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Amorrow IRL.

Amorrow (Andrew William Morrow, Google Street View, resident of East Palo Alto, CA) is yet another ignorant vitalist and mind-body dualist on the Internet. According to some feministic attention whores, he kills the women he meets on the internets, makes cardigans from their skins, and eats their ovaries in hopes of gaining their superpowers. In truth, he's just a boring know-it-all who would wet his pants in the event of meeting an actual woman.

Amorrow is a banned Wikipedia editor who shares the dubious honor of being been banned from both TOW and the Wikipedia Review with Blissyu2 and Malber. Due to his seriously boring writing on Encyclopedia Dramatica, even more so than Blissyu2, he earned the Triple Crown of being banned from TOW, WR, and ED. He was an insane stalker and internet tough guy and clueless Karl Rove wannabe who liked to posture about going to Wikimania to "confront" some editors, though it turned out whining about being picked on by girls was more his speed. He has also spent some time in jail for stalking the TOW admin Alison IRL.

Early Years

Amorrow's early years before he grew a beard:

Elder Scrolls III: Amorrowind

For the official ban rationale, rewind all the way back to the summer of 2005; Amorrow lets his inner Nazi out to play and threatens to fucking shoot someone if they dared to baleet his article.

Xaa: The German High Command knew how to maintain order and discipline. You screw up, I take a real, live bystander and shoot him in the head. Michael Sylvester. It is that simple and it is your fault. Please notify me before you add any more vfd's to pages that I have created. We negotiate first from now on, buddy.


—Amorrow, working on some fucking serious business

The truly pathetic part is that he wasn't even talking about literally killing someone; it was his sick fantasy that writing a biased Wikipedia article about someone is somehow equivalent to shooting them in the head.

The zomg behind the scenes reason was that he was he was engaging in stalking and harassment, the gravest violations of Internet law, and his targets were several admins. He had a creepy fascination with female Wikipedia editors, simultaneously worshipping and hating them because they have the organs he wishes he had, and went so far as to prank-call some of them using Skype. Shockingly, the TOW admins didn't appreciate that bullshit, and he was permabanned for epic fail.

Look at what I am doing. I am provide (targeting?) anyone who supported her who is still available for targeting, include two House Representatives. Go right ahead and take their GIS info out. All I did was make it easier for the interest reader. Could this inspire some crazy non-custodial father to do a Charles Whitman and take out a few of these targets? I guess...


—Just read this talk page, it's scarier than anything we could say

His Wikipedia Review ban happened nearly a year later, in June 2006, after the admins there finally got tired of his incessant bitching/drooling over female Wikipedia editors, his persecution complex, and his habit of being an asshole to everybody. He appears to believe that Blu Aardvark and Mistress Selina Kyle banned him in exchange for having Linuxbeak lift their Wikipedia bans, which went about as well as could be expected. Of course, even a terminal douchebag like Amorrow couldn't inspire that kind of epic drama, but try telling him that.

Amorrow then disappeared, as the cops took his computer away all Mitnick-style for internets terrorism.

Back for more

It says DIK on the label

All was well until September 2007, when WP admins were once again summoned to the anti-exile guns, and women everywhere hid under their beds at the mere thought of that misogynist lunatic coming back. The only real drama that resulted was a short ban of fellow self-righteous stalker Everyking for restoring one of Amorrow's insane posts.

Recently, Amorrow has decided to inflict his presence on ED, filling this article with a bunch of crazy tl;dr crap about girls he likes and what he did on his summer vacation. Be sure to let him know you appreciate him by decorating his user page.

Spending his spring sitting at his computer, Amorrow relentlessly trolled dozens of articles. In the chaos of the drama bomb Amorrow had dropped, Majorly, an administrator, was claimed by an errant banhammer, in a tragic case of friendly fire.

Stalking of Alison thanks to Daniel Brandt

I am like a juvenile, I am still just learning how to use this powerful new tool of stripping real live females minds (and all other minds as well) of every last shred of their privacy that they are so accustomed to as they plot their next selfish and destructive move, ripping my society that my founding fathers created into jokes and tiny shreds of confetti with their female machinations, leaving my glorious country weak and stupid and incapable of competing in the global marketplace and leaving us staggering until a national debt, mostly to China. You scheming females need to be drilled, drilled, drilled until the truth finally emerges from those mouths of yours about the truth about yourselves.


—W T F . . . ? ! ? !

