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I chose to be an ass hole last year and tick off a lot of people who used to look up to me and some who wanted to know me; I chose to try to take to the higher skies of attention...


Need MOAR attentions!
/b/tard wannabe.

Abigaille, also known as Felice Gazo, is best known for her pedophilia-based artwork and journals. Also notable is her stance as a Wapanese attention whore, and a bizarre mishmash of hypocrisy and contradiction.
Portrayed as a devout Catholic, she expounds on her faith by writing prayers, alluding to her relationship with God and creating fursonas plastered in Christian symbols. She's a model Christian; a moral character and upstanding citizen, preaching love over hate, condemning the baser desires, cherishing and striving to protect that little bit of innocence left in the world. A rare gem to behold.

...except none of that is actually true.

Abigaille is really just another animu furry artist with a speciality in drawing fetish fantasies of underage characters from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh, with special emphasis on rape. Her gallery consists of such diverse work as guro, tentacle porn, and loads of naked little boys, in their softly drawn nubile glory.

Her deviant stamp collection is adamantly anti-hentai and anti-yaoi, yet not a journal goes by where her pornfics, large collections of porn, hentai, and yaoi doujinshis go unmentioned. She emphasizes that not only is she devoutly religious, but that she also belongs to an obscure azn sect of Catholicism. While the particular details of this religious group remain obscure, she celebrates her holy union with God by writing prayers, expounding on her faith, masturbating to Yu-Gi-Oh, fantasizing about rape, and drawing erotica of young boys. Her personality can be best described as horny, wanky, or desperate.

As a fanatical attention whore, she complains incessantly should one of her journals fail to garner enough comments, and gives all kinds of useless info, asks for her fans to send her Yu-Gi-Oh porns, and writes fanfics of herself fucking Yugi. Her gallery is filled with Yu-Gi-Oh tentacle porn, guro, and other pedo character rape. She also has two fan clubs devoted to her as well.

Originality and Art

Just like art thieves, eh?

Abigaille has a small army of characters she draws and roleplays with, yet her "creations" consist entirely of furry Yu-Gi-Oh characters, as well as just plain old Yu-gi-oh characters renamed as her own. Of course, renaming a character from a TV show makes said character a unique creation. This offers some distinct advantages, as characters that are in actuality minors in the original can be re-aged to be adults in an effort to bypass deviantART's child porn deletion tendencies.

Rather than recognizing this as derivative unoriginality and fap, Abigaille proudly calls these creations "variants" and copyrights the very idea of putting some rabbit ears on Yugi and drawing him naked; it may be interesting to note that even the names are unoriginal, for the most part they are just transplanted names of the theme songs.

Her other art consists of more Yu-Gi-Oh characters drawn as furries, dickgirls, or animals. She's incredibly defensive of her creations, as well as her God-given right to draw pedo porn and Yugi being raped by tentacles, and will fling hails of curses, hate art, and threats of bodily injury should you insinuate that they are anything but her own ingenuity.
She'll then announce this grave injustice in her journal and set her army of fans out to ream you.



The Butthurt and Lulz

Seriously, I am rather disappointed with the page. I can write a page that disses me and my mother way better than you guys ever could


...your unimaginably amateur dissing...


—Of course it's immature, Felice has been attacking people on the internet for years she's a real pro guys.

Felice gazo33.gif

On April 18th, 2 days before her birthday, Abigaille found this article and was somehow dismayed to find that her faggotry, aggression toward others, and sick fetishes angered enough people to lead to it's documentation. She proceeded to create an ED account, and proceeded to go on a deletion spree. She then posted a severely butthurt journal on her DeviantART account making hasty excuses for her clearly documented and screencapped behavior, and passing off her semen stained faggotry as good-natured fun, which she then ended with practically an open call to all EDiots to dig up more lulz, implying that she herself is a yet untapped gold mine of lulz.

Stuck-up snob, slobbering shota-rape fetishist, closet yaoi-lover, extremely-hypocritical Christian, attention seeker, whatever. Whichever way you see me, no matter how negative or positive doesn't matter to me...


—Abigaille, I really don't care about how people see me, read my TD:LR journal that "redeems" my actions

On August 2nd, Abigaille announced via a deviation that she is uncaring of the opinion general of the general population (non pedos), she is not afraid to be who she is. She resolved to remain steadfast on her course, even if the world was against her. The world responded with 4 pages of trolling.

