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Alan Cox
Typical Alan Cox blog entry

Alan Cox is an archetypal nerd: he is a computer programmer, a roleplayer and a Welsh Communist who believes that patent and copyright laws are evil. He helped develop something called "Linux" and also set up one of the first MUDs. As if that wasn't nerdish enough, Alan maintains a weblog written entirely in Welsh. He has been quoted as saying, "Linux Torvalds is wonderful developer, but a lousy engineer".

He currently is Czar of the socialist republic of "Whales" (allegedly it is an island near England) and works for the Red Hat.


  • Alan Cox has not shaved his beard since Lunix reached the 2.0 milestone.
  • Alan Cox has not taken a shower since Linux Kernel version 2.4 went stable
  • Alan Cox has a big fuck-off beard.
  • Alan Cox earns extra cash by working as a Karl Marx lookalike
  • Alan Cox's hair is a richer source of polyunsaturated fats than the common-or-garden Mackerel

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