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A Clockwork Orange

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This article is perfect. Don't fuck with it.

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A Clockwork Orange is a 1971 film and a most effective chemo treatment for curing /b/.

A fitting description of the actual movie

Check 4chan status here:

Last newspost:

Friday, Jul 10th, 2009

Things should be coming back online now...

EDIT: Things should be back up as of ~1:15AM EDT.

by moot @ 12:53 AM 

In the early morning hours of July 5, 2009, after a night of fireworks and constant drinking, Moot decided to go on Bittorrent and download one of Stanley Kubrick's films. He picked A Clockwork Orange. The main character of this film, Alex m'boy, is a total troll. After watching the film, Moot felt dismal comparing his life of trolling with that of Alex. Moot knew that he could not emulate Alex because Alex was serious about breaking the law. Moot also saw the recent problems plaguing /b/ with no memes having epic win created in the last month. He had to take charge of the situation.

Also, cocks. Cocks Everywhere.

The Situation

After forced and failed memes such as EPIN, the creation of The Vidya at /v/, or the Lanced Jack and Tiaga situation on /a/, Moot was going to force down a meme that no one wanted and troll the heck out of /b/, as a protest against all of the newfaggotry and lack of OC and quality new memes.

The Attack Begins

Drink it up fgts!

In the early morning hours, Moot began flooding /b/ with scenes of A Clockwork Orange in the pop-art "style" of superfag Andy Warhol. The first attack went nuclear, flooding the site for hours straight with few breaks until finally letting up at 3 p.m. on July 5th. During this time, fellow Anons constructed bomb shelters to escape the nuclear radiation seeping from the threads of non-original content. Soon those threads also went 404 and left Anons to deal with the harsh elements. Many, however, used /x/ as a safe haven.

The Second Attack

I can haz chemo?

In the afternoon hours of July 6th, the chemo treatment of /b/ continued with Moot flooding the board with threads of Clockwork Orange pics in different dominant colors. The attack let up again at around 7:00 p.m. Central Time. Most people just decided to leave /b/ and go to other boards, believing, as usual, that this was some kind of DDoS with /b/ as the only target. Little did anon know, sitting in his mom's basement jerking off with his Fleshlight that the following day, all hell would break loose.

The Third Day

Just about the funniest thing ever.

On Tuesday, July 7th, 2009, Moot decided to truly destroy 4chan once an for all and have it rise like a great winged Furry from the ashes of non-OC. He proceeded to use his personal army of spambots that he likely recruited from to spam every single fucking board on the site. Notably, /r9k/ the board for original content of all sorts was left unscathed. This was used as the fallout shelter for the wasteland that 4chan had become. For hours almost the entire site was bombarded with pictures from A Clockwork Orange in different hues.

A Clockwork Orange is part of a series on The Cancer That Is Killing /b/

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