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She... eats glasses and sand... This is promising.

Thrown into our poor unsuspecting lives January 10, 1986 at 3:06PM was a miss Christina Campbell, she's known only by that name by her parents (maybe? Who knows. Amberdrake = product of furry lurve?) and possibly some human friends (that is, if she has any, but we doubt it. She seems to only be able to attract those that consider themselves spectacular emotard spliced beasts with phenomenal unnatural color patterns...)

Us common mortals know her as Amberdrake, the goddess of AMAZING furries and chibi icons! So, Amberdrake, let us see here... trying to sum this weird little creature up in a few tags is difficult, but, here's what we've got: she is a furry artist, a furfag herself, an attention whore and has a horrid case of internet disease; she also believes that she is in fact THE god that created huskies, corgis and Pokemon; basically any furry thing that looks vaguely anime-like that can be considered 'cute' and/or chibi.

Who is Amberdrake?

What's with the tongue hanging out? Have you recently had a stroke, Amber?
Amber's two fursonas... apparently she is lesbian with herself...?

Well, Amberdrake thinks she is in fact a husky with yellow markings... ooor a "cobbi" which is a mix between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (a DOG) and a Welsh Cob (a HORSE)... RIGHT. This makes her even more furry than most furries! She's halfway to being an otherkin. Amerdrake is also rumored to be twenty-one years of age, but one would never have guessed with her awesome writing skillz. You have to admit that it's kind of painful to accept that fact, unless, you know, she's actually mentally retarded. Which as always, would make it funnier.

The lulz is supplied by the massive amount of time she spends whining and attention whoring on the internetz and drawing furry art and little moving animal icons to gather a posse of other furfags to whine and grovel at her amazing yellow horsepuppy feet.

And the name (Amberdrake) she has adopted (or stolen, depending on how familiar you are with the legal system) is from a set of not-so-popular novels by Mercedes Lackey. We must say 'not-so-popular' because someone has yet to point this out to Amberdrake. It is highly likely that they DO know, but they're just too intimidated by her fantastic writing skills and would like to retain their braincells and just not say anything that would warrant a significantly below average fifth-grade level writing response from her; or they HAVE, but Amberdrake doesn't care, because furfags only care about copyright law when they're the ones being ripped off.

We don't yet know what made her start thinking she was a yellow horsedog thing... That is the question though, isn't it? What makes someone suddenly adopt such a bizarre mind-set?

Scientists believe that these children are afraid of the 'real world' and will never really amount to much, living in their parent's basement and jerking off to sexualized cartoon animals.

The Oh-So Amazing Artwork

Well, let's start off by saying: Wow, it looks EXACTLY the same as it did since you started posting on DeviantART. Hmm... No improvement whatsoever? Well, that's just AWESOME, Amberdrake. We love how the only thing really good about it (even THAT is open for speculation) is the...uh...coloring? That could be a major factor in your popularity - Look at Snapesnogger. Amberdrake's "art" is along the lines of regurgitated Pokémon with new colors sans any awesome spikes or mudkips and given a cute little ^__^ face.

THAT must be your claim to fame! Partially Digested Regurgitated Pokémon! Kind of like hairless cats or deformed babies. Honestly though, she has worked in the same exact style for her entire artistic career, not veering off to try anything different but drawing the same exact fucking dog face with the same exact expression just recolored a bunch of times and the hair slightly adjusted. Oh wait, - occasionally she'll give them hooves and wings and other strange appendages to make them more appealing and steer her slobbering mindless fantards away from the fact that she fails at life and can't expand her style, much less her creativity. What kind of serious artist names their characters after foodstuffs?

But, one has to hand it to her, Amberdrake is exceedingly proud of her fantastical work. She's always simpering and bitching in every one of her submissions on DeviantART "Someone's gonna steal this from me because I have super-awesome characters that are completely and totally original!" But in Amberspeak: "smoene gona stile tihs frum me !" Wow, it's as if she's BEGGING for more eDrama, which she constantly whines about in her journal that she is SO sick of and can't stand it and what-not. Well, here's a public display of your retardation, Amber, and more eDrama then you can shake your stubby little furry fingers at.

Let us have a gander at this fine piece of work. Another Pembroke Welsh Corgi, she's fluffy, pink and is named Peach Tea... Hmm...

