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FoundationEarly 2014
Major Boards/76/, /s/, /int/, /i/
Epic WinsHA HA HA, OH WOW, TYT Raid, Mom's Spaghetti
76chan pet

76chan.org is home to couple of refugees from 4chan, 7chan, and the like. Since moot and his mods are a pack of faggots, angry /b/tards head here. The chan had seen a recent rise in traffic after the GamerGate controversy began on 4chan, but then it went down and lost it. There is an /i/ board, which, at the time of writing, is shit. However, some argue that the site is promising. The site's posts used to take a while to update, which was pretty annoying, but this doesn't happen anymore.

A secondary site, prepareyouran.us, was created for some reason, but it's not in use at the moment.

76chan adopted Bonzi Buddy as its pet and was one of the chans which were going to form the Interchan alliance along with 8chan, 711chan, masterchan and openchan.


76chan was originally formed by Dddudeman in early 2014 when he wanted a place to plan raids out of the public eye (for the lulz, obviously.) He posted a few threads on /b/ with a long rant about how "Anonymous is the new SJW king" or some stupid shit. Only 2 people came to his IRC channel, and in turn the chan. Everybody kind of ignored the threads, and the chan was dead as fuck.

The website is not related to the 76chan made by anti-scientologists during Project Chanology.


76chan has a shit ton of boards for a *chan its size, and none of them have anything to do with each other. Some of them are dead. 76chan has no theme.

  • /76/ - 76chan discussion

The site discussion/meta board. The only notable thing that happens there are board suggestions and new banners. It usually gets flooded with Goatse on the mornings.

  • /s/ - Spaghetti

Spooky/Shitposting/Spaghetti. The most active board, and the one that the mods have the most fun on. Pretty much /b/, except the mods aren't are total faggots.

  • /int/ - International

Edgy politics discussions and international board where 10-12 autists shitpost about muh heritage, muh freedoms and Romania.

  • /sp/ - Sports

Newest meme board for discussions about american sports and chess. The most visited board on the site as seen here: 76graphs.png

  • /r7k/ - Robot 7602

Beta board for faggots and edgytards, basically /int/, but more gay and memey.

  • /a/ - Aneemay

General anime board

  • /tv/ - Television and film

By popular demand, /media/ was taken out of its grave and mutilated until it became /tv/

  • /i/ - Invasion

Meant for invasions, but no raids have ever taken place, it is mostly a barren wasteland used by people to Troll Ex-Girlfriends.

  • /h/ - Hobbies

For people with lives

  • /new/ - News and politics

News and Politics, you can expect actual news to be posted here JIDF vs Nazi fights and SJW vs Nazi fights.

Historical Boards:

  • /swf/ - Flash

A board for people to post .swfs. Many of them are added to the flash page.

  • /t/ - All Games

A board for all game discussion because someone apparently thought it'd be a great idea to have Risk and Jeopardy threads alongside threads discussingvidya.

  • /sjw/ - Tumblr

Because there is no /i/ already.

  • /ps/ - Photoshop/Art/Oekaki/3DCG

People post things that they have drawn or shooped or whatever.

  • /it/ - Technology

A board for technology. For an imageboard its size, the boards should probably be more specific than this, but whatever.

  • /br/ - The Brothel

A board for camwhores and shit. /br/ has recently been completely wiped because Penisboat reported it to JLaw's army of lawyers for hosting her nudes and for his own petty revenge. Because apparently JLaw is still unaware of how the internet works and remains somehow oblivious to the fact that everyone and their grandma has seen her bewbs. She is also stupid enough to think that the most effective way to stop people from seeing her leaked photos is by harassing the admin of an imageboard with less than 100 users, also she thinks that shaming everything on Google is the answer to all her problems. As of now /br/ is slowly but surely getting back on its feet.

  • /gu/ - Guro

A board created for guro in a sad attempt to draw in diaspora from Gurochan after it went down.

  • /media/ - Music, TV and Film

A board for the discussion of television, movies, music, and Chinese cartoons because all imageboards are by nature full of autistic manchildren.


  • Ddudeman - Head admin, pays for the server blows parley to keep the site running.
  • stomper - Second admin, the first user.
  • BananaMoose - The Frenchest of the Canadians, also a faggot.
  • Jesus - Moderator that seems to be omniscient. Also has a custom capcode.

Penisboat haxoring

penisboat and his legiun of 1337 deep web hax0rs

On August 19, 2014, 76chan got destroyed by the Faggot Penisboat. He proved that 76chan has many vulnerabilities in their servers and deleted almost everything from their damn servers. In result, they fucking lost everything. Penisboat, The edgiest kid on the internet, has now become the focus of a religion and is being worshipped by many Neckbeards. The next day, the Mods saw what happened and tried to repair the epic damage that Penisboat caused.