Alison is currently purging her internet history after Daniel Brandt tried to sell her dox to the highest bidder.

After Brandt gave out her dox, Amorrow finally validated all the rumors about him, taking his e-vendetta against Wikipedia to the real world, by driving to an Allison's office building to vandalize from the company's WiFi connection. Fortunately, Amorrow is as stupid as he is creepy. Upon using CheckUser, Alison realized that Amorrow was sitting outside in the parking lot in true stalker style. Thinking quickly, she blocked the IP address, forcing Amorrow to move on another wireless hotspot, and she escaped the premises safely. Thwarted, Amorrow now just drives around the city where she lives and visits public library and Internet cafes and the local Donut Wheel to post from that IP to say to her "hey, I am in the same city as you", leaving behind a semen-encrusted keyboard.Apple Corp. DHCP address Apple Corp. DHCP address In response, she has been removing mention of him on Wikipedia.

When you are done getting deprogrammed of your simpering Jimbo-think and remember how the real world works,then you might try again to apologize to Mr. Brandt like the honorable truthful, thoughtful and beautiful womanly mind that you are. You know,the one your children see when they look into your brown eyes and note the delicate beautiful lines of your face that Nature has bestowed upon you. He might actually take that into consideration when it comes to the further maintenance of his honest, truthful hivemind page.


LOLWUT message to Alison

So Andrew Morrow, smug as can be, saunters over to the building I work in and into reception. I'd got a frantic phone call from corp. security ordering me not to leave my office. Of course, I did. Duh! I got out close enough to see him walking in the front door.

And then something kinda clicked there. Here's this grinning, smug little fucker walking in the door thinking he owns the world. Internet Tough Guy, as they say on ED. I felt like laughing in his face, the sad, pathetic little man that he is. He's even sadder than he appears in his pics [laugh emoticon] And ultimately, he was a coward. He left his little 'gifts' at the main desk, turned tail and ran just as some burly dudes showed up (including two of my mates, who wanted to pound the bastard into the dirt).

I never got his 'gifts' - never touched them - though I saw copies of the documents, etc. Security got them, and ultimately, the police did. On that visit, the pathetic little creep had hastily scrawled on a piece of paper. "I (heart) Alison [last name censored], [company censored] Inc. Building [XXX] " - just to say, "I know what building you work in. Booga-booga!!"

Sad, pathetic little man. While he was on his last "vacation", I got prepared. He'd better keep well the fuck away from me and my family [angry emoticon] He got ten days in jail for beating his (now-ex) wife. This is where he's at, so I'm under no illusions.Alison ()

If you look on her photo at Brandt's hivemind page and click on her photo, you will see another photo of her thrusting her cleavage and shoving her middle finger into the web cam. And that was after a bunch of posts by her on Wikipedia Review where she explicitly used the F-word (as in F-U) over and over again at Brandt.


Andrew Morrow, expressing his outrage, (sauce)

You blew it!!!

Everyone gets their day.


After spending four months of 2007 behind bars, Amorrow has once again been shown to be the biggest failure on the Internet, when he was sent back to jail on a probation violation in Spring 2008 for another four months. He expended his freedom by incessantly trolling on Wikipedia. After sending letter bombs to make people ponder their mortality, Andrew showed up in a public place with a baseball bat of undetermined size. The cops were *not* amused, and a probation hearing and four more months of jail soon followed.


November 2011 sees Morrow go back to jail for six months for stalking and harassing the Chief of Police of Mountain View.


In May 2013, Morrow gets shit-canned again, this time for ... stalking and harassment involving police. Whoda thunk?

The Gift that Just Keeps on Giving

Uh-oh! Not content with two rounds of jailtime, Amorrow goes for the hat-trick when he's pwned by the ex-Chief of Police of Palo Alto, when she serves him with a restraining order as a result of "Workplace Violence".

Amorrow gets his just rewards

It is my intention to have myself sterilized within the next two months and I will announce it *here* first when that objective is reached. I will lead by example. I know that it makes me the creep-of-the-decade but I also know that my analysis of the situation is correct.


—Amorrow, January 2010, sauce


Amorrow out of jail and looking fabulous!
Ooooh - he lieks teh nekkid boyz

Many nights of surprise cuddling in jail quickly converted Andrew to homosexuality. Upon his release in late 2008, he proceeded to prance around and take pictures for all the Internets to enjoy. Female TOW admins can sleep soundly now, since male admins are now the apple of Amorrow's eye.

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