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Alvin-Earthworm (Mark Haynes irl) is a member of Newgrounds, deviantART, furaffinity and anywhere else where he can whore his pathetic self out to. He's e-famous for his flash animated series Super Mario Bros. Z, a sprite animation series with the story of Dragon Ball Z, replacing the characters and objects of DBZ with the ones of the Mario and Sonic series. It has no original writing, audio, or naturally everyone living in this crazy digital age thinks it's super awesome.


No TARTlet before him has ever been so wrong.

Out of all of the shit he has done, Super Mario Bros. Z is his crowning "achievement". SMBZ is a compilation of Mario and Sonic sprites in a Dragonball Z setting. Animu from the nineties. It would not be an overstatement to say that, in the process of “animating” this overhyped ball of fail, Alvin-Earthworm has expended no creative effort whatsoever. One wonders, then, why does it seem to take Mr. Earthworm so many months to complete an episode? Is it some sort of twisted scheme to get his legions of idiotic fanboys to salivate all the more with anticipation? Could it be that he realizes that, by spacing out the episodes so far, he propagates the notion that what he does is “art” and takes actual effort? The latter possibility is at best unlikely and arguably beyond his cognitive abilities, seeing as SMBZ isn't original by any means. That does not change the fact that the way it was executed (poorly) is what made this series loved by its fans of today. Of course, there are still many fanboys out there who want to throw their hat into the SMBZ world and propagate the failure even more.

More likely, Alvin is just a fat fuck who's too lazy even to not work, and spends all of his time eating Pocky in his mother's basement, while masturbating to pictures of foxes with breasts.

Fan site

Super Mario Bros Z has its own fan site with its own horde of 13 year old boys. Its forum consists of sections such as Super Mario Bros. Z Comments "Post up all your comments that you wish to tell Alvin-Earthworm about his popular hit internet flash show Super Mario Bros. Z in here!" and topics such as The Most Stupidest Character To Ever Join Smbz and SMBZ Series 2.

Here's an excerpt of in depth discussion from the SMBZ fandom...

Sure, Shadow seems like an @$$hole, but here are some things you may have overlooked.
1) Even though Shadow barely ever agrees with anything Sonic plans, but he still goes along with it.
2) Shadow kicked Sonic in Ep.4 cause he was majorly *^^*ed before due to the fact they lost to the 
Koopa Bros., and Sonic says something smart that further *^^*es Shadow off and made him act before 
thinking and kicking Sonic in the face. (haha)
3)There really is no excuse for Shadow using Sonic as a projectile against Turbo Mecha Sonic (Ep.6),
 so I'll just skip it.
4)Shadow kicked Mario to save Mario from one of Turbo Mecha Sonic's flash bombs.
You see? He's just misunderstood.

to 1: Sure, cuz he is looking for a fight.
to 2: Sonic just said what´s right and Shadow hit him, PFFT.
to 3: Cuz he is an @$$hole, don´t skip "important" facts. [[emoticon|tongue.gif]]
to 4: WRONG, every shot from Mecha Sonic hit the ground BEHIND Mario AND Shadow. Shadow just kicked
 him, cuz he was in his way. Rewatch this scene.
My opinion: Stop making excuses for him, he acts lordly, arrogant and irresponsible, just like 
Vegeta. Point

I hope you're not forgetting that he kicked Mario out of the way while fighting the black and red
 Koopa bros in that one scene. (ep 4)

For once, Shadow has been wrongly accused. If you look closely, Shadow's back is facing Mario when
 they colide.
So yeah, Shadow hits Mario, but not on purpose.
As for using Sonic as a projectile (which I for one, found hilarious) is perhaps acceptable on the
 grounds that Shadow was much more of a match for Mecha.

Like Superstar Saga and Partners In time, there should be a new game for either Wiiware or Ds and called...

Mario & Luigi: Interdimensional Alliance

You know it's based on the Chaos Emerald Saga, right?

The progress of SMBZ

Also charts


Alvin-Earthworm is a furfag. When he's not working on SMBZ, he's sits on his ass creating typical furfaggy pictures of foxes with breasts, or creating typical furfaggy pictures of already existing foxes with breasts, such as Renamon and Krystal. And the times when he DOESN'T draw something with fur... he draws men...


Besides SMBZ, he is also known for causing drama on the internet. One of the most notable drama is his infamous "I DON'T CARE" rant which was originally posted on DA and Newgrounds before he deleted everything off his two accounts, proving that his wall of text was nothing more than a distraction to stop trolls from trolling him, and thereby also proving that he is a butthurt faggot.

You can read the wall of text in question here:


This journal is aimed at haters

People will already know that ever since SMBZ became popular that there have been people who hate me for it. Spamming my PM inbox, Making hate flashes, getting into bitter flame wars with me and generally being assholes. I can be a sensitive person at times, but that's about to change. After having a long sit down with a nice strong cappuccino, I thought to myself, "Why the fuck am I letting these dickwads get under my skin?" Such behavior can only be dealt with by an adequate response, and that is.... I don't care!

