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This page is about an attempted an hero.

Adf-fuensalida AKA Ahuviya Harel or ADF Influenza, and recently Ahuviya Harel Araujo (Powerword: Phillip V. Haskins-DeLici) is a 29-year-old un-fabulous, gender bending, ASPIE Narutard who changes his political views more than he changes his own shit-stained underwear. He is also a TARTlet who has a persecution complex to rival that of Teruchan. Like any good weeaboo with strong opinions, ADF likes to draw existing animu characters out of character as soapboxes for his political and LGBT stances. If anyone comments on his attention-whoring ways, he dismisses it loudly in his journal as Trolling/homophobic/Christian/Republican hate mail/flames/death threats and insists that anybody that is connected to 4chan and ED is after him. Keep dreaming, dumbass! He doesn't seem to grasp that his haters aren't anti-Democrat/homophobic/anti-Hispanic; they're just anti-HIM!

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Beginning of a lolcow

4CHAN TROLLS ARE NOTHING BUT CYBER-FASCISTS! Have the Ku Klux Klan print goddamn T-shirts for you! You people who sit on your fat asses who prey on people who are not white, Christian, heterosexual, and has a different opinion from your twisted fucked up right-wing ideology! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT NEO-NAZI THUGS!!!!


—Adf getting butthurt and failing to understand the definition of 'fascist'

The Homophobes responsible will be punished! PUNISHED!


—Felicia, brandishing his yaoi paddle

Neo-conservatives tend to ALWAYS scapegoat and blame someone else because THEY cannot take responsibility for their own actions and decisions!!!


—ADF, calling the kettle black

The catalyst to ADF's long history of being trolled.
He got us

ADF was first discovered in 2007 by 4chan when his drawing of a Naruto character named Sasuke Uchiha shooting John McCain caught their attention. When they came upon his DA page, they were instantly blinded by over 1,400 pieces of shitty "art" made from of micro-tip pens, pencils, colored pencils, and Crayola/Roseart markers. Despite having nothing that even remotely resembles talent, ADF somehow managed to acquire 200 16 year old girl watchers. His choice themes at the time were Naruto, Yaoi, Yuri, and various other shit nobody cares about. The trolls quickly started commenting on his page.

ADF, like most other fucktards, was notorious for hiding comments quicker than a ninja. Literally, he just sat on his butt all day at his computer, pounding the F5 key until his fingers got tired, just waiting for trolls to come.

Of course, ADF was not going keep quiet while trolls continued to taunt him. Our favorite glitterfag decided to do what any properly indignant target of ridicule eventually does; he threw a highly misinformed tantrum in the form of shitty pictures. More fascinating than the unintentional self-referential humor regarding shit-for-brains is the blob's commentary on anonymous (see above). He also made a video, addressing ED and trolls, which was quickly deleted.

ADF vs. ED

Well, the ED Article pretty poorly composed considering they spent what, how many minutes they took writing the bullshit there. No, I'm not crying about the ED article. It's just lovely 4chan trolls who posted sure know how to make an ass out of themselves. - I joined ED, I'll better it too . . . with TRUTH!


—ADF tried so hard to hide his own butthurt.

Of course, the Old ED staff and users had to deal with ADF’s tantrums towards the site. ADF vandalized this article quite a bit and even threatened to turn early ED writers into the police. However, due to his own laziness or the fact that cops don't give a shit about ED articles, no one has ever been arrested.

ADF's Unstoppable "Phantom Gang"

When talking to certain people, ADF has been known to impersonate several different characters in an attempt to make himself seem more tough. These personas include Sakura, Sasuke and his OOC lesbian version of Kourine. These comments, however, only manage to make him seem even more of a pussy than he already is...

Sasuke *turns on Sharingan* DIE BITCH!!!


Typical response from his sockpuppet party.

Ko-chan High School

The main cast of Ko-chan High School, ADF's fucked up, yaoi paddle punishment series.
ADF living through the characters, because we all know that he secretly wished he could be a successful artist and live with Kourine.

His first OC gay series, Ko-chan High School, that ended due to the fights between him and Kourine. Kourine clarified that Ko-chan High School is a fan-made doujinshi series by ADF-Fuensalida and that she had no real role as to contribution to the series, other than permission to draw her various OC characters. This series was ADF's own sonichu in a way that it was an amalgam of stolen ideas from Gravitation and other generic anime cliches along with stolen artwork from Kourine and other artists. Combined with his fetish for oversized paddles and handcuffs, the series was a short-lived craptastic series.

