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Behold, the fat chink!!
That poor poptart.
Retard, dingos eat babies.

Adam Wan or Furaffinity-favicon.png Zaush, as he is known by in the furry fandom these days is a cuck and furry porn artist that has made quite a name for himself. It seems that you aren't considered furry if you haven't heard of, or seen his art. Because of his popularity, he has gotten away with being a trump supporter, Jew, and being a furry. As with all fame, it will start to affect the the receiver, and the receiving party will get so full of themselves, they believe they can get away with anything.

The Porn Star

Now to get the facts straight, we need to look at his 'history' of drawing. It seems he has been in the fandom and loved drawing for a majority of his life. This is what all artists want you to believe, because they are actually Jews, and hoarding the money for the final arrival of Christ. His creation of gay smut made him even more popular among the furries. With his new ego, and fanbase; Adam made quite a name and profit for himself. Following a major event in his life, he changed his name to 'Zaush', trying to escape from furry drama. This was short-lived, and desiring his fanbase, he put forth more fur porn. Now he's part of some overpriced porn comic that costs around $30.

The truth

Major event

As with all the popular furries, there is always a couple people that dedicate their lives to spying on them. Adam Wan is no different, and people have dug up information on him multiple times. The first was that Adam is a cuck, and loves to get cucked. He tries to explain that to his girlfriend but she couldn't take being with a cuck, like every slut.

Before this incident there were fairly legit rumors that Adam Wan liked watching his ex girlfriend take black cock. This is most likely true and should be treated as fact, since it would be a consistent behavior pattern for him (see below).

"[I] check [] often to see what kind of creative insults people come up with, I can only assume they do this in place of having an actual life" Counter-trolling, U R DOIN IT RONG
Pedophilia. Naylor says it's awwwwright.


File:Zaushtheassisintears.jpg Adam has a tendency to be involved in drama, mostly revolving around his tendency to be a narcissist with unwarranted self-importance, and his easy trollability when people point out that he's not that good, and that it's unlikely he could ever succeed outside of drawing furry smut.

He is currently ranked #1 on, despite the constant shitstorms, dramas, and BAWWWWWWWWWING going on in his journals and in his life, as well as bawwwwwwleting his entire gallery. This further proves that all furries are mindless zombies drawn like moths to the flame to faggot porn with lots of big cocks.

"Relationship" Drama

I got into a car accident and nearly died. So now I am determined to live life to the fullest (by fucking everything that moves)!



Despite Adam's "popufurity" in the fandom, he has a very defunct and lonely love life. His problem begins with the fact that he thinks he's so popufur that he treats everyone who approaches him at furry conventions like shit - unless the person has a vagina and weigh less than he does, in which case, he proceeds to flirt ("murrrr you are hot"), bribe ("I'll give you a discount on my art CD's if you let me fuck your character!!! =D~" ), or otherwise emo ("I had an car accident so I must live my life to the fullest! Have sex with me plz? =( ") until the girl feels sorry for him and tries to be his "friend". If successful, Adam then wastes no time and proceeds to spam the girl on AIM with murrypurry crap, as well as taking every possible chance at cuck. Despite his wish to be as sexy as the nigger on the Old Spice commercial, however, he is known for failing miserably at being sexy - according to reliable sources, Zaush would attempt to "growl" and "grunt" at a sex partner in an attempt to be RAWR SEXY!!! - this strategy failed so pathetically that one girl he "growled" at thought he was having an asthma attack. His hurrderp is why no girl wants to see him twice.

I am insecure because Meesh has a bigger cock than I do.


—Zaush being butthurt while attempting to earn pity from a girl he wanted to fuck

Fuck! I am fucking upset at V***** because after she fucked me, she went and fucked Meesh.


—Zaush being butthurt...again

Also, although being in an "open relationship" with Keovi, Adam openly gets upset with Keovi when she tries to have some cuddle time with someone else - even though all the while Adam is constantly trying to fuck every other girl on his little bunny list. Of course, Adam wasn't exactly happy that Keovi was actually succeeding at having sex and he had to resort to rape to get his jollies. This is because, experts believe, people tend to like nice people more than egocentric assholes.

Adam is hated by almost all female artists in the furry fandom for being a horny dumbshit cuck who doesn't know when to fuck off. According to reliable sources, many top furry artists have him on their blacklist because he constantly harasses them on AIM asking to get cucked.


On October 8th, at about 1:30 am, Adam Wan posted an auction for a crappy sculpture he made. Most artists set a reserve price, because they are too elitist to realize that it isn't worth that much. Adam set his reserve price at 500 dollars. Being both Jewish and popular, he refused to sell it for a penny less than that. The sculpture didn't actually sell, and the top bid was 490 dollars. Adam then made a journal stating his disappointment, to which the drama sprung forth. Comments began to flood in within a few minutes of posting the journal, the first being the funniest. About 3 comments down, someone criticizes the price, and Adam lashes out at him. No sooner than that, do his fanboys come to aid him in hopes of free scritches and murr.

Why would no one want to buy a lovely Zaush sculpture? It has penis and everything! D:

I'd buy it if I had the money.


—First comment

You too can own this lovely Adam Wan sculpture for only US$500!!

Commissions Journal

The journal that started it all.

Some time over Christmas 2009, Adam posted a journal about commissions. This, in and of itself, is a common thing for artists to do. They explain what their prices and/or rules are, and if they will be taking them, now or in the future. But Adam is a special boy, and he must be special in everything that he does. Apparently, he gets a lot of PMs on FurAffinity asking him to draw gay furry porn for only 10 dollars. This upsets Adam very much, because if he's going to draw generic fox/wolf/husky boys buttfucking each other, he'd better be paid over 9000 dollars, up front and in cash.