The world responds with 4 pages of trolling.

She doesn't mind, though, and expresses her indifference by promptly hiding all comments and going on damage control. She is an endless source of lulz, as she is too retarded and semen smeared to make any effective rebuttals or effectively manage damage control. Her attempts to redeem herself as a wholesome, upstanding person in her journals are often immediately contradicted by her yearning for young boys in her own comments to the entry. Her obvious and constant hypocrisy as well is lulzy, yet sad.

Ineffective damage control is ineffective.

On July 26th, in another failed effort at salvaging her image, Abigaille posted another rebuttal to this article, to explain away her behavior, despite the wealth of obviously incriminating screencaps in this article. Her journal entry was immediately raeped by anon with lulzy, clearly documented screencaps, and epic lulz was declared.
Realizing that perhaps no amount of passing off pedo rape furfaggotry will redeem her, she proceeded to edit her old journal entries to deny the obvious faggotry by saying that she has in fact actually been a pathological liar, putting up a bizarre and perverted charade for years when she is in fact quite wholesome. She's not an unoriginal, wapanese, pedophile with a desperate yearning for the semen of little boys, she's just misunderstood!
Ever the attention whore, Abigaille flatters herself with the thought that she must have insane obsessed stalkers that gained her personal info through years of dedicated tracking.

In reality, she has obviously never hear of Aspierations.

The Official Website


In June, Abigaille announced that she will be starting her own super special awesome website. Fortunately for the lulz, nothing has changed. Besides peddling souvenirs and knickknacks of her Yu-gi-oh and Okami ripped characters, Abigaille will also allow others to register and get 1 page to themselves to post artwork!

Make your proud creations a super star! Random character that isn't mine that will be featured (And no, I'm not going to bias with my best friend stephaniekaiba. She'll have just as much luck as everyone else lol) and probably made figures/plushies/posters of. :) Higher chance of being chosen if you commission me!


—Abigaille, advertising a special offer for a limited time only!

That's right folks! Just as Felice rose to fame on DeviantART by drawing porn and furries of others' creations, her professional portfolio will feature the artwork of other people! And of course, you'll get a better chance of appearing if you send her your hard earned cash.

God Loves Abi's Faggotry


Abigaille is a devout follower of the Catholic faith. She makes earnest posts about her relationship with God and writes prayers in her journals. Her fursona is plastered with Christian symbols, her life is devout and moral, her faith is strong. This cheerful young girl is a light in a world of darkness, an avatar of piety.

Yet her life of piety and quiet devotion largely consists of pedophilia fantasies, reading erotica, watching/collecting internet porn, and engaging in mpreg roleplay, all in the name of God. Nearly every single journal alludes to her insatiable desires. Despite her proclamation against such practices and collection of stamps proclaiming the contrary, her disgusting artwork and collection of hardcore gay porn sent in by adoring fans shocks actual Japanese yaoi fans.

Hypocrisy LOL?

I can't actually handle porn or anything REMOTELY related to it


—Abigaille, seriously guys...

Felice gazo butthurt4.gif


Felice gazo1.gif


Abigaille is a hard worker and a dedicated life long learner of art and foreign language. She constantly struggles to improve her artwork through rigorous anatomy study, and is ever dedicated to improving her anatomy skills. She has also been studying Japanese for a number of years, and has high aspirations for her new found abilities in communication. She hopes to further her understanding of other cultures through years of dedicated study.

Desperate Cries for Attention

Provided that if everyone just decided to feel BRAVE and dump large amounts of yourself to the public like I did.


—Abigaille, who appears brave to herself, but as an attention whore to everyone else.

Quite desperate for attention, Abigaille eagerly sets aside reality for internet popularity. Having previously failed classes to create fanart for other tartlets, and begging and whoring for people to chat with her on her various messengers.

In 2004 Abigaille had set out to break away from fan art, and make full use of her creativity and explore new directions. Unfortunately, fanart garners more attention on DeviantART.

Felice is difficult to please, and is very particular about the kind of fanart she wants to receive to ensure well rounded representation of her Yu-gi-oh furries.

Abigaille is quite popular on DeviantART, and takes no shame in asking for and receiving gifts of art, items and porn from her fans, and has received large numbers of gifts over the course of her time on DeviantART. Fans will fall all over themselves to her lavish gift art depicting her recolored Yu-Gi-Oh furries, her fursona, as well as gifts of written erotica starring herself.

