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Angel Meiru's E-Dentity
A more accurate portrayal of AM

Angel Meiru is a TARTlet who's so whiny that she has fits over the fact that no one likes her drawings. Her art consists of video game characters with various inflated body parts, guro, pregnancy, vore, Berry girl and any other sick fetish under the sun yet she wonders why no one likes her shitty art. If you even dare to say that she can't draw something right, prepare for her to hurl insults at you, such as "get a job" and "stupid cunt", even if you were telling someone else you thought their art sucks.

She also claims to be retarded.

OH SHIT WAIT. She's not retarded, she's an aspie. No wonders she needs a hugbox to crawl into

Baby Bitch
She apparently thinks the more watchers you have, the bigger tits you have.

Recently, she pasted some chain letter in her journal about rape and pedophilia being wrong. But when you read her fanfics they state otherwise. This proves once and for all how huge of a hypocrite she is. She also says she fears shit. Even though scatplay is frequent in her fanfics. Also, if you bash her characters, she'll go off on you about "ZOMG NO CHARACTER BASHING" after writing a long fanfic where she kills a bunch of characters just because she hates them.

All this and she also says that she is Wiccan, just to further grab attention and make herself seem more special. It's no wonder she's a lesbian, no self respecting man would touch her.

Lulz Journal

She'll block you even if you said nothing to her.

She has a LiveJournal where she bitches and complains about people hating on her artwork. Her recent one involves Deviantart, where she went batshit insane on some people and reported the drama for harassment. Deviantart obviously didn't care and responded with this:

Sorry, this doesn't count as harassment. Have you heard of something called Freedom of Speech? Let people say and do what they want on DA. Deal with it!


—Deviantart, pwning AM


Even hentai sites hate her artwork, as seen in an LJ entry here:

I've been trying to upload more of my artwork on, but I keep getting this response 'I'm sorry, but you do submit about 3 pictures a day and it really doesn't seem like you are putting any effort into them. I don't want to sound insulting.. but maybe try working on your line art, anatomy and coloring a bit. Just make it look.. cleaner.And yes there are some people submitting some.. not so pleasant looking material. Most have been taken off of auto approve. Maybe try.. to just work on one picture a week ya know.. rather than dishing out 3 a day.'
Dali's artwork was far from realistic.

I'm pissed. I put effort into my artwork and I keep trying to improve myself everyday. Does all artwork have to be Da Vinci or Michaelangelo quality these days? Besides, hyper realistic styles are so overrated. Picasso, Chagall and Dali's artwork was far from realistic, but they were popular and well loved by many. And what about the traditional Japanese and East Asian artists? In alot of their artwork, it looks rather unreal and gritty, yet, they work hard on it and people seem to like it.


—AM trying to know what she's talking about

Angel Meiru's new and improved artwork. It still sucks.
The truth is revealed.

Considering she brings up Japanese things all the time, she is also obviously a Japanophile.


She has posted a butthurt article about how people are flaming her and believes us at ED are really DeviantART trying to flame her or, as she puts it, "slander".

Here's some DA people slandering me on Encyclopedia Dramatica (I think it's sad they post my older half assed artwork and not my new and improved artwork):Slander is NOT a form of freedom of speech. You can get in big trouble for this.

I think poeple on Deviantart need to grow up and stop acting like fucking 10 year olds


—Angel Meiru

Dear Lord.

As she will baleet lulzy pages quite often back them up on lulzhost or here

Again, full threads can be read at Angel Meiru forum logs.


As with all tartlets, there's fanfiction. Of course since this is Angel Meiru, she must write fanfiction about characters she hates and puts them in nasty situations only so she can tweak her clit to them. One of her fanfictions is about Tira from Soul Calibur. Even though she says pedophilia is wrong, Tira's only 17 and she's throwing her into hell with tentacle monsters and even the Golgothan shit demon from the movie, "Dogma." It's odd how she writes a fanfic about hell even though she's said before that she's Wiccan. But then again, she's selfish enough to use another religion just so she can get sex nuts and retard strong over a character she doesn't even like.

Jigoku figures she uses something japanese for a fanfic, right? Make sure you review it.

Things Angel Meiru likes

Fugly ass "art"

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