So you have, at the right, the result of months of building frustration and rage. Adam was not recognized for the expensive and rare talent that he is, and now he must cry about it to all of FurAffinity. The first several dozen comments on the entry were typical fanboy toss-offs, but after a while the trolls got wind of the entry and thus the shitstorm began. A thread (since baleeted) was created and the original FA journal got almost 500 comments before Zaush came back from whatever it was that he was doing and deleted the journal. He then proceeded to change his avatar to a fur admiring himself in the mirror (because if you own your narcissism, the trolls will leave you alone) and made a flouncy journal (also baleeted) post commending himself for creating such drama. Since then, the only "art" he's posted to his FA account is some shitty camwhore picture of him with his bike (which was supposedly a meme, six months ago), in which we see that Zaush's fursona of a muscled anthro character with a massive penis is, shall we say, a little bit off the mark.

Breakup With Keovi - Because She's Too Good for Him

Last thursday, Adam's girlfriend broke up (OH I'M SORRY, "needed more time to herself". Because there's a difference, you see.) with him, probably due to cheating and abuse. Predictably, Adam's years of being a dick to the Internet and in particular the furries who made him popular all came back to haunt him as he was relentlessly mocked on Twitter. Adam created a FurAffinity submission thread to plea for pity from his dick-sucking fanboys, despite screenshots being a violation of FurAffinity's AUP. In line with his general whore status, the submission received several hundred comments, many of them pointing out things similar to the above, before he deleted it. However, this time it appears the drama has been enough to make him quit FA, at least until he realizes that no one outside of furry gives a flying piece of rancid rat shit about him and he comes back to bask in the warm glow of furry adoration. He did not vanish entirely, however, as shouts disappeared from his page almost instantly after they were left for a period of several hours. Even in his supposed time of great personal crisis, Adam's most pressing concern is his detractors and what they were saying about him on the Internet. This, of course, surprises no one.

zaush i feel im gonna have to white-knight you for your well-tempered behavior in these tough times. we need more people who can take the punches in this cruel cruel world.


We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica encourage you to head over to Zaush's page and give him your deepest condolences about his misfortune.

Of course, even though Zaush deleted the submission, the Internet does not forget. A partial archive can be found here. In that thread, all of Adam's worst tendencies are brought to bear as his shitty art matters not to the furry who smells a drama llama:

Adam, I'll be honest with you, I smiled. Strange as it sounds, it's not because I take pleasure in your misfortune. It's because I think that Keovi is quite an intelligent and rational person who often defused tense situations that you have created with rational and intelligent dialogue, thus I cannot help but feel that she deserves a lot better. With this in mind, I think that she has another shot at finding someone who would be able to not only appreciate her who she is, but also is able to keep up with her in terms of personal growth and development.

Excuse my cynicism, and I know that it will be denied with great vehemence, but I can't help but feel that this is but a public stunt for pity.


In other words, she got tired of spending all her time telling people how he really wasn't a dick, and got fed up with the cheating and the egotism (and the rape) and decided there are better things in life than someone who thinks they are Pablo Picasso incarnate yet never seems to rise above drawing dog dicks for money.

Zaush and the Child Porn

Zaush explains his pedophilia.

On March 4th, 2018, Zaush was exposed by an anonymous leak who took pictures of his iPad, in which he had a conversation with CobaltDawg, in which they discussed a commission involving cubs. During the conversation, Zaush shared images of children in bathing suits as references, and even went so far as to share child porn with the user. When responding to the leaks, Zaush claimed the pictures were of adult actors that look like children. Regardless, between admitting that ten years old is the youngest age someone is still fuckable and generally being a gross creep, Zaush lost hundreds of followers, and to this day is still in hiding on social media. Of course, everyone will have forgotten about this by the end of the month, and they'll be right back to jerking off to their HD furry smut.


More proof he is a tranny lover

Recently through a hack on FurAffinity, a certain note was published, proving once and for all Zaush is a cuck who loves of teh tranny artists. WHO'S DONE IT BEFORE. A friend of Keovi spoke out in a fit against the asshole.

Of course, he has taken to his various journals and Twitter denying everything and acting generally like the cuck he is, as if he fell out of a rejected script for a Law & Order: SVU episode. Furries want their porn, so as per usual a disappointing share of the comments on his journals are kissing his ass. It is very likely that he will try to get cucked again, and thanks to the priorities of Dragoneer (furry drama and appearances are more important than sexual assault), he'll probably be free to do it too!

Dragoneer posted a (now deleted, but archiveD) journal about FA's data loss disaster and naturally people started asking him about Zaush. He apparantly hadn't read the origal note properly, since he appears to think that Zaush backed off and he says what Zaush did was stick his dick in crazy. Dragoneer made a journal about "the Zaush issue", to try and clarify his original comment. He later deleted this journal. Furaffinity-favicon.png Ferality spoke on the journal about her opinion of Furaffinity-favicon.png Dragoneer and what she was doing now. On a members-only and closed livejournal community, Furrydrama_2, Dragoneer stated in a now deleted thread that his own GF, Furaffinity-favicon.png Sciggles, was able to identify Furaffinity-favicon.png Zaush merely from the description of his behaviour and that he had tried to make her cuck him too (presumably before she entered into a relationship with 'Neer:(


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