Seriously, I couldn't give two shits anymore. XDD I don't care who you are. I don't care about your opinions on me, my art and animations or my attitude. I don't care about your hate animations with penises (And you call me gay? XDD) and hate propaganda. I don't care if you think SMBZ is degrading the quality of animations on Newgrounds. (That's coming from the same people who spam crap into the portal). I don't care about your parents who obviously did a crappy job raising you. And I certainly don't care about your faggoty friends, brothers, sisters, pets or anyone who have to put up with your worthless existence.

You guys are nothing but a bunch of prepubescent, no talent, attention whores living thousands of miles away somewhere in the heart of Retardsville, leeching off my popularity to get some attention and lulz. But now I'm gonna do something I should have done a long time ago and that's ignore you! So go ahead, flame my accounts with your immature insults. Spam my PM boxes. Make more of your gay hate flashes. Tell everyone that I'm an egotistical furfag. Do what the Hell you like! It really doesn't bother me anymore. All you are really doing is making yourselves look like complete dickheads and maybe some day, you'll come to your senses and realize that you have only been wasting your own time.

I focus on what's important in the REAL world. SMBZ is just a hobby that I like to work on during my free time. Seeing you guys get all worked up about it is perhaps the most childish thing I've ever witnessed. You guys seriously need to get a fucking life! XDD

The internet is dumb and haters are living proof of that. And that really is all she wrote. Have fun kiddies, for I am sick of playing your childish games. See you in Hell!


—Alvin-Earthworm on hatas, dead sauce link


Alvin-Earthworm is 100% Anti-Pony. Fans say this is yet his best picture ever made.
Alvin baaaws about MLP FiM, but he's cool with drawing RULE34 of Rainbow Dash.
Out of everything he just said, all you will notice is him wanting to shove his middle finger in you like a faggot.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! This furfag is one self-contradicting furfag who happens to be confused of his love for My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic. Being a brony deep inside, he denies the truth. He will prove himself wrong by posting journals to express his dislike towards bronies by calling them Jabronies. (Note that no one else will ever use the word Jabronies, but Alvin himself) Alvin nearly watched the entire season of MLP. He's even watching it now, considering the fact that he's so fed up with the Ponies on the Internet. Although being so bored of Pony Cancer everywhere, he actually watched the new episodes of Season 2 and he will watch episode 3 as well, and everyone will know he will watch it, he's just not going to tell anyone. "Wait! Alvin hates MLP FiM! Why is he watching it?" Imagine a furry-hater watching yiff on Furaffinity. He'd say he just goes there to examine the furries to figure out that why they are sick. Now that's when you say CUT THE BULLSHIT! Said Furry-Hater is a furfag who wants to jerk off to anthro and feral animals raping each other. Same logic goes for Alvin with the ponies. He loves watching MLP, he just needs an excuse to have a reason to watch it. He says he's like a movie critic who needs to watch everything in order to state an opinion. Where's the Problem? Alvin is no movie critic, he's a nobody! If you watch something and you don't like it, you won't watch it again. It's Common Sense!

Wait, there's more! Alvin now knows all the characters' names and personalities. Out of all ponies, he admitted Rainbow Dash is the only most appealing to him. Though Discord was also the best character in his opinion and it was a shame that the makers had to kill him off the screen so fucking fast. Despite of everything Alvin has said, that was his only smart sentence that was ever to be expected, the rest is more rage and baaaaw complaining about how much he hates MLP!

This Shit's going insane! Alvin-Eartworm, as the creator of the unoriginal series of Super Mario Bros Z, believes that him alone without any assistance makes much better cartoons than Lauren Faust and an entire team of animators working hard day to night to complete one episode on time before the deadline. Those poor bastards, Going through all that stress and hard work! Alvin being a lazy fatass with a lack of knowledge about the Entertainment industry and business, takes the courage to tell everyone that MLP is cheap and all made with motion tween, without ever seeing what's going on behind the scenes of MLP. To piss him off even more, here's a protip for him: At least in MLP: FiM the Ponies FUCKING MOVE, FUCKING TALK and have FUCKING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS instead of standing in one place with the same face in pixels and subtitles telling the characters' dialouge like in his SMBZ.

Tasting RainbowDash's Rainbow Vagina

Regardless if he was commissioned or not, he did put the most effort, and enjoyed drawing that picture a lot. Being a huge brony hater, he sure gave in to a brony and kissing his ass for some extra cash. It's like a homosexual claims he hates cocks, but plays in cocksucking, buttfucking gay porn just because he was paid to do so. What does this mean? It means if you had gay sex, then you're a faggot, if you draw yiff, then you're a furfag, if you draw Rainbow Dash in a sexually appealing way with big tits, then you're a pony lover, or more likely a pony fucker! Alvin's watchers on DA all agree that his Rainbow Dash artwork is yet the best picture ever made. Some say drawing anthro horses are very difficult, but for a Brony like Alvin will need no practice at all, he'll draw a perfect pony at first attempt, and he did!

I'll admit, Rainbow Dash is an appealing character. But that's hardly saying much. It's like saying "This small dried out turd is better than this huge steaming pile of horse shit".


