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The programs Splash Screen featured a picture of AOL's co-founder and former chief executive officer and chairman "Steve Case" burning in a 16 bit hell.

AOHell was the first of what became 1000's of hacker proggies created for use with AOL.
Starting in ~1994 when a 17 year old hacker from Pittsburgh known as "Da Chronic" on the internets used Visual Basic to create a toolkit that provided a new DLL for the AOL client, a credit card number generator, Email bomber, IM bomber, Punter, and a basic set of instructions to use it. An all-in-one nice convenient way to break federal fraud law, violate interstate trade regulations, and rack up a couple of good ol' telecommunications infractions in one fell swoop. When the program was loaded it would play a short clip from Dr. Dre's 1993 song "Nuthin but a G Thang". "Da Chronic" claims in the manual that he made it to protect the 13 year old boys from gay pedophiles -- the pedos who aren't gay men are fine.

Oddly, blackhat.infos timeline is wrong, since AOHell, as a complete toolkit, was around well before 1997. Of course, before 1996, it also fit on a single 3.5" floppy disk.

AOHell and how it was used

AOHell being used as "Da Chronic" intended.

The proggie was mostly used for trolling due to it's ability to provide excellent lulz.
The proggie was found very useful by a group of hackers known as "Genocide2600", who happened to be EHAP (Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia) enthusiasts.
Genocide2600 kept a link to EHAP's website on the front page of their own website and were well known for launching lengthy attacks against online pedophiles.
A PDF with some screen shots and info of the use of AOHell by Genocide2600 members can be found here.
Genocide2600, which once contained 100's of active member ,is not as active today but they are still existant.

AOHell and the news

AOHell caused great havoc on AOL which was even covered by a faggot journo named "Simon Garfinkel" whose story first appeared in The Boston Globe, April 21, 1995.
In Simon Faggot Garfinkel's story he claimed that in AOHell's instruction manual the author "Da Chronic" said he only created the program because he hated the AOL staff and wanted to cause as much chaos as possible...despite the real Anti-Pedophile reason it was created being out there in the open from the very fucking start.
Clearly Simon Garfinkel is a faggot pedophile himself, hence intentionally leaving out the blatant Anti-Pedohpile reason for the proggies existence.

What AOL did to combat AOHell

It's just a white lie.

AOL would terminate the account of anyone using AOHell, this did little good as they couldn't stop a user from creating a new one for free with AOHell.
AOL also put out bullshit hype about the program being infected with spyware and viruses making it just as dangerous as Computer Gremlins.
Ultimately the heightened security that came at the end of the 90s with the release of AOL 4.0's greatly redesigned interface caused most hacker proggies to cease working. So was the end of AOL's warez scene.

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