's able to better collect her checks now that her ex husband is paying all of the bills and for the groceries. FernandinaBeach was about to become the next Atlantis but again, Armandos parents intervened. Like logical people, they didn't want their ghetto trash son to go and take advantage of other people who actually work for a living, Mary's dad, and an old hag who can't even support her own saggy ass let alone her obese swine of a daughters. They proceeded to bitch and whine about how terrible his parents were. About two weeks later, they took him on a cruise.

I love you Synyster Gates, I mean..Armando!

If you've read this entire article down to this point, then you'll already know all about how she turns her true-loves into other guys. After Armando introduced her to AvengedSevenFold, which she was oddly unfamiliar with despite being so hardcore goth, she immediately rolled head over cankles for Synyster gates. Before she morphed him into her personal Syn, she transformed Armandos original Sonic sona from a spikey-haired wolf thing to an emo-bitch with shoulder length black hair. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Then came the white version of the emo-bitch who even got a new name, Leo, then finally the Synyster Gates version. It was blindingly obvious who Mary was really after, but do you think a spineless bitch who can't even stand up to his ex-girlfriend will say anything about it? Nope! Not while there's hawt, third-grade level cybers to be had and ripped of pronz! Like the pussywhipped bitch he is, he gave into all of Mary's transformations, even allowing her to address him by Synyster Gates name. He'd officially become the puppeteer to play her precious, furry-fied Synyster Gates and his original identity had long been discarded along with his balls.

The Pussyfying of Armando About missing Pics

Even True Love Doesn't Last

As of August 21st, 2013, Armando claimed that he got head-trauma which resulted in amnesia. You can guess where this is going. Despite claiming he had no recollection of anything, he still hid comments left by people he shouldn't have remembered. This, of course, means that he's faking amnesia just to get out of dating her. Not only does that bring out the faggot in him, but it really shines some light on the type of girlfriend Mary is. The day after he broke it off, he began to date his current girlfriend Deviantart-favicon.png Besties4life who dumped her now-ex boyfriend, Deviantart-favicon.png Hypershadic01 for that gem but not before breaking up with him on the sixth of August then hooking up again the very next day. True to her nature, Mary is unable to just let go and move on and ended up taking over Armandos FurAffinity account, converting it into a joint account. She changed his profile info, icon, ID and uploaded art without his consent, as he confirmed via note on DeviantArt when asked. Strangest of all is that, despite knowing Armando is with Jenny, she changed his icon to an image of his sona Shino with her new sona, a turd with ears, rather than let him keep his old icon or changing it to the image Jenny made for him or a partial of that image.

To Hell And Back Then To Hell Once Again

For a brief period of time, it seemed as though Mary was actually behaving, though by now we all know that's just her stealing more carefully. Once again, her theft was divulged when one of her friends, Deviantart-favicon.png xxjinxxy-biohazr3dxx turned out to be a two-timing cunt. A journal posted by Deviantart-favicon.png Candidthestrident revealed notes sent between her and Jinxxy as well as many other incidences of theft. As usual, Mary's response was to BAAWLETE EVERYTHING and proclaim that she was never going to submit to DA ever again!1111. SHE MEANS IT THIS TIME GUYS! She proceeded to make a journal proclaiming that she was going to just keep stealing shit. As if she needed to announce it. This was after Deviantart-favicon.png Uriko44 noted her about her theft after Uriko was kind enough to actually let her fucking use the DinoDogs. Mary admitted that she was going to keep stealing and acted as if she didn't give a shit about it which two or three journals, one of which deleted and reposted after she had to hide fourteen comments, and a BAWLEET spree totally doesn't disprove. Around nine in the morning on Friday, June 21st, Deviantart-favicon.png Candidthestrident received a note containing more information from an anonymous benefactor. This time, it really did make it's viewers physically ill. As it turned out Mary had been stealing a lot more than everybody thought originally. She even stole a character from Deviantart-favicon.png tofu93 for about the third time, several of Deviantart-favicon.png Uriko44s characters and used them to create disgusting wish fulfillment yiff pictures with her fail-troll boyfriends (probably stolen) fursonas.