—Alvin likes small dried out turd, be sure to send him a box load of it.

Wake the fuck up! Of course the MLP animation is cheap. The animation has motion tween written all over it, yet it was made by a studio with hundreds of animators. I am but a single entity who animated 8 whole episodes without any outside assistance.


—Alvin says his totally Original series of Mario and Sonic in DragonBallZ style beats the not low budgeted Pony cartoon.

The Fans

Let this text speak for itself:

The end?

In his journal, on 2008, Alvin-Earthworm was apparently abandoning his current dA account:


Well, ever since starting SMBZ I stumbled upon a concept that proved pretty successful and made me into an internet celebrity. I enjoyed the fame and attention at first, but now, it has proved far too annoying and stressful for words. Fame is pretty overrated and I desire the humble life out of the spotlight that I once had back when I first joined DA. So I'll be leaving behind my alias as Alvin-Earthworm, probably to start over. Besides, it's not like anyone cared about my anthro art anyway. All you guys cared about was the next episode of SUPER SPRITE FAGS X EPISODE 69! I stayed patient, I wanted to work on it in my own time on top of earning a decent honest living, but naturally it wasn't good enough for any of you and my patience has worn thin. So I'm leaving behind this shadow of my former self and SMBZ along with it. I know many of you will be disappointed and well.... tough shit! Anyways, this is where I take my leave.

P.S. Refunds for old commissions that I haven't done will be promptly paid back. Leave me a note, the amount you paid and your paypal e-mail address and I'll get back to you.

Alvin over and out.



—Alvin-Earthworm, giving in to his fanbase., dead sauce link


Man I thought you were a great guy but YOU SUCK YOU RETARD YOU JUST CANT TAKE IT YOU ARE WEAK SELFISH AND A BIG FAT LOSER!!!!!!! i cant beleve you just cant take it anymore you FAGGART!! and no i am just a kid and Yah regular Kids Watch your freakin stuff and you are lucky to have this power for animating and you dont care a bit that you have FIVE FREAKIN MILLION PEOPOLE WATCH YOUR STUFF and if I had flash I would Continue this saga You Big RETARDED DED RETARD MAN WORM THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks alot you loser Yours Truly Jmustern DarkFlame


—Some insignificant YouTuber, tellin' it like it is.


Now do you see why I'm starting over and not telling anyone where I'm going? People seem to care and support you for one minute then when you don't give them what they want, they show their true colors.



It was debated whether or not he would get off the Internets for good, until this post came along:

Well, I'm still waiting on the mod to close this account, but before that happens, I guess I owe many of you an apology.

My outburst was justifiable since I have had very stressful days at work, bad insomnia and the fact that my plans to see LakituBoy during the month had to be canceled. We all vent our frustration in some way, I guess I have a bad habit of doing it the wrong way. Therefore, I shall be leaving the internet behind for a few years, only keeping in touch with Keri and my close friends on IM. I've reconsidered creating a new alias to use on Deviantart since my motivation to work on pictures hasn't gotten any better. But regardless of how I feel, I still want to complete Super Mario bros Z. Mostly for myself, but also as a thank you for the majority of people that have been patient with me. Even if I worked harder on my anthro works, I finally realised how much more I achieved with my sprite series, regardless of it being merely fan service. So this will be the last time you hear from me for a while. My DA, Sheezyart, FurAffinity and YouTube accounts have all been wiped, but my NG account will remain active, only so I can post new episodes upon completion. PM's and e-mails regarding SMBZ shall be wiped immediately upon recieving them, so don't bother trying to contact me.
Anyways, Perhaps we shall cross paths again in a few years?

Alvin Earthworm, over and out, for the last time.


—Alvin-Earthworm in his final post before his hibernation, sauce here

So, unfortunately, he didn't take that bit of advice we gave him.

Episode 9 Announcement

Alvin eventually announced the death of Dragonball Z SMBZ. Due to this, no one gives a fuck about him anymore.

It's been a long time since I last posted anything here. I have drafted this news post several times before but never had the courage to actually post it, but now I think it's high time I did this.

This is a very difficult thing for me. I have had this on my mind for quite some time now and I have no doubt that it will be a very unpopular decision, but I think it's time I finally lay Super Mario Bros Z to rest. I have been fooling myself into thinking I would continue the series because part of me really wanted to see it finished. But the fact is, it is a time consuming process and I have grown tired of working on it. Sprite animation no longer has the same appeal to me as it did several years ago. What was once a fun hobby of mine has now turned into a chore from the constant demand, which clearly shows from the lack of updates since episode 8 was released. I could blame my lack of motivation on my monotonous job and the impatient fans. (Not saying all my fans are impatient, of course. I'm only referring to the vocal minority). I have been keeping the series on life-support this long, hoping that some day my creative spark would return to me. Unfortunately it never did. In any case, I would like to thank everyone who stuck by the series this long. It really pains me to do this to all of you after years of false promises, but it's high time I gave myself a reality check. Thanks again for all the support (or hatred) you have given me throughout the years. Peace.



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