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Adalia Rose

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Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity
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Fuck research, acquire Facebook likes

On paper the idea of a small loli who has huge eyes, small mouth and nose, with a huge head, small body, no breasts and many colorful wigs, babbling in an overly high pitched voice trying to be cute sounds like an average day in Fapan. But, for the rest of the world it seems like a way to meet Chris Hansen and sit down for a cup of tea, and enjoy a nice dose of assrape at the federal hotels on expense of taxpayers. To the Internet, this sounds like another nice Saturday, or the case of Adalia Rose.

Adalia Rose, also known as Saibaman, is the latest faze on Fagbook to show how caring and good people on the internet are. For we know she will be cured by all the likes she has gathered on her Facebook, srsly guys.

Some argue that Adalia is proof of Extra Terrestial life on earth and that even-though her so called ”disease” is dubbed as Progeria by the government, it is only so named to keep the public in the dark.

The Initial garnered reaction to her pictures seems to be of immense pity, asspain, moralfagging and heavy assument that the thing has never looked at itself in the mirror or stumbled upon a reflection of itself. Most comments seem to point out either the lack of optics in the world or the makings of an immense circle-jerk, in an attempt to make everyone think they’re TRUE and HONEST people. Some people seem to be taking negative or non-asskissing comments about her disease as equivalent to the raping of a child. Inciting them taking up their swords and raising up on to their white steeds with their verbal arms against these DIRTY SLANDEROUS TROLLS, as a mean to send a warning for anyone who would dare to acknowledge Nigeria is a horrid disease with severe symptoms. Everyone after all is beautiful in gods eyes, except the damn dirty homos, fat neckbeards, faggots, assholes, virgin losers, retards, your mum and people with diseases.

Meanwhile in the real world, the only potential point of guilt here lies in the fact that her jew parents are actively exposing her to the potential milking, in order to try and inflict a victimist perception into her, with the intent to try and get her to baaaw...With the ultimate goal of using it to further their blatant money milking melodrama scam, taking the advantage of her disease and garnering enough jew-golds by parading her around in silly outfits, weird makeup and piercings singing and doing other retarded shit. Basically, for people who lack common thought, she is being a little circus freak paraded around for jewgolds by her smart parents taking advantage of the retardness and edginess of teenage people. Sounds like a plan.

Extermination Protocol

Amongst some retards a horrid horrid disease such as Nigeria could be counted as being an alien, and you people are right. With the intent to take control of the humans of earth and producing as many tentacled offspring as possible, with her charming looks and wit, she’s set out on a quest no one else will be able to perform. Using the guises of a crawling white turd, she will set out on a quest to win our hearts in an epic broadway musical directed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. As she has been set out from the Planet Alpha Centauri 69, her powers include a charming wit, amazing singing skills, great style of dressing, and the ability to manipulate retards into proclaiming their undying love for her ad nauseum.

Many, many careful procedures must be taken to exterminate such a being. Failure to do so will result in your eyes melting off and/or more of it's brainwaves being successfully laid. The experts here at ED are constantly meeting and discussing of our extermination plans so you, the reader, will take caution of such an epidemic.

Adalia extermination.png

You've been warned.

The creature prepares for its species' impending invasion of Earth with vigorous training.

It appears as though the mother has began bawwlocking anyone who stumbles across the page and makes any attempt to call her out for her money making scam. Extreme precaution must be taken when making advancements towards the mother. One wrong move and you've fucked up; the following results consist of having your ass blocked along with an angry horde of basement dwelling asskissers handing their adieus to you on the way out. Never attempt this unless trained in diplomatic bullshitting of complements and a tendency to be a slave to your own stupidity.


Adalia Rose - Butthurt.jpg

Trolling this matter takes no effort whatsoever. Even the most remote of disagreement of the alien will result with an army of butt-mad hipsters ready to assrape you with a shitstorm of butthurt. Among ways to do this include:


What You Can Expect About missing Pics

Oh Exploitable! About missing Pics

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