But... Amber OWNZ CORGIS! NO ONE can have fluffy fat little corgis! OR the name Peach Tea! 'Cause, that was claimed before the actual Peach Tea even EXISTED! Isn't Amber amazing? Seriously, if anyone ever makes a fluffy cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi, you better charge up the EgoShields because Amberdrake is going to come at you, frothing at the mouth and twitching like a fucking psychotic chihuahua hopped up on speed, crystal meth, heroin, LSD, PCP and whatever the hell else there is out there because you have TOTALLY gone and ripped her character(s) off. Look at Ein from the popular anime Cowboy Bebop. Amber probably went and had an epileptic fit on the creator's doorstep all because Ein was the same color as her imaginary character Honey Combs that she has absolutely NO pictures of, but those Japs can be freakishly tricky bastards and somehow managed to steal her character design RIGHT out of her little tiny flea-bitten brain.

Amberdrake's Awesome Icons

So, now we're onto Amberdrake's pride and joys! Her little animal icons that all look exactly the same minus the ones that are a different species. But, no one cares about those. How the fuck can you edit a stupid ass snake or a bird when all the REALLY AWESOME furries are quadrupeds and prefer canine (wolves, foxes and huskies) or feline beasts? As you can probably tell, there are barely any left on the netz, because Amberdrake is a shining example of a grousing dipshit emobitch whore and took them all down because everyone was stealing them. Why don't we have a gander at how fucking awesome these insignificant little shitboxes are? For more lulz we should just "steal" them. Who the fuck would wanna steal these pieces of turd, it's like a fucking Blemish on the internet- next to her face.


And to think that people actually STEAL these? They're fucking 50x50 pixel shitstains, for crying out loud. You can just as easily doodle something in MSPaint using only your penis and a trackball mouse, animate it with Microsoft GIF Animator, and it could look like this shit. Amberdrake bitches about these things CONSTANTLY in her DeviantART gallery and threatens to leave the internet forever at least once a month, stop drawing altogether at least twice a month (to get more attention, of course, she'd never leave her adoring fanfucktards and the enormous amount of ass-kissery from the furfags), and say that she is VARY VARY PISSED at least 15 times a day.

Examples of Furry Suicide Bombings

Just a collection of comments from DeviantART showing how the furry bomb system works, keep in mind these are about ICONS. They are still on Princess-Kitty's page too. So much for getting banned for harassment.

How Awesome Can Amberdrake Be?

Just some fine examples of furryfaggotry.

Amberdrake's DeviantART Journal Posts of DOOM

A compilation of some of Amber's most memorable bitchings about her icons being stolen. Beware of her writing skills, it will lower your IQ by bounds and leaps with every journal entry you read. I survived to show you these by watching a marathon of MythBusters and the History Channel. So, just in case, have your television remote ready! SRSLY!

Amberdrake's OTHER DeviantART Journal Posts of DOOM

Amber draws FURRYPRONZ! OMG. ........... figures. Only she fails because she can't draw cock. Fucking loser.

So, these are journal posts made by Amberdrake that didn't emo and bitch (too much) about her stupid-ass icons. These particular journal entries depict some of Amberdrake's awesome retardation. Mind you, these ones are pretty awesome, especially this one... That one's definitely the favorite, it just gives us a nice mental image of how totally fanfucktardtastic Amberdrake REALLY is.

Fearsome Forum Posts


Thanks to some awesome contributions, we have some more Amberdrake retardation on file for your lulz! Check this out, the retard actually posted her fucking BOOBS on the interwebz. And she says she has three nipples... Amberdrake = ACTUAL FURRY?!

Someone should probably tell Amber that those aren't nipples, but in fact PIMPLES and that she really ought not to go around showing them off to people.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

So, Amberdrake has wronged many-a-so-called-friends. I use so-called 'cos she's quick to turn on them. She turns on them if they mention 'Icon'. If they say 'Yellow' and 'Husky' in the same sentence. If they say 'Cobbi'. If they comment any one of Amberdrake's enemies' work, they are SO through and she bites their head off. Here are some personal accounts that were noted to us via DeviantART. If YOU have any personal Amberdrake accounts, PIX PLZ.

Welcome to Dramalamaz R US

Amberdrake has been world renouned for dicking people over again and again. Of course, who are we to judge the almighty Amberdrake? Who are we mere mortals to question the word of the furry-god? And of course, she MUST be a furry god, she DOES have a third nipple! AND she’s the ONLY yellow husky-corgi-toaster in town.