Shit hits the fan About missing Pics

Mary's downfall

On June 26, 2013 Mary couldn't possibly get any dumber but if you notice her last few accounts, including her two newly discovered ones, were swiftly banned! Of course there's no real way of actually telling by viewing her accounts but as the story goes Mary filed a FALSE DMCA report to the DeviantArt Administrators against Deviantart-favicon.png Candidthestrident. Apparently Mary believed she owned Candidthestrident's newly created character Miasma. Fuckin Fatturd. The other clue lies in the fact that she was banned is because when she deactivates her accounts she always deletes her deviations but not this time. But of course she'll either come back under a new account to ban evade or hop onto her boyfriend's account to continue posting her stolen shit. Either way reporting her will be all far too easy now.

If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie and Lie again

Not long before she was banned, Mary had submitted a journal claiming that she had acquired copyrights on her characters. Of course, everybody with half a brain knew she was lying but it was fantastically hilarious that she stooped so low as to lie about having copyrights on characters she stole from adoptable sheets. She managed to successfully get a parody removed that had been done by her long time arch-nemesis Deviantart-favicon.png CandidtheStrident but even still, nobody really believed she had copyrights. As it turned out, one doesn't need to have a copyright registered in order to file a DMCA copyright complaint to the DeviantArt staff. How Mary managed to find this out still eludes everybody. Mary managed to get two more of Candis parodies removed before Candid wised up and hid the rest resulting in the rest of Mary's reports not counting against Candid in DeviantArts 'Three strikes' policy regarding copyright infringement related strikes. With this new knowledge, Deviantart-favicon.png Uriko44 was able to successfully report Mary right back and got Mary's shitty ripoffs removed. At first the report on the stamp Mary redrew herself didn't go through but by the time the staff realized their mistake, Mary had already been banned. Unfortunately for Deviantart-favicon.png L-BlairL-L who made the adoptables and Deviantart-favicon.png taciturn-agony who bought the one Mary favored and who she referred to as 'Midna', Mary had hidden her shit before their reports went through so their reports didn't count against Mary. Fortunately for everybody, Mary has also filed a false claim which automatically merits a ban. You can bet she'll try to BAAW her way back on but considering the fact nearly everything Mary submits is ripped off, she won't last long.

A Memorial for Mary's Desperation About missing Pics

Why Mary having Gotten Copyrights is Bullshit

  • -She had only acquired her ripped off characters a week before she announced that she had copyrights. Currently, the quickest way to register for a copyright is via the electronic form but even that takes a minimum of three months'.
  • -Considering her past and how she only uses something for a maximum of about a month which both of her parents are aware of, spending money on a copyright on characters would have been extremely stupid. Then again, they aren't exactly intelligent spenders which is made obvious by the loads of games, pizzas and carelessly deactivated premium accounts.
  • -Deviantart-favicon.png L-Blair-L already has copyrights on the characters she created in her sheet which is made the moment they are created and the legal ownership of Atira, who Mary stole and renamed to Midna, was handed over to Deviantart-favicon.png taciturn-agony There would have been no way for Mary to copyright something that's already copyrighted to somebody else who hadn't handed Mary the ownership.

