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A.C.'s frontman, doing heroin and blow.
Their singer Seth Putnam (?). No comment needed.

Anal Cunt were the biggest trolls in the music industry, PERIOD. The band was originally meant to be a joke; however, they continued spewing out shitty "songs" from their assholes for several decades until their lead singer finally fucking died. The genre of this band is known as Grindcore, although in the past, this has been largely uncertain, considering that it was pretty hard determine the genre of a band when all they do is scream like total retards throughout their songs. Their songs are also total shit, and no one ever had the tolerance to listen to a single one of them from beginning to end despite their average length being only 53 seconds.


According to TOW, the first Anal Cunt performance was in front of the singer's mother. This is largely due to the fact that nobody wants to fucking see Anal Cunt live EVAR. It should be noted that his mum did not turn up. It should also be noted that the guy behind Anal Cunt don't really give a shit much about his mom.


Anal Cunt's lyrics were designed to troll everything and everyone. The band, however, did not realize that no one would bother to look up their lyrics as they are probably as fail as the band themselves. Here is an example of the HILARIOUS lyrics the band spews out.

My uncle was best friends with Hitler

He had some cool footage of Dachau

I was watching America’s Funniest Home Videos on dust

And sent some footage to that fucking gay show

[Chorus:] I sent concentration camp footage to America’s Funniest Home Videos [x2]

I didn’t win the $10,000

So I sent internment camp footage

I didn’t win again

So I sent Birth of a Nation


—I Sent Concentration Camp Footage to America's Funniest Home Videos

Fred Durst is a fucking faggot

He thinks he's black, but he's just gay

He cancelled a show 'cause he sprained his ankle

He's also a fucking midget

[Chorus:] You're not fucking black, you're just fucking gay (x2)

You're fucking gay

The guitarist wears a mask

To hide the cum stains on his face

They're the gayest band I've ever seen

And I've seen the Culture Club live


Fred wears a hat to hide his baldness

I refuse to believe blacks think he's cool

I wish he'd beaten and raped by some black guy

And see if he still wants to be black


—Limp Bizkit Think They're Black, But They're Just Gay

I was in a bad mood because my crack house got busted

I saw you and your dumb looking wife waiting for a train

I could tell it was true love

So as the train pulled in, I pushed her into it

[Chorus:] I pushed your wife in front of the subway [x4]

I pushed your wife in front of the subway

It was on the orange line, but the tracks were red

I pushed that cunt in front of the subway

You had to tell your daughter that her mommy was dead


It was so crowded no one saw who did it

Then I saw you crying like a fucking pussy

Good thing she never got the chance

To tell you she was pregnant again

I pushed your wife in front of the subway



—I Pushed Your Wife in Front of the Subway

I got bored of writing rape songs

Then I remembered the holocaust

I couldn’t write because it was so funny

I’m glad lots of people died

[Chorus:] Ha ha holocaust [x3]

I’m glad lots of people died

People are too fucking PC

To admit Hitler was funny

How can you not laugh your ass off

Watching people bulldozed into a ditch?


—Ha Ha Holocaust

Van full of retards - ha ha ha ha

Van full of retards - you drool on yourself

You couldn't even win a bronze

in the special Olympics

Your parents are ashamed

of themselves and of you

Van full of retards - ha ha ha ha

Van full of retards - you drool on yourself


—Van Full of Retards

You've got no friends

You stay home all day

You've been to every website

Because you're fucking gay

The Internet is fucking gay

You fucking faggot, loser, queer, nerd, etc.

You've got no friends

You stay home all day

You've been to every website

Because you're fucking gay


—The Internet Is Gay

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