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Hide the children and get your weapons ready.
Lol Sauce.
The ONLY great thing to emanate from AGNPH.

Alt.Games.Nintendo.Pokémon.Hentai, or AGNPH for short. Only those with a brave will or a sick twisted psyche should enter the trials of BADLY DRAWN POKEMON PORNO! WATCH YOURSELF IN THERE!

History of AGNPH

At least 100 years ago, Furry Jesus was shot. The resulting death was followed by lulz and Furry-God's greatest gift: Pokémon from Japan. Around the very same time, furry pedophiles on the Internets sought to jerk off to the anime, thus giving birth to AGNPH.

AGNPH is a community full of middle age men who live in their parents basement, fapping off to Pikachu Bukkake. They have single-handedly killed the dream of many inspiring Pokémon Masters by smearing their sick-minded pictures all over the internet. These kids would later grow up to be anti-furry goths whom spend half of their time cutting their wrists. Thanks to AGNPH, LiveJournal was born.

Nintendo has tried to shut down the site with their high priced lawyers, but thanks to some furry who knew how to operate a keyboard, he created the front page disclaimer. These empty words basically told Nintendo and anybody else to fuck off...and surprisingly it works. Today, AGNPH is the testament to the shitty porn of Pikachu and the other 665 Pokémon.

The Faggotry continues

AGNPH is a mish-mash of unpopular forms of Internet. It has an imageboard, an oekaki, IRC chat, message boards, and most retarded of all, their own wiki. Those alone are not what attracts inspiring young Pokétards to the site, and certainly not the shitty community either.


Since Pokemon always look so bright-eyed and happy, the Poképhiles get their jollies by drawing these little animals in sick guro-like situations. Rape is the norm, typically consisting of male Pokemon with tiny dicks, suggesting that IRL they would rape real boys if they got the chance too.

They also have an inclination towards editing articles about them with a butthurt mood, such as this one and advertising their site on places like

AGNPH is just another epic example of how furries ruin everything.


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