The Tumor Returns

After a couple of months of peace and quiet, November 23rd, 2013, it was discovered that Mary was, of course, still stealing. And why not? By now she's built a nest of horny, fickle little boys who don't care what Mary does so long as she puts out that e-pussy and free art, which she does. Surprisingly, one of her bitchboys has maintained the delusion that Mary is something more than a helpless, conniving, selfish bitch and takes pity on her.While she's in the safety of Skype, she's free to steal characters and draw really shitty porn with them to maintain her supply of shittily written cyber and asspats. Despite knowing everything she does actually belongs to somebody else, they settle for the anatomically mangled and cheap pieces of shit and either encourage her for obvious reasons, or pretend to not know any better...for obvious reasons. It basically all boils down to Mary being a piece of really cheap and easy piece of tail. During this time, it was discovered that Mary developed a small ring of boys to keep her 'needs' met and threw a shit fit when she discovered she was being done unto as she was doing unto others, that is, they were playing her and we all know how well Mary responds to her own medicine. Having learned absolutely nothing aside from how to more carefully be a shitty person, she continued to steal from popufurs and really badly redraw their otherwise fantastic art. After she broke up with her last boyfriend who, for a change, possessed morals and logic, it was quickly discovered that she was still stealing. But if you've read down to this section, then you know that. Supposedly Mary broke up with Tyriece because plans on going to a three-month long computer class which means he won't be able to sit at the computer for hours just because Mary wants him to. Clingy much? When asked, he sent a few image files to a third-party who sent it to one of the people belonging to a group which still monitors her activity. The third-party person told him that what he just sent, were almost all stolen. She not only stole from Deviantart-favicon.png heartXsurgery who Mary had feigned friendliness with, but she continued to steal from the same artists she had been stealing from for over a year. In addition to that, she stole a species and two character designs from Deviantart-favicon.png LovelessKia and if that wasn't bad enough, another user, Deviantart-favicon.png Shikaru1415 who had befriended Mary and who had been helping her and supporting Mary's effort to 'change', was also stolen from. Just goes to show that if Mary is nice to you, she's more than likely stealing from you. When she was busted, she lost the small circle of friends and her ex had told her off and blocked her. According to Mary, it's 'unfair' that he wouldn't unblock her and let her try to bullshit her way back onto his friends list out out of trouble. She had already made a couple of baaw journals about people trying to change her and her inability to please everybody, but after having been busted stealing as recent as January, she disabled access to her FurAffinity and hid everything there as well as her new Furiffic. Chances are, she's on the run yet again.

Nothing.Learned. About missing Pics

Fatturd Strikes Again! 2014 edition!

You'd think that by the age of 21, Mary might have learned a thing a two, but after years of stealing, backstabbing and being caught, the only thing she's learned is how to do it more carefully and how to more effectively bullshit her way out of things.

What has your favorite land whale been up to during the past year? The most notable incidents would be her, yet again, stealing from Katie and trying to make her own original species out of somebody elses ideas. Same shit, different day, right? Well this time around, Mary had migrated to new accounts all over the interwebs including a Weasyl account none of her pursuers knew of. Mary uploaded her ripoff soley to Weasyl making sure to utilize the option to allow only her closely monitored friends to view it. The stupid butterball failed to realize that she had Katie in her list of friends who immediately reacted to the theft. When Mary got caught, she proceeded to blame everybody else for not telling her that the picture nobody outside of her friends list could see, was blatantly stolen from Katie. In her usual way, she finds some method of avoiding taking responsibility and blaming everybody else for her actions.

Not long after this, Mary decided to target a former friend, Deviantart-favicon.png xxKatTitanShifterxx, who moved to Deviantart-favicon.png xomizzkittyox an account dedicated to her pitiful FoxyXGenderbentFoxyFC pairing which will likely end come November, by basically recoloring her already unoriginal and over-sexualized FNaF fan character. Kat proceeded to immediately fly over the handle bars into a nearly incoherent fit of rage and butthurt triggering yet another theft-based war.

After posting a rage journal about it and spamming the pages of FNaF related FurAffinity groups and Foxy RP accounts about it, she proceeded to write a journal on DeviantArt where she tells Deviantart-favicon.png NikosBitch,Deviantart-favicon.png CandidTheStrident and Deviantart-favicon.png Nae1415 to "have fucking at her" seeming to have forgotten that those three and their group had kicked her out of their group of friends for being a pathological liar, fucking with screencaps to counterfeit evidence against Mary and for being a manipulative bitch. At first there was silence from them, mostly from the shock of Kat actually thinking anybody would help the lying cunt. The first response was from Niko who basically told Kat to Fuck off followed by agreement from the others. A day or more after, Candid addressed it and Kat flew over the handlebars again crying about 'doing what's right even if you hate the person' and getting butthurt over them 'not doing their job' disregarding the fact that nobody is obligated to anybody, especially to people who treat others like garbage. Kat then went and accused them of refusing to help because she wasn't popular, again, disregarding that it was her behavior that stopped them and not Kat's lack of popularity. After trying to claim it was their hatred for her, then it was her lack of popularity, she eventually ran out of reasons to bitch and moan and the journals and caps and 'evidence' stopped. For the most part.