Ddudeman needs to shove shoved the banhammer up this kid's virgin asshole (three times). He tried being the edgiest of the edgy by posting a shortened link leading CP, pretending it was a selfie of his 15 year old self. He turned out to be even younger. If you listen here [1], it becomes obvious that this faggot would be lucky if he could pull off being 12. He proceeded to blame his 11 year old voice on coffee and ADHD. Since then, penisboat has become one to look up to.

Now penisboat only hangs out on the deepiest and creepiest places of the internets. While you are reading this he is haxing your PC.

TYT Raid

The common things that can be seen on TYTLive
SJW raging hard

During the last days of August 2014, 76chan raiders targeted The Young Turks after seeing their hypocrisy on the Fappening reports. They started then to plot the attack, which was going to be mainly a Crapflood attack against TYT website and Twitter-favicon.png #TYTLive hashtag.

The initial phase biggest thing was the creation of an le Anonymoouse legiun video which was sent to all TYT journalist emails (no one even bothered to reply). During the first days many porn pics were photoshopped or collected from the net, those were used to flood the hashtag on twitter with the use of bots during TYT Live show during 2 days.

During the following days (around 3rd September), one anon dumped a whole list of emails from other TYT journalists, Daily mail faggots who reported in a similar way about the Fappening and Huffington Post emails. All the emails were added to spam lists for maximum butthurt, the spam lists included gay porn, Viagra, porn magazines and others. One of the targets was a journalist called Tom Leonard, a huge fag from the Daily Mail, anons spammed him hard but after 2 days, Tom Leonard wrote something on his website and it was about how Anonymous failed, the Tom Leonard targetted was a peaceful scottish poet instead of the faggot from the Daily Mail. There was some peace for TYT the following days after the huge Fail.

The 10th of September the raid continued with the crapflooding of TYT website, the site allowed to create accounts quickly without email confirmation nor IP check. Anons used an iMacros script to be able to spam the place faster with multiple account creations and comments of all kinds, such as ASCII art, bait comments, racist coments, DESU and Hitler Did Nothing Wrong. The rage of many legit TYT users was huge in all the articles related to Ferguson shooting, the admin tried to avoid spam by limiting the size of the comments, which were giving connection problems to the server, that didnt stopped the Spam. Then the admin proceed to add a ascii spam filter in the comments which also didnt stopped the spammers. Once all the articles got enough crap, anons made a new script that created accounts the double of fast, the MySQL database of the server reached its maximum size allowed after 24 intense hours of account creations, making it impossible to create new accounts for anyone. After this the admin had to clean the whole database of users named fucker1234, bonzibuddy123, anonlol4242 and similars. TYT even disallowed comments on their Live youtube show during this stage of the raid to avoid crapflooding.

The site allowed some html coding in the comments, which was exploited by anons to cause some havoc the first day:

   <a href="http://www.lemonparty.org/">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVUIuldHLtA</a> 
   <a href="http://www.goatse.info/">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVUIuldHLtA</a> 
   <style>body{background-color:green; color:green;}</style>

A summary of fails and wins can be seen here:

  • Anonymous video and emails: FAIL
  • Tom Leonard doxing and spam: FAIL because of the fail and WIN because of his reaction.
  • TYTLive hashtag flood: WIN
  • TYT site crapflooding: WIN

Romania Incidents

During 2015, 76chan got flooded by a random gypsy shitposter from Romania. Every thread and poster was flamed by him until complete derailing of the thread, the effectivity of his posts showed signs of maximum autist and probably brain cancer, according to a research from the National Institute of Health and Research of Botswana.

He became so famous that Dddudeman thought that it could be a great idea to give him moderation powers on /int/, this led to a goatse sticky announcing the newly stablished Romanian dictatorship and hundreds of new threads from bullied and butthurt anons asking for the removal of the gypsy as moderator.

File:76chan romania.png


After the Fappening, the site got DMCA complaints related to JLaw nudes. A few days after that, 76chan admins had problems with server's host, which was trying to jew them for a couple of shekels. Dddudeman finished the contract on October and desperately tried to earn shekels for a new host, during this time he had to move its irc channel to Rizon and 76chan to Hotwheels chan, and nothing of value was lost.

As of 9th November 2014, 76chan is back and giving AIDS for FREE again. At the end of November of 2014, 76chan went down again because unknown reasons. It came back the 23rd of January, 2015, under parley's server, which means that this shouldn't happen again.

On October 2015, 76chan got pawned again, when Parley's server got removed by its host. The hosting went back to Dddudeman personal domains and has been stable since then.

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