It would probably go something like this: (I'm not A BIG FAN OF THIS, I DON'T THINK THIS WAY, SO MY APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE.)I would wake up, and pack my essentials, CUFFS, PADDLE, ETC, as well as schoolbooks and stuff. Then, I head to school by subway train, paddle in hand. On campus, I begin my slaughter of butt-whacking with the paddle before the 1st start of the bell. I do my work of course, studying, answering questions, then LUNCH comes. OH YES -- I would go sit next to my victim and steal their lunch, only to entice them into getting mad, so I have a reason of cuffing them to the table, gagging them. School students would watch as always as I whack them on the butt harshly, enjoying to hear their muffled screams of pain. Some people would cheer on. After an hour of torturing them at lunch, the rest of the classes begin. After class, I meet up with a few friends and chat like a normal person and head home. I guess that is how it would go. Again I don't know if that WOULD be it, so forgive me


— Kourine, explaining her character, Kourine Narumi role in Ko-chan High School, 17 October 2007

Oh...shit. *laughs* I find it amusing since she doesn’t really act like that. And the Yaoi Paddle on her is just something different and to the 'Omake Ko' that you have grown to love ^_^.


—Kourine, trying to make sense of Kourine Narumi yaoi paddle nonsense on Ko-chan High School, 17 October 2007

Ko-chan High School - Prototype for a Seme/Uke Apartheid Government?

Some people even believed that one of ADF's goals was to create a "new world order" where people are ruled at the end of a yaoi paddle, to set up an apartheid system where people are classified by if their either seme or uke.. It was ADF imagining if his watchers on DA "family" would be willing to go into his basement and play Naruto, by ranking them either seme or uke.

Can you imagine...a yaoi government running things X3


—ADF-Fuensalida imagining his faggoty form of government.

The cops would carry paddles instead of guns X3


—ADF, talking about the enforcers of such Yaoi apartheid government.

How did this magical argument come to be? Believe me, it didn't just spring up over night. One day all of a fucking sudden I had a label on me, presented to me by a former friend, ADF-Fuensalida. All of a sudden I was the weak-ass little uke on his special people list and that all of a sudden gave him a special pass to write me disturbing messages about how he was going to beat me with a paddle and drew one too many pic for my liking of me tied up in bondage. I was rather surprised and all together pissed off that all of a sudden I had become a butt of ADF's hot sexy yuri jokes.


—ZabuKawaii, on ADF being a sick fuck

Relations and Conflicts with Kourine

But you might ask yourself, "it says he lives in Canada, so why should be worry about the US?" Answer: HE LIVES 15 MIN. AWAY FROM ME IN NJ!!!! He is a US citizen, born and raised here. He is all 100% American, so don't let his lies fool you. He goes to same college I go to, and he is very much NOT on Canadian soil. Also, he has no accent guys. If you seen his video on YT about him dressed up in his "attire" and having an accent that is suppose to be Mexican or Scottish while he is Canadian, that is all a lie.


—Kourine revealing that ADF is not Canadian

Yet, I have a few people here and in real life who are afraid of all the recent changes. Some people I was friends with, have this irrational fear my yaoi-driven revolution in self-esteem and confidence. It's almost as if they don't want me strong - preferring weakness, conformity, and regulation over liberty and progressive freedom.


—Felicia, in a journal entry on DA, 12 June 2008

Lastly, this is very common sense, but please do not ask where I go to school at or where I live. I do not want that information out and in the hands to John McCain supporters who really want to do to serious harm to me or even try to kill me.


—ADF, being paranoid and self-important

Not talking with your friends is the same as what America is doing now with regards to how its throwing it's weight as a superpower. Unilateralism, not willing to talk with our allies and enemies, and always using force will ensure isolation of the US. This is why I'm so strongly involved in the presidential election


—Spacewhale ADF swimming in a galaxy of fail

ADF's crack DYKE pairing: Kourine Narumi and Sakura Haruno.
She was his Megan.
A rare autographed Christmas Kourine Narumi; signed by ADF and Kourine!

