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Every other post
/a/ loves the lolis
They could be so much worse

One day moot decided that he needed another board for the weeaboos to swarm. All of the other hentai boards weren't enough for moot's faggotry, so he thought he would make a board where people would actually talk about anime and not just dump pictures of little girls with cat ears fucking middle aged fat guys. Needless to say, this failed miserably. The creatures who lurk here regularly are some of the worst on 4chan. Due to lack of anything better, they simply call themselves /a/nons, but can be referred to as w/a/ps and f/a/ggots. /a/ is second only to /v/ when it comes to how many shit users there are, but unlike /a/ the mods are so paranoid that they delete anything that isn't flavor of the month anime discussion. As /v/ is with video games, the daily grind consists of people arguing over what genre of animu is the best, and which anime is the best out of what is currently airing. If you thought /b/ was the same shit over and over again, wait until you browse /a/.

The typical threads on /a/ at any given time consist of "OMG X in this harem just did Y to Z, she is such a slut", trolling threads saying Naruto, One Piece (known as Wanpiss), or Bleach are the best shows ever created, and "OMGGGG Mugi is so hawt let's have another K-ON dump thread". These threads have been continuing since 2004 thanks to a single consistent of NEETs ensuring the board remains complete shit.

Brief history

/a/ was the 9th board Moot added to 4chan, it was added along with /l/(which later died because of constant CP storms). Moot, being the faggot that he is, has to change the name of /a/ every 10 seconds.

If you were looking for the [a/ board, this is it.

Despite what /a/ will tell you, the board was actually created after /c/, /y/, /d/, and /h/ and is not original whatsoever.


moebros give moefists
The drawfags on /a/ are all talented artists
The Moebro - The Manime lover's worst nightmare, they often huddle together in K-ON image dump threads. Their defense for loving moe is because anime is supposed to be "cute girls doing cute things". Usually harmless unless you insult their goddess. Trolling them is quite easy, post an image of their favorite character getting brutally raped, or name your image after another character from the same show; when someone points out your mistake say "I named it wrong and was too lazy to rename it to (insert another character from the show, but not the one in your picture)."
The Manime lover - Sworn enemy to the Moebro. These guys usually like TTGL, Cowboy Bebop, or other animes with actual plots and storylines. Often seen saging and shitposting in moe image dumps.
The Drawfag - A rare occurence. The drawfags on /a/ are actually quite pleasant. Most start threads with IRC channels for drawfags to gather in. Widely accepted by /a/ because they help post OC or troll people by drawing Naruto fucking popular moe characters, resulting in lulz.
That's just your opinion! - Oh boy, these guys try to spread tolerance across the board, not realizing it's futile. Posting anything bad or good about anything results in a "THATS JUST YOUR OPINION YOU STUPID FUCK". Saying anyone is stupid will get you spammed out by tripfags saying "stop liking what I dislike".
Those guys who give /a/ a bad name - The hardcore waps. Despite popular belief, /a/ realizes Japan is a hellhole just like wherever they live. The waps will come and post food threads about how they eat Azn food everyday. These guys also make threads about their anime figure collection.
The Normalfags - The largest percentage of people on /a/. Probably you too, if you lurk /a/. Some have waifus, some don't.
However, most fap to hentai and have watched a decent amount of animu. Most hide their powerlevel IRL, since they understand telling every single person you like animu and fap to doujinshi is social suicide. They are like all typical channers.
The Gaiafags - Sadly, /a/ gets the biggest amount of these cancer ridden fucks. They will post Naruto threads, or try to make motivational posters about Bleach. This is where /a/ shines, Gaiafags are instantly sagebombed and anally raped. Easily spotted by their failure to wrap text in spoilers properly, and their use of an actual email in the email field.
/a/ broken down by states
The Nostalgiafag - Loves 90's and 80's animu. Somewhat elusive, and their threads usually die because noone on /a/ was born before 1990.
The Tripfag - A growing tumor, some tripfags are actually pleasant. They come, and they go, and every round of pretentious fucks think that posting with a tripcode will make their lives any less shitty. All start circle-jerk threads about who the best tripfag is. The cancerous tripfags are easily revealed by their Japanese characters in their name, having a tripcode, or alternatively, being a tripfag. Very easily spotted when they have Romaji in their name. Don't list any here; as posting their name just gives them a raging hard on.
Betafags - Socially inept, awkward, scared to reveal their powerlevel to anyone. Normalfags are usually alpha and realize if someone sees your animu collection to act like it's nothing. The betafag will act like it's the end of the world if anyone realizes he watches anime.