With love and devotion in their furry hearts, most of her followers will walk off a cliff for her as blindly as a leming on acid, however, there are those she has scorned. OH NOEZ! SHEILD YOUR EYES NOT! The truth may drive many a yellow something-or-other loving twit to jump from a building, but aren’t we all just a little better off that way?

From teasing small children to crying in the dark, Amberdrake has captured our hearts - or made us projectile vomit. One way or another she has greatly impacted the lives of many. With her sickenly easy to make icons that look more like blobs than dogs, cats, or tabletops and her basic drawing skills and flat coloring it’s not hard to see how she’s become so popular! It is no wonder why SOOOOOOO so so so many people would want to take her art and say that it was their own. No wonder that so many a jealous bastard would want to steal her icons oh so diabolically or sit up late at night and write completely untrue things about her on sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Clearly, Amberdrake is the victem here!

But alas, there are those who would spread blasphemy about our dearest Amberdrake. And to those, this section is dedicated.

So here it is! Without further adue, the stories of the Amberdrake beast in action. See how it stalks it’s prey? See how it lures them in with promises of companionship and warmth? See how it chases small children down the street screaming “U STOLED MAH RRT! UR A THEEFER!”

The Zinacat Incident

I saw the ED entry on Amberdrake, and had to share. Unfortunately, almost everything has been deleted, and I don’t have proof to back me up. So if this is no good, feel free to ignore.

A few years ago, a friend of mine had uploading a picture inspired by a drawing of Amberdrakes. She gave Amberdrake credit for inspiration, linked to Amberdrake’s original piece, and showed it to her. All in all, pretty flattering, right? Apparently Amberdrake didn’t think so. Her friend, PageDrillGirl left a comment saying that Amberdrake was PISSED. She went so far to claim the drawing was ‘art theft’. Now, I’ll be blunt. If my friend hadn’t said out-right that she had been inspired by Amberdrake, the two drawings could have easily been written off as a coincidence. The pose itself was generic, and it was clear she didn’t trace. So the fact PageDrillGirl implied she was an art thief was laughable, at best.

Not down with seeing one of my friends being bullied, I was responded by saying my friend had done nothing wrong, and that Pagedrillgirl and Amberdrake were being unfair. They were trying to bully someone into taking down a picture for no reason other than it was ‘similar’. I got a few friends to back me up, and eventually Amberdrake came in to call a cease-fire, stating that the matter had been solved via PMs. My friend then took down the drawing to get rid of the drama, and uploaded it again with a different background.

This would have been all well and good, had Amberdrake not made a journal entry immediately afterwards, whining about how ‘mean’ we were, claiming we had called her a slew of nasty names, and accused her of being a coward. It was hilarious, especially since NO ONE had said any of these things. She probably knew full well she looked bad in this situation, and was simply trying to make herself out to be the victim.

She even made a point to claim that if any of us responded to the entry(to, say, defend ourselves), we were simply trying to carry out the drama, whereas she wanted to be drama-free.


The Kiminess Incident

Fellow half-retarded tartlet, Kiminess fired the lulzcannon at Amberdrake to even the dirty, dirty playing field after Amber fucked with her or something. Despite the use of shady methods, Kiminess managed to pry out a few unflattering stories about our old friend Amberdrake. But it's ok-- while they were busy shitting their diapers there was plenty of lulz to be had!

Example of previous pixel art before the icons.
Wow, where to even start? Well, I guess we'll start with how I got started with making Pixel art. When I was bored at home I would sit and doodle at the computer using MSPaint making TONS of pixel things.

Not all of them are this awesome (LAWL), but, this is what got me started. Especially when I was too lazy to get off the computer and go get paper and pencil and something hard to draw on [as the computer desk kinda fails at life and I cannot draw on it. >>;]. Anyway. I guess I should say that I was actually inspired by one of Amberdrake's icons. And hell, if they hadn't been like a horde of crazed animals and immediately accused me of art theft and all that stupid ass shit, I coulda just went and done something else.

I think it was the way they handled the situation that really, really pissed me off.

And they wouldn't let me explain myself, they were just on me like stink on a pile of shit.

So, really, it's their own fucking fault for being a bunch of bitches.