For a guy that claimed to be an gay effeminate male, ADF obsessed over his IRL "friend", Deviantart-favicon.png Kourine, who had shunned him upon realizing that he's just a pathetic attention-seeking loser. Being the go-getter he is, ADF made a few public arguments against her decision in his DA journal. His creepy obsession with Kourine extends well into his art, as well, where he draws Kourine's anime self involved in a lesbian relationship with various female characters, most notably Sakura from Naruto. Not only is he completely wrapped up in this character and several of Kourine's others, but he's also under the impression that other people on DA actually care that she pulled her own creations off the internet. Being a self-absorbed cunt, ADF immediately responded to the news with a petition. Additionally, it seemed our deluded manchild was trying to BECOME Kourine as her name and other variations of it are on his list of names he wished to be addressed by.

Kourine responded by revoking permission for Felicia to draw her Original Characters. This permission for Felicia was granted from 20 September 2005 until 11 September 2008. During that said time frame, Kourine allowed ADF-Fuensalida to produce a total of nearly OVER NINE THOUSAND fanarts!

STOP DRAWING MY CHARACTERS!!! Have your character fall for someone else! If I see another picture with my characters ANYWHERE in your pictures, I WILL do something about it!! We are through!


—Kourine, 11 September 2008

In defiance of Kourine's order, Felicia then got his Character Akihito pregnant with Kourine's male character, Canis. All in a clever attempt to hit Kourine up for Child Support!

BTW, Kourine is now a GRANDMOTHER! How so you ask? Her Character Canis and My Character Akihito has a child now between the two, his name is Ariel Sagara, He looks a lot like Akihito (the Mother) but has Canis's Eyes and hair color (the Daddy!) .


— Felicia, threatening to take Kourine to Family Court if she fails to accept the faggoted Grandchildren, 10 October 2008

In a scant two months after Ariel Sagara's Birth. Kourine retaliated with a troll attack against ADF-Fuensalida shortly after Christmas on 28 December 2008. She organized members of Let's Play Forum to spam this message:

You will get what is coming to you. Karma will kick in and bite you in the ass so hard, you don't know what will hit you. Also, I'm tired of hearing about your fucking syndrome shit and your fucking gay pride. we know you are here and queer and you have that assburgers things.


ADF-Fuensalida, still thinking Kourine is on his case, posted a journal entry on pretending not to be butthurt that he "discovered" some personal addresses on a couple sites, including ED.

He goes on thinking "Kourine or someone on Kourine's behalf," posted this to get at him for all the stuff that's happened and has previously threatened legal issues even though he has no idea who had done this, or could have quite possibly done it himself in an attempt to cause more trouble.

He also decides to sneak his way out of it by stating that he is Domiciled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, key wording Domiciled in an attempt to install that finding him is very hard, when clearly one look at his picture and it's hard not to miss him wandering the streets. He also adds that they are his previous home and work addresses and has since moved. He had made no attempt what so ever to remove the addresses either.


As stated earlier, he is a left-wing liberal who supports gay marriage, Barack Obama and everything else you associate with liberals. Except the part where he says every gay should riot and own a gun and shoot every single straight person in sight for not allowing gay marriage. The tub of lard's support was so strong that his favorite insult towards trolls was "McCain Supporter". However, several months after Obama became President, ADF decided to rage over the fact that Obama did nothing to help the homos get married. He seems to not realize that a President is not a fucking genie. The fact that ADF is focused entirely on LGBT rights speaks much of how incredibly moronic a person he is. ADF has gone as far as comparing the passing of Proposition 8 in California to the apartheid government of South Africa. Some how not allowing fags to marry is equivalent to treating a population as second rate citizens. ADF has even claimed areas like San Fransisco and Los Angeles to be "gay homelands", when everybody knows that Key West, Florida is the gay homeland!


Feeling unsatisfied that there isn't an existing country that could easily suit his bullshit politics, ADF made up his own. The only things known about the country is that it's an amalgam of ADF's different beliefs and that it has a lot of signs - and we mean a lot of signs!

DA Drama

All this frustration with the world and is leading to one thing, Sasuke Angst! I write this to you in frustration at almost the end this semester. I have made a lot of progress in the last few months trying to define myself and what I am. I am more open to everyone, I am out to everyone about my sexuality. Yet, a few people are worried and are afraid of all these changes that are happening. Do these people know that I am my own person? Oh well, Maybe I should start writing poetry and cutting myself.


— ADF, every time DA doesn't let him get his way, 29 April 2008

Apparently, ADF believes that it's homophobic to ban someone from DA for shotacon.

ADF, having no other hobbies or a job, takes anything done on DA very seriously. So even the slightest change on DA sends ADF into a tard fit. So it's not surprising that ADF has butted heads with the DA admins over his numerous complaints. He has also been banned from DA quite a few times over his shenanigans.

