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Alison with her bro Badmachine.
Alison and her twin sister in their youth

Alison is an Irish Wikipedia Admin, Checkuser, and Oversighter living in California, although she intermittently quits and then returns every other month. On TOW, she is a checkuser with nearly unlimited oversight powah, and was allegedly the only female one who was born with female equipment. Because of this, MONGO hates her and insults her for having more balls than him. Her friends are planning an intervention for Alison as TOW is even more addictive than heroin (yet still less addictive than MMORPGs). She is now addicted to Encyclopedia Dramatica as well, leveling up to sysop.

Alison is a beautiful fat wikibitch who gives jewbo wales blow-jons and makes love to him[1], she is allegedly hot milf and totally born a woman. Go ahead and fap to her now before you read on. Fap hard!

For a moment there I thought we were in trouble

Alison's younger and moar talented hermy sister

Although known as the only female Wikipedia checkuser who is not a trap, little did they know that she was also born with male reproductive organs which included small testes and a small peen. Despite the small size of her male reproductive organs, they were still much larger than the average male Wikipedian.

Intersex conditions are shockingly waaay more prevalent than people are aware of; somewhere between 1 in 500 - 1 in 2,000 live births can be classified so. I for one am glad that I was born "special". I can enjoy the best of both worlds.


—Alison, (sauce)

Rise to Power

Think that plushie frog looked innocent? Think again.

A long term member of Phaedriel's love bombing cabal, she climbed the wikiladder pretty quickly during 2007 because she continuously begged other administrators to protect her from stalkers like Amorrow, despite her being a camwhore who posted nude pics of her wrinkled titties on her website. When not editing directly, she enjoys chatting on IRC about suicide and self-harming with her imaginary friends Miranda, Eliz and Kyoko, and posting pics of her plastic surgery and colorful bruises.

IRL, Alison is everyone's favorite bisexual Irish redhead with mental problems and an addiction to mood-altering tablets, which she pops like Smarties.

She's a self-admitted Apple user, geek, and nerd like DerHexer. Alison is also a regular contributor to Wikipedia Review.


March of 2008 saw Alison purging her Internet history after Daniel Brandt sold her dox to the highest bidder.

After Brandt gave out her dox, Amorrow is now busily stalking her. Amorrow will drive to the city where she lives and visits her place of employment and then he goes to a public library or i-cafe and post from that IP to say to her " hey, I am in the same city as you.".

I'm not posting that here, or there. It's a police matter, it's ongoing, and you know it. It involves an ex-member of WP and WR, Daniel Brandt's doings regarding me, and said ex-member subsequently showing up repeatedly at my workplace. Pmail me if you really want to know the rest but I refuse to discuss it publicly in deference to my privacy and that of others. From a livelihood perspective, I'm still dealing with the matter at a corporate level. 'nuff said


Alison 06:38, 17 July 2008 (UTC), [2]

In October, 2008, Daniel Brandt added Alison back to his Hivemind page for being a troll. He had been snooping on ED for her dox when his computer was pwnt by a spyware infection. Tragically, Alison got the blame;

You were born with troll blood. Once a troll, always a troll. You can't help it; you'd need a complete transfusion. On Star Trek, they plant a beacon when they come across an evil force, so that travelers will be warned. It's the responsible thing to do. That's why you are on hivemind — it's a beacon for future surfers


—Daniel Brandt, as he gets pwnt by ED's Computer Gremlins, (sauce)

Becoming an ED sysop


In 2008 and the first part of 2009, Allie and friends were waging a terrible war against Grawp.

Alison waited. The screen of her new shiny Mac computer blinked and sparked out of the air. There were trolls in the wiki. She didn't see them, but had expected them now for months. Her warnings to Steward Shanel were not listened to, and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.

Alison was an administrator of Wikipedia for fourteen months. When she was young she watched the development of the wiki and she said to dad "I want to be on the wiki daddy."

Daddy said "No! You will BE HARASS BY TROLLS"

There was a time when she believed him. Then as she got oldered she stopped. But now in the Wikipedia of Jimbo Wales she knew there were trolls.

"This is Shanel" Skype crackered. "You must keep the trolls at bay!"

So Alison logged in and started reverting edits.

"SHE GOING TO BAN US" said the trolls

"I will screw her uzrpage with HAGGER???" said Grawp the giant and he opened the tabs in Firefox. Alison checkusered at him and tried to block his IP. But then the server crashed and their browsers froze and not able to edit.

"No! I must ban the trolls" she shouted

Shanel said "No, Alison. You are the trolls"

And then, Allie was an ED sysop.



Alison is now an ED Sysop as well. It is rumored that she achieved this by eating out Sheneequa's black pussy. Many a TOW Vandal and Troll breathed a big sigh of relief when they learned that it was only the Sysop tools that she gained and not the checkuser on ED. She remains the only active user that openly has the Sysop tools on both ED and TOW, and this has caused a substantial amount of butthurt among the Wikipedos.



Since joining soon after the 2012 meltdown of The Wikipedia Review, she has made over a thousand posts. She was banned for using diacritics to bypass a word filter.


Schlicking after banning TOW Vandals
I don't know what's worse, the fact that I'm a furry, a dickgirl, or a cougar.



Alison's hobbies include animal husbandry (not in the sense of marrying the animals), horse breeding (not in the way you're thinking you sick fuck) and pouring Guinness down her twat and having the neighborhood dogs lick it up (not in a sick way).

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