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NEVAR!!!! This troll was willing to die for the lulz... and did.

R.I.P. LJ USER ANDREW / 1979-2006.
Andrew in hospital due to overexposure to lulz.
Andrew topless.
Happy birthday :/

Andrewpants aka Mandrew, Andrewpants, the homo, and insane fag was a Livejournal homosexual and member of the Patsy Cline Fan Club. He was originally known on Livejournal as Lj-favicon.png the_passives, but after LJ Abuse deleted his account following the SALJ drama, he switched to Andrewpants. He was the evil genius behind The Great War Against Mediacrat™ which inevitably led to the creation of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

He was a cunning linguist, despite failing to master English, and at last count was fluent in Italian, French and Spanish and learning Portuguese and Mandarin. He spent most of his free time watching reruns of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", "Judging Amy", "Six Feet Under", and "The Nanny".

Andrew, being a fag, lived in the Western Addition district of San Francisco in a house full of crazy people, including their ringleader Nomadlisa. He was awaiting the start of nursing school in Santa Rosa.

Andrewpants died in the IRL. His cause of death was undetermined which has lead to many conspiracy theories, though many if not most suspect a drug overdose. He will be remembered for his gout and penile elephantiasis. NEVAR FORGET.

Meccalog (users who have visited this Dramasaint's self-ruin site)

Andrewpants's grave

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