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Who Is AlexusLioness?

So you are probably asking yourself, who is this chick? Who is this furfag running around the internet? Well she goes by the username AlexusLioness, aka AlexusTheLioness, aka WhiteLioness, so many other nick names but she mainly likes to be called Alexus. Alexus, or rather her real name being April Zachary, is a 32 year old drama obsessed furfag who does nothing but sit at the computer all day drawing lion king OCs and stalking people she hates. You heard me right folks, she is a 32 fucking year old!

Her Attitude

One would describer her attitude as...bipolar. Though she is quick to call other people she hates bipolar, she fails to realize that she herself is the one with the mental problem. She may be 32 years old, but she no doubt acts like a 5 year old most if not all the time. She's an immature selfish brat who will cry and scream until she gets what she wants. She also loves to pull the 'I'm a victim!' card after she's been called out on her shit, especially when drama is involved. More times then not Alexus will start drama with you, over something retarded such as adopting a character (Mind you SHE wanted that one FIRST. She's mentally retarded so everything should go to her first right?) She even meets people by yelling at them on how their character's name is the same as her precious lion king oc's character, and she'll demand that they change their name. Alexus basically grew up with dear old daddy giving her everything she ever wanted, and to this day she lives off of his pay checks along with the help from welfare. The last thing anyone really wants to be on.

She Be A Scammer

Alexus is known for taking on a whole lot of art trades, and then suddenly cancelling after doing two or three of them claiming she 'doesn't have the time' or because she got involved with some kind of drama with her 'DA sisters' ....yes people pretend to be related on DeviantArt...I don't understand it either. Not only does Alexus scam other artists out of art trades, she also constantly asks for requests of her fursona, sometimes even asks for a picture of the same thing someone else asked for, but only with her character in it. Lazy much? Come on woman if you're going to request something, at least be original about it. She still owes many people art trades that she hasn't done in years, but I don't think they'll ever see their half.

Her Wonderful Art

These are some examples of her lovely art style that is SO ORIGINAL and it's what you expect to get if you do get a picture from her

Her Beef With Thrasher Blackpaw

Some time ago, in the distant past, there was some intense drama between Alexus and a FurAffinity user called Thrasher, aka Thrasher BlackPaw on other sites. Now as for what the beef was, we may never really know. What we do know, is that Alexus was caught red handed tracing Thrasher's work. Maybe not tracing, but Alexus did heavily and I mean heavily referenced five or so of Thrasher's pictures. Since then Thrasher has stated that she does not care about Alexus anymore, and continues to do what most normal people do, and that is move on with life. Alexus however to this day continues to trash talk about Thrasher behind her back, to her friends no less, and even her friends have had enough of Alexus's constant bitching. Alexus is one of those furfags that doesn't know when to stop, which ends up with her being in trouble. She's started many drama wars, and never can finish them.

Her Beef With Takura

These two have been arguing with each other for years. On and off. However Alexus likes to constantly use "She's been harassing me for *insert number of years*" Everytime Takura gets her into a corner during a fight that SHE(Alexus) started. Alexus constantly stalks Takura, every day, every night, every hour, every time she's on the internet. Takuras has a bad habit of easily forgiving someone even after they've treated her like a piece of shit. She made the mistake of becoming friends with Alexus again, and after recent drama events with this furfag, Takura has since blocked Alexus, making a rant journal about her. You probably think Takura is a bit of a drama queen, but Alexus takes the cake on that one. Every time something doesn't go her way, little miss 'lioness' has a rage fit, and then deletes fucking everything from her DA page.

She ends up on a Laughable Lion King Fandom tumblr Blog

One day/night Alexus decides to upload a screenshot of her desktop image, because hey, everyone loves to see that stupid shit. People CARE about that. What she didn't know though was, the picture she had on her desktop was fanart of Disney's 'The Lion Guard' that will be on Disney Junior sometime in 2016. Alexus did not give any credit to the original artist who made the picture, and when someone confronted her about it, she had another bitch fit and deleted everything.

Her Many Boyfriends

Alexus has claimed to have dated well over 10 men in her lifetime, each one of them she claims to be her 'fiance'. And yet, she never married any of them, nor did she ever get an engagement ring of any kind. Alexus is so desperate to have a man in her life she even calls them her fiance after a month of dating. And most of her 'boyfriends' are other random furfags she meets online. One of these boyfriends even pretended to date her, only to come out and tell her that he was in fact gay, and left her for another man. Her last boyfriend, went by the name of Slashermew on a furfag site called SoFurry. For the longest time he was her white knight in shining armor, defending her from her 'bullies' on the internet. These two amazingly stayed together for a few years. They even met in person. Alexus flew up to Canada where Slasher lives, and stayed at his parents home with him until she decided to dump his sorry ass when he got sick and she moved back to the states. Ah, True Love. It's said there was a picture of the two, but its since been deleted and lost to the interwebs. If anyone can find this picture, please send it to us!

Ways To Piss Her Off

  1. Tell her, her fursona is the most unoriginal character you have ever seen
  2. Do an art trade with her, but never finish your half even after she finished hers
  3. Request the same kind of pictures she does
  4. Take all the adoptable lions that she wants and wave them in front of her face yelling "haha they're all mine now!"

Alexus Attempts to Delete her ED Page

So it appears that Alexus or some of her friends have tried to delete her ED page by doing a massive deletion. Good thing for revision history, because honey, this page will never be deleted now matter how much you try. People need to know about you Alexus.

Links to her accounts

Chances are you probably wont find anything on her accounts, because she likes to delete fucking everything when drama occurs


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