Relationship with other boards

  • /co/ - /a/ hates /co/ for the most part, /co/ frequently raids /a/ by dumping shitty comics in threads every now and then.
/co/ drops by to say hello
  • /v/ - Like every board, /a/ insists it is superior to /v/. It isn't.
  • /sp/ - /a/ is just a bunch of scrawny feminine faggots to /sp/. /sp/ occasionally drops by to make a thread about how their fathers wish they had been a normal kid and not a weeaboo virgin.
  • /jp/ - /a/ tries to say that they are completely normal people who enjoy anime, and that /jp/ is a bunch of lonely otaku. This goes for all of the other assorted anime boards such as /c/ and /u/.
  • /k/ and /o/ - both boards mock /a/ for its perceived weakness/poverty but still drop by to start weapon hentai and Top Gear threads. Always ends up with /a/ wishing they had a gun, car or both.
  • [s4s] - /a/ and /jp/ both frequently shitpost on [s4s], often in such considerable volume that the smaller board has had to fear the loss of its distinctive identity to the "2D cancer". This has left an unmistakable influence of weeaboo shit in the board's already-cancerous culture, complete with overweight neckbeards pretending they're shy anime girls on the internet.

Popular terms and memes

You will be seeing this a lot

Like other boards, there is a learning curve to the popular trolling methods, copypasta, and memes.

  • Boku no Pico - Taboo on /a/. It's a show about a little boy fucking older men and other little boys.
  • Moe - Cute crap, Moe characters have appealing traits such as glasses, clumsiness, young age, cute dress, etc. Anime with a lot of moe characters is called "moeshit". Examples include K-ON, Lucky Star, and TMoHS.
  • The spoiler tags - Overused by every idiot on here, you can imagine what is put in these. Some retards can't use them correctly and are instantly labelled as summerfags or newfags.
  • The Big 3 - Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. Posting anything related to these causes the entire board to stop what it's doing and rage.
  • 3DPD - 3D pig disgusting. Seriously guys don't post 3D porn /a/ hates it.
  • Why - Don't ask. This gets posted every 5 minutes by fucking everyone.
  • Imouto - Younger sister.
  • Doujinshi - Hentai manga.
  • Ero game, ecchi game - Hentai games; usually harem.
  • Mai waifu - Go read the article fgt.
  • Tsundere - A personality, a character that's tsundere is a bitch at first but then slowly starts being nice. Yandere is the complete opposite.
  • Powerlevel - How much you like anime/manga. Telling other people you like anime/manga is called revealing your powerlevel, and is to be used with extreme caution.

The threads

/a/'s response to Code Geass R2
  • Mfw when X - Self explanatory
  • Hey guys X(popular anime regarded as god tier) is actually really shitty - Common troll thread-yet people still reply.
  • Sauce on this pic? - Usually accompanied by Boku no Pico or Naruto.
  • IRL encounters - 40% copypasta stories, stupid stories about losers trying to join their high schools' anime club.
  • Do X to your Imouto - Borderline pedophiles go harass their little sisters, Always has copypasta incest stories.
  • Why do you still watch X - Almost always moeshit, while the OP is trying to troll, these threads always turn into moe image dumps.
  • Hey what is /a/'s favourite anime???- These pop up every week or so, and are usually created by either newfags or trolls. They always involve plenty of drama, usually go past 200 posts, and always end with the consensus that Cromartie High School and Cardcaptor Sakura are the only two shows /a/ can universally tolerate.
  • Torrentfags vs Buyfags vs Streamfags - Little lulz ensues, since these flame threads usually die fast.
  • Clannad was such a great romance - Babby's first drama, Forced drama, etc. There are so many of these daily the fact that Nagisa and Ushio die will become seared into your brain.
  • The emotionally unstable guy - Awkward and socially inept /a/nons gather and talk about how they can't get any friends.
  • Oh god wait I'm not a weaboo! - Guy who just fapped to hentai, doujinshi, lolicon, etc. just realized he's turning into an /a/non and doesn't want to accept the truth.
  • Anime back then, anime now - Accompanied with images comparing old and new anime, thread usually gets sagebombed to hell by moefaggots and butthurt nostalgiafags.
The Average Threads About missing Pics

Annoying the hell out of /a/

A simple oven thread done right can produce great results
Puzzle globe logo
the day Moefags drown in tear
  • Post Naruto having sex with popular waifus.
  • Start a Naruto thread and samefag.
  • Post screencaps of anime using VLC.
  • Ask for sauce.
  • Ask for recommendations on what to watch.
  • Use emoticons
  • Create a thread about moeshit vs. shonenshit.
  • Say Cowboy Bepop, TTGL, and Clannad are masterpieces
  • Act like a normalfag, Lulz and rage guaranteed.
  • Insult Japan.(Most people actually hate Japan, but some will rage)
  • Praise Japan.
  • Say "why are you sexualizing little girls? thats wrong!"
  • Treat /a/ like it's your personal blog.
  • Try to define whether you can fap to your waifu or not
  • Post normalfag porn or shitty MLP reaction pics, rage guaranteed
  1. be KyoAni
  2. create commercial about boy with swimming
  3. announce swimgay will be made into anime
  4. ??????
  5. Profit!!

/a/ sings

Typical manime response to moe. PROTIP: try /m/
Sugoii Monogatari Oniichann
I've never heard something so beautiful.
Oh god.

/mu/ here, this shit rocks guys



—Did you really expect /mu/ to have good taste?

You can almost hear the lack of friends in their voices.



—Everyone else

It sounds like an imbalance between fat men and 12 year old boys.



—Well, what did you expect?


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