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Proof that New Jersey is the most boring place on earth (colloquially Jesus Fucking Christ) is Wikipedia's most prevalent anonymous editor. IP has over 23,080 contributions, suggesting that he has no life, is a robot, or is simply a Wikipedo looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Although he appears to be a giant nerd, his attitude towards the hypocritical "by the rules" users suggest that he is one of the few legendary Wikipedians that might possibly fail to die alone.

A New Chapter

RIP (September 26, 2005 — December 3, 2008). The Jews at Comcast have reassigned this fine stranger to Check out his new talk page to see uptight cunts whine about how OMFG HE'S BREAKING THE UNWRITTEN RULES!!!! made their last edit on August 29, 2014, meaning that the Wikipedos had to find another IP editor to badger to make an account.


Dear old is still at it with his wacky antics. He's now accrued over 30,000 edits, causing everyone in the Wikimedia Foundation to shit their pants and beg him to create a fucking account so they can assimilate him into their jew culture. (Or mebbe not -- looks like he finally gave up in August 2014. Farewell, shiteater.)



You made over 30,000 edits, keep up the good work as an IP, why not create a new account? With your edits you could become an administrator.


—A Wikipedia editor, smacking his lips every other word

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