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Aaron a.k.a. Dr Psychobabble

Aaron0883 is not only a lame JewTube user name, but a lame person in general. Aaron or "Dr. Psychobabble" is an E-psychiatrist who specializes in linking childhood trauma with present day trolling. Dr. Psychobabble is also a post-objectivist (which means he's an Objectivist lulz), anarcho-douchebag and a pedophile. Aarons IRL life is made of just as much fail as his e-life.
As a small child Aaron grew up in the slums of Calcutta. His family whored him out as a child for money and lulz (which might explain his pedophilia). Growing up on a healthy diet of Atlas Shrugged, UPB, and dog food, Aaron learned from a young age that you don't need to lie to win debates - you just have to confuse people and re-define terms. Realizing he would never amount to anything IRL, he turned to a life of prostitution once again. But the years had not been kind to Aaron and his customer base in Calcutta said he was too old and lost his boyish looks. So like any ex-whore he moved to California and started a pest control business with nothing but a hammer and a dream.
Afters years of killing bugs Aaron was able to purchase an Apple 2. Soon after he set up a JewTube channel. Now Dr. Psychobabble had an outlet to spread his wisdom (and hopefully a young pair of legs).

Facts About Aaron

  • Aaron once stated that after smoking pot with his brother, he got the oddest feeling that his brother was going to molest him.
  • He enjoys having the shit licked out of his asscrack, as evidenced in this vid.
  • He shoots rats for a living
  • He is currently dating Curious George
  • He is a certified pedo
  • He got all his knowledge of psychology from self-help books
  • He claims to have read all 25 of Nietzsche's books (Nietzsche didnt write 25 books)
  • He's fat

Sick Fuck Alert

Last Thursday, Aaron decided to have an inappropriate Skype chat with a 14 year old girl. Much to Aaron's dismay, the loli leaked the chats to another JewTube troll, who put the chats on the tubes producing much lulz. The troll also put the name and phone number of Aaron's shitty business in the vid title, resulting in a flame war of epic proportions. Unfortunately, the troll was required to take down the information following threats of legal action by butthurt "anarchists" who were doin it wrong.

Anarchy: Ur doin it wrong:

Attacking his business now? You're such a child.You do realize that making stuff up (slander/libel) in a way that can affect a business's profitability brings up legal issues, right?


XOmniverse buttercreaming it up for his fellow butt-plugger

Aaron tries to redeem himself

Following much BAWWWWWing by Aaron's legion of JewTube followers, Aaron made a lulzy response to the defamatory vid. This vid has since been thoroughly examined by a team of experts and found to be made of fail as Aaron's fake nonchalance provides much lulz to all. In the vid, he claims to have been "just trying to help her self-esteem". Because everyone knows that the best way to help a 14 year old girl's self-esteem is to TELL HER SHE IS "TOUCHABLE" and INVITE HER TO STAY AT YOUR HOUSE. Aaron took down the vid within hours.

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Skype chat

The Proof

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


I like the idea of a cute, sweet flower girl in a dress ... and than just destroying her body with sex.



Rose is bi too. she thinks you are cute, and if you were old enough I am sure she would love to play with you.



I asked Rose, and she said you are perfectly cute for playing with ... just a little illegal.



You are seriously a cute girl ... your expressions are adoreable.



I am sure there are boys at your school who have thought about you before going to bed plenty. and as girls come to accept that they want to lick vagina ... i am sure they would think of you too.



You are plenty touchable ... I would just avoid the topic if it wasn't true ... i promise



Imagine you were right now 18 .... how many anarchist guys would like to twiddle your under regions?



If I were a single boy and you were 18 ... i would be super willing to date you.



Rose and I would welcome you if you needed a place to stay .... but there is a topless policy at my house



I now want to have daughters really bad




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