Fandom Fuckbuddies

Unsurprisingly her legions of ass-licking fantards consist of people less talented than her, who surround her in a delusional hugbox of comments, faves and asspats. Her elite group of close friends largely consist of shitty art and camwhore tartlets, and her fanbase consists primarily of fellow furry, pedo, yaoi, hentai, and guro TARTlets that live on character rape mostly of Yu-Gi-Oh. Among her throngs of fans, her closest followers are a sauce of lulz.


Stephanie's proudest creation is bunny Yugi, a painstakingly rendered and carefully designed character that dazzles with its simplicity and allure.

Abigaille’s BFF who deserves her own ED article, as no amount of courtesy mention can encompass the scope and hilarity of her faggotry. Another shit-headed weeaboo furry that "owns" recolored and renamed anime characters, Deviantart-favicon.png StephanieKaiba, a bisexual woman from Brooklyn, holds the rare distinction of having the shittiest furfag fanart in over 1,000 years. Where else can you feast your eyes on Yu-Gi-Oh centaurs with 6 wings, 3 udders, and ass snakes?


Felice gazo6.gif

A 30 year old yaoi fangirl, Deviantspacer, Petco cage scrubber, and basement dweller. Abigaille's oldest and closest friend who provides her with Yaoi so hardcore that it even shocks real Japanese Yaoi fans. Abigaille and T-Kitty became friends when Abigaille defended T-Kitty tooth and nail for her God given right to share pedo erotica in a public arena. Like most Deviantspacers, T-kitty has no appreciable drawing or writing skill, or any other creative things to share. She must thus resort to using her bladder problem to garner sympathy and pageviews.


A “professional author” responsible for writing gift-porn fanfiction of Abigaille fucking anime characters, and Abigaille's characters fucking each other.



In real life, Abigaille is 18 year old Felice Gazo of Lower Hutt, New Zealand. An incessant attention whore, she leaves nothing to the imagination in her journals. Anything and everything including the name of the hospital of her birth has been given out in a bid for online fame.

  • Name: Felice Gazo
  • Birthplace: Perpetual Health (Las Pinas branch), Las Piñas City, Philippines
  • Religion: Agilipayan Catholic Christian
  • Ethnicity: Filipino Asian
  • Birthdate: 20th of April 1990
  • Ethnicity: Filipino
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: 5'3ft
  • Weight: 430Kgs
  • Known Aliases
    • Deodwighteas
    • Izzymon
    • Sketch hard
    • Klouless
    • Jintetsu
    • Dark_Felicity
    • KloulessF
    • Spiritepity

Due to her proclivity for lulz and drama, Abigaille has picked up both a bevy of ass-licking fans and a slew of stalkers posing as her friends and fans, as plenty of people are disgusted by her antics. She’s so welcoming of the attention that she fails to realize that they’re data mining her out the anus and feeding her the lulz. Yet despite her fucktarded ways, internet tough guy stance, wanton harassment, and aggression toward others, Abigaille has nothing against giving her address out to anyone in attempts to whore for more porn.

Family Faggotry

A true demonstration of loyalty.
I'm very glad I'm able to protect my family over the internet that well.


—Abigaille, on how to fail.

Abigaille's Father is Felicito M. Gazo, Executive Officer of the Energy Federation of New Zealand. Felice parents take frequent business trips to the Phillipines and other countries, leaving their daughter at home to both masturbate to and create masterpieces of pedophilia and tentacle rape. Her parents are obviously epic failures, as they allowed a 15 year old child to have hardcore porn mailed to her by a 30 year old woman from a foreign country, and gave her free reign to start whoring for attention and spewing personal information on the internet at age 13. It's surmised that Felice's parents may simply be ignorant of her online personality as pedophile, porn enthusiast, and dedicated asshole. Nevertheless, Felice deserves a nice solid spanking from her parents, who need to be exposed for the failures that they are.

Original characters.jpg

The Gazo family of Wellington, New Zealand, is deeply concerned that Felice's less prominent Yu-Gi-Oh furries are not getting the love they deserve, so they started Deviantart-favicon.png a deviantART fanclub for her to help garner the attention deserved by her talent. This fanclub is managed by Deviantart-favicon.png her brother (Julius Augustine Jocano Gazo), who urges others to draw fanart for his sister.

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  • MSN username: [email protected]
  • AIM usernames: KuroYugi, haganenojintetsu
  • Yahoo Messenger username: felizgazo

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