Of course, Mary just couldn't resist putting in her two-cents, especially when she thought the group refusing to help Kat meant she was free to huff and puff and struggle onto a soapbox about proper behavior. After it was explained that both were acting like huge retards, Mary changed her character, but kept the body casing, and Kat went on her way shipping her Mary-Sue with Foxy and being the same obsessed woman-child she's always been.

During all of this, Kat befriended Deviantart-favicon.png EmberNecrothyn whom she proceeded to be creepy with despite her having a new manchild boyfriend who handles problems by roleplaying at people and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like except worse. Mary was quick to also befriend this person and kiss her ass with art of her character. Initially, Ember wasn't aware of either of their histories but upon discovering this article and Kat's involvement, she allegedly was quick to break it off with them. November third, ED user xxLittle-Miss-Discordxx attempted to wipe out this section of the article but their edit was swiftly undone only to be re-wiped by a new user by the name of PestilenceWolf. Both were banned and blocked for attempting to vandalize the article. What does this have to do with Ember? Her boyfriend had noted Candid on FurAffinity on his PestilenceWolf account about the article and told her he would add her on skype to discuss it. Candid indeed received an add request from a Aerolorne.Amaryn Aerolorne.Amaryn who informed Candid that he was Ember's boyfriend meaning that he had attempted to vandalize the article for her. When they talked about it, Aerolorne had acted as though Pestilence was a friend of theirs and not in fact him.

The roleplay accounts she tried to rope in were obligated to reply and pretend to give a single ounce of shits but they to didn't bother with the retardation she and Mary were producing. In the end, Mary proves, once again, that nobody is safe and nothing is too unoriginal to rip off and that 21 year old foreveralone fangirls are easy to piss off and hilarious when they are.

Not long after the whole debacle, Mary changed her ripoff and she and Kat became bff's once again and began to make fanart of each other's godawful fan characters. When Mary got busted for stealing from Deviantart-favicon.png SootxSprite, it was Kat who made a journal to defend Mary. In the same journal, she addressed her having plagiarised a TOS and Blacklist, copy-pasted word for word, from Candid stating that she got it from Mary which means that Mary also plagiarised from Candid despite their negative affiliation to one another. Kat accused Candid of Copying Mary's TOS but the fact was that it was only referenced for ideas on what to cover, nothing was actually copied or copy-pasted. This means that Mary is lying about creating her TOS which is plagiarised from Candid, or Kat is lying about Mary plagiarising Candids TOS and Blacklist to cover her ass (throwing Mary under the bus) or that Kat just outed Mary who is secretly plagiarising Candids TOS and Blacklist. Whichever way you look at it, one or both plagiarised but either way, Kat threw Mary under the bus. Bests friends forever, amarite?

Contact her personally

* [email protected] DEAD * [email protected] DEAD

  • [email protected] Her last Yahoo
  • IcePuppyHeart IcePuppyHeart Give her a shout through her skype account.
  • DinoDogs101 DinoDogs101
  • MidnightFennec MidnightFennec
  • Digikat06 Digikat06 Stupid enough to try to add Deviantart-favicon.png CandidTheStridents alt skype. She goes by Akiina, the alter name of Aimi's character, Blair, which Mary is currently using as a species.
  • Gam3rFang Gam3rFang +10 edgy points for that 1337

* Or take a trip or give a call:

Wanda Jeanne Teston
(904) 225-2879
85156 Wesley Rd
Yulee, FL 32097-4896
She's moved into her fathers home because her useless, jobless mother
can't NOT squander and so couldn't pay the bills for their tin-can

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