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Foundation Late 2007
Founded by Pinkerton, Kinkerton, Fubar, and Zimmy
Major Boards /b/, /34/, /mu/, /tttm/, /cat/, /gent/

78chan has transformed from a failed attempt at this *chan stuff to the new hideout for all the refugees from the death of 7chan, when the admins' habit of trolling their userbase finally reached its ultimate peak in the name of fighting cancer. The trolling tradition is still kept for great lulz.

In early June of 2008 78chan went down while one of the 78chan admins, Zimmy, moved the server. Unfortunately, Zimmy became upset with the other admins and mods, and closed 78chan because he had control of the domain. Pinkerton, along with the rest of 78chan, blamed this on his debilitating autism, and decided to return to other *chans such as 420chan, 0chan, and 711chan. Zimmy, who has been disowned by every other member of 78chan, attempted to rebuild 78chan because of its surge of popularity before its closure, as 7chan with him as the admin, and masquerading that it is run by the old admins and mods of 78chan. Despite the fact that 78chan.org currently claims that it is in fact the new 78chan, Pinkerton himself has reported that it has no real affiliation with Pinkerton, or the rest of 78chan.

As of July 23 2008 78chan was pretty much the last surviving chan of any significance following the colossal DDOS'ing by Raidchan that crippled 4chan, 420chan and all the other major chans. 7chan managed to struggle on for a bit longer but went down after it was swamped by refugees. The most amazing side-effect of all this douchebaggery was that 78chan was actually getting some posts for once.

UPDATE: 78Chan now redirects to 7Chan not any more, bros.
UPDATE II: 78chan now lives inside 99chan like a half-aborted fetus.
UPDATE III: jk, replaced by 500chan.


The year was 2007. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the internets, a single chan was born anew, and it was christened 78chan. Bore into this world by the almighty Pinkerton, and hosted by the Zimmy, it was almost a force to be reckoned with. But failing to gain any really market share, it was quickly overshadowed by 711chan that rose to prominence at about the same time. Following this defeat, 78chan became nothing more than a mirror of Meatspin, and soon thereafter a page with nothing more than the word "test."


At the end of May 2008, following the evident death of 7chan, 78chan was rebuilt as an exact clone of 7chan by Pinkerton, who immediately appointed The Conductor Cat, more commonly known as fubar as admin. Following this appointment Pinkerton went to take a shit, when he arrived back, he saw that there were now 9001 new boards and an extensive staff, and he reviled in his creation.

Initial Modfaggotry

The staff fubar appointed almost immediately banned half of the internet from 78chan for the lulz. At the same time, fubar himself instituted a metric ton of wordfilters that fucked up /b/ hardcore. Due to Pinkerton being unavailable, the raven haired Kinkerton took the reigns, and wrote a fucking moderators guide that told them to cut dat shit out or gtfo. The mods immediately became nice and stopped spreading the cancer, and then there was much rejoicing. Kinkerton also removed every wordfilter.

Admin Drama

On May 30, 2008, Zimmy posted in /s/ requesting that all users cite ages of the women they post, obviously oblivious to the fact that all users of the board would lie, and the fact that this made him look like a complete idiot. As a result, Kinkerton deleted the post, and the following user lulz, and let Zimmy know that his idea wasn't going to fly. Zimmy then requested Kinkerton immediately "go away", and then Kinkerton clamed Zimmy's post was part of the cancer killing /b/. Then Zimmy got butthurt and nullrouted 78chan because he though Pinkerton and Kinkerton were assholes, while also deleting Pinkerton and Kinkerton's admin account on 78chan (despite it being their creation, Zimmy merely being the host) and removing their shell access. ATG the pink haired wonder however convinced Zimmy to de-nullroute 78chan, and he did so on the condition that Pink and Kink would not return. He then banned the two from 78chan's IRC at the ISP level, but they just came back with Tor, and then Zimmy banned that too. On June 2, 2008, Zimmy and Pinkerton had negotiations and Kinkerton schlick'd to it and the two of them were given all of their previous rights back, and then Zimmy went on semi-hiatus and resumed responding to most inquiries with "GO AWAY". Upon this reconciliation, Pinkerton made a newspost insisting that there was no drama and that the cake was merely too loud, although everyone know that the cake was a lie, although this error may be because 78chan's users did not Flush DNS.

The Great DNS Flush

Follwing 78chan's de-nullrouting, Zimmy requested all users flush their DNS cache, causing a post on /b/ by a fellow named Pequod of a screenshot of his DNS cache being deleted, and various references to bad things happening when DNS was flushed/not flushed in other threads, such as Dick Notching Syndrome. This was noted by one user as masterful creation of a forced meme, and soon thereafter, "Flush DNS" was made 78chan's slogan, and the ban message was changed to (USER HAD DNS FLUSHED FOR THIS POST), creating much lulz when users were banned after claiming to be unable to flush their DNS.


1337 h4xor admin fubar created a useful tool for browsing the chans. fubot.exe contains many useful features. You can unban yourself, post in locked threads, browse through a list of online proxies, exceed the filesize limit, and it gives you limited mod powers. It also allows you to easily DDOS any site. fub0t works on any chan using Kusaba. Download it here

Boring Statistics

Unlike it's first failed attempt at chandom, 78chan gained over 500 unique users within its first week or so of new operations, and continues to grow steadily, joining the ranks of falling hideously short of 711chan, and receiving some of its staff.

List of boards


  • /b/ - Marginally less retarded than its older siblings at 4chan and 7chan.
  • /tttm/ - ATG Appreciation Board.




Technical Culture






Dead Boards

Reasons Zimmy Will Tell You To "GO AWAY"

  1. Being an enormous dickwad.
  2. Asking too many questions.
  3. Being an enormous dickwad.
  4. Being alive.
  5. He's stoned.
  6. He's baked, see stoned.
  8. He is busy putting Rickroll in his hold music
  9. Taking a shit
  10. Not taking a shit
  11. Sleep typing
  12. Busy working on making the IRCd not do weird things.
  13. Busy working making the IRCd do weird things.
  14. Being dead.
  15. Autism
  16. Torrenting copious amounts of porn and other such things on 78chan's servers.
  17. ????
  18. None profits.

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