Mind you, this was AFTER they gave one of my best online friends a bunch of shit because of the icon I had made her:

FinalNova's Account of the Situation:

"All I remember personally against myself (you pretty summed up with what happened with you) was that you gave me an icon on Sheezy Art... I got chewed out on my user page by PageDrillGirl, and I told her 'Okay I'll take it down then.' And then told you [Kiminess] about it...

So you made me another one. The first looked kinda similar to her work (of course being inspired and what not, not to mention the pose was insanely generic anyway) but I paid no mind to it. Cause well everyone can draw little animals. Anyway when you [Kiminess] gave me the second one she [PageDrillGirl] went apeshit and started posting nasty stuff on the forums about you [Kiminess] and I. I explained that you weren't a thief but I had seen Amberdrake's icons before and thought they were cute. But this time I kept my icons and all but I had to take them down cause of SA's shit and I said I'd take them down if they erased the nasty comments on my userpage. And so that was the end of that.

However shit started on dA and they started shit with me again, this time that other girl... I can't remember her name, maybe it was actually PageDrillGirl again [Far-Cry possibly?]...

My dad was on the computer and he got pissed cause she started sending me IMs after IMs accusing me of theft and he told me to get off the fucking computer... So I got chewed out by him and she started running her mouth saying I was trying to avoid the situation.

Anyway after that I really don't remember anything else, other than them attacking you [Kiminess] and leaving me alone cause I wasn't making the icons. Anyway yeah that's about right... Amberdrake never said anything personally to me, she only got her big mouthed friends to bitch me out and accuse me of theft and that I was lying about my dad and said it was too convenient. OH and I think there was a case that they tried to say that I was you [Kiminess] or some shit like that. Lmao."

I've always been a stubborn person, I hate being /told/ what to do and I can't stand it when people are disrespectful and try to intimidate people into doing what they want by attacking them in mass numbers. It pisses me off like you wouldn't believe. So, needless to say, I told them to go fuck themselves, I didn't copy shit. Granted, I probably shouldn't be sinking down to their level, but, I did. I said, fuck you, I didn't do shit, leave me alone I'll do whatever the fuck I want, I haven't even seen any of this shit your showing me until today!

So, really, I was being spiteful.

I continued making my own icons and a couple of times I went out of my way to make very similar icons to the ones she [Amberdrake] made just to piss them off 'cause they really really aggravated me and I just wanted to get a rise out of them [come on, it is SO easy to fucking do, I couldn't resist. I am NOT going to roll over and let them chew me out as I lay at their feet and whimper, begging forgiveness for shit I didn't even do].

But, I must agree that was it was pretty childish. But really, it's not like I used those icons or anything *shrugs* i just made them and posted them.

But they continued their assault.

Due to my fantastic memory, I can't really remember a lot of what happened, I'll be sure to ask some of my friends the goings on 'cause, their memories are probably way more accurate.

I just really wish I saved some of the convos and the awesome journal posts and all their nasty comments, but, alas, I did not.

But wow, those other stories were pretty interesting, I didn't know she was that bad. O_o;;; Lol

But yeah.

So, all in all, she's still having a shit fit over the icons.

Well, she was... until she left DeviantART? O_o;;;

Ah well, no big loss... just another drama queen gone, am I right?

OH AND she had a conniption over me referencing a pose.

I even had a LINK to her fucking picture!

But, she freaked the fuck out.

So, I removed it off of DA to save my furry art page from being molested by crazed fantards.

The reason for the reference was because I fail at equine anthropomorphics. :p

She had one up, and seeing as I THOUGHT the whole icon thing had blown over, I thought I'd reference a pose.

BUT! That was a BAD idea.

Because every single pose involving an anthropomorphic chibified creature is © her.

I think not.

So fantards came bearing their little furry fangs, so whatever.

Picture was removed.

No big deal.

But, if you are in fact reading this article, grow the fuck up, Amber.

Get a life.

Move out of your mama's house and get an actual job.



Leaving DeviantART

Amberdrake has left DeviantART apparently because someone hacked her Photobucket account, but some argue that she could be referring to the creation of this article.

Amberdrake's Well-Known Fantards

You can see why each of the below are relevant to this article by visiting their special section here, which is complete with colorful images and depictions of their fuckery. (Naturally, their dA pages are linked below as well.)

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