The most interesting was when he was banned from DA for being a sick fuck. He decided that it would be a bright idea to write several fan fiction with questionable content. One fan fiction include his favorite Naruto character, Sasuke having buttsecks with his own brother and a fifty year old. For some reason, Israel soldiers were also present in the fanfic. When the DA admins caught wind of ADF's shotacon fantasies, they were shocked and appalled; They banned him for a month for being a pedophile. You can still read that one particular fanfic here

Once, ADF had even thrown a BAWWWW fit because devianTART had TARTlets specify their gender. He has stirred up massive amounts of drama over this, and made several pieces of "art" to protest the evil, neo-nazi DA admins, who obviously hate transgendered people. He has even gone so far as to threaten legal action against deviantART over it. He had even told all his watchers to call their local attorney general and bitch about how deviantART is being cruel to all the men who wish they were little girls! This obviously led nowhere and ADF cheerfully went onto the next thing that made him irritable. Be sure to inform ADF that HE IS STILL A MAN, AND THEREFORE SHOULDN'T GIVE A SHIT.

ADF-Fuensalida Cash

ADF cash.jpg

Hey deviantART admins,

My name is ADF-Fuensalida, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-life breeders who spend every second of their day creating updates that let you look at our gender. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever called yourself a girl 7 years before getting your sex change? I mean, I guess it's fun asking us what our real gender is because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than people finding out that I don't actually live in Canadia.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I've cosplayed as every single character from Naruto, and got an article on Encyclopedia Dramatica. What articles have you ever gotten, other than the "I'M SO AWESOME" page of your own blogs that no one reads. I also get straight F's, and have a fat faux-lesbian girlfriend (She just ate out my imaginary pussy; Shit was SO kawaii) You are all homophobes who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and my Jam. You just Jelly that you can't have any.


ADF's former BFF, Gothzilla recently made a somewhat lulzy confession explaining why he and "ADF-Fuckin-Cadillac-Limousine-Brougham-Fleetwood-Whatever-the-Fuck-His-Name-Was" are no longer friends, as part of a larger rant (which can be found here). The following is the short version.

You'll notice that Gothzilla's version of the story differs from ADF's Version in the sense that Gothzilla isn't lying (for once).

ADF's version paints Gothzilla up as an evil troll/stalker/murder/rapist who hated ADF because he's transgendered and Gothzilla is homophobic and the spawn of Hitler and Satan, and you can already tell that's a load of shit, right? Especially since GOTHZILLA IS A HOMOSEXUAL!

The truth is pretty much exactly what Gothzilla said. ADF was being extremely irrational and overreacting, and Gothzilla told him to calm the fuck down, and when that didn't work tried reasoning with him, and ADF, thinking like a woman, due to the female hormones, blocked him.

Incidentally, Gothzilla is also the original writer of the ADF Shit Was So Cash copypasta. He wrote it down shortly after he was blocked by ADF, and also drew a shitty piece of hate art, and we mean shitty even by HIS incredibly low "standards".

ADF, Autism and Autists

ADF is an ASPIE.

Like all the top deviants, ADF has asperger. His stamps suggest that he is not only a gay martyr, but persecuted asspie as well. Even stranger is that even though he preaches equality, he identifies himself as a supporter of CWC trolling. This is somewhat ironic, as ADF is pretty much exacly what CWC would be if he wasn't closeted. These two autistic manchilds characterize trolls in completely opposite ways. For him 4chan is a right wing conspiracy for Chris it's a bunch of devil worshipping homos trying to drive him from the STRAIGHT PATH.

He has stated that the official reason why he hates Chris is that he is "the homophobic, racist, arrogant, perverted, autistic manchild that everyone loves to hate and hates to love". This is rather amusing, as ADF too is racistic, arrogant, perverted (50% of his stamps concern his fetishes, attempting to appear dark and edgy) autistic manchild. His only contribution to CWC trolling was an poorly drawn image he did only because he felt Chris had insulted Transformers with his shameless ripoffs, proving that he too is a manchild obsessed with toys.

As if this wasn't enough already, he has stated that he is a male lesbian. A gaybian.

ADF's Yaoi collection, Yaoi paddle and toys!
God help you if you are fapping to this...

As an Assburger, ADF reeks and shits himself


ADF's "Art"

The Rainbow Gallery About missing Pics

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