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Brazilian Anonymous culture: Main article55chanBrchanPTchan
Favelito small.png
Motto Underdevelopment, now on teh internets
Foundation 2007
Founded by "k"
Major Boards /b/, /jo/, /mimimi/, /q/, /tr/

An imageboard composed of illiterate Brazilians rightfully banned from virtually every other website. Imagine 420chan without drugs and with the worst features of every other chan out there: 55chan has stupid wordfilters like in 7chan, newfags like in 4chan and beaners like in SectaChan. Users are generally devolved retarded apes and most memes are taken from other Brazilian sites. The Jew is known to be anti-semite and has an anti-lulz policy that anyone critical of it is permabanned.

It is probably the most moralfag chan in existence. Posting underage sex stories, legal pictures of children, or simply defending pedophilia at all, is enough reason to be permab& for posting CP.

The cancer level is amazingly high. 98% of users are always concentrated on /b/. Think of 4chan's /b/ with 10% of it's movement, but with 9 fags out of 10 users. Fags being: attwhores, trapfags, newfags and niggers.



Although 55chan was the first Brazilian chan to be truly host-independent at the time of its creation there was another board hosted on AnonIB, named brchan. 55chan is a vanity chan built around a circle jerk. So, at that time, brchan and 55chan were respectfully like 4chan and 420chan wannabes, only over 9000 times smaller.

Eventually, however, some of brchan's users got fed up with its staff's inability to make a real chan in a timely fashion and decided to do it themselves, registering brchan.org and creating a brand new place to post translated memes, "post ending in X"-like topics and other fail. BRchan lasted for less than 24 hours, in which its 14 year-old admins skipped classes and spent all day in front of their moms' computers posting ridiculous content and cheap-cefhcr photos from the local fat whore pretending it was her.

A war was fought between the chans and the AnonIB brchan owner gave up because "teh internet is not serious business". The new BRchan nigger got butthurt because the host he paid for with mommy's credit card didn't allow porn and also gave up. In the end, 55chan became the only home for brazilian Anonymii and, with this burden, it dropped its no-weaboo policy while retaining its general focus.

Reborn with 4 moderators, a zero cancer tolerancy policy was instated by unleashing the b&hammer. The chan started slow and improved over time, especially after brchan downfall. k’s advertisement of 55chan through the web brought some users and mods, most of them were his AIDS friends. Due to users' demand, on December, the moderation made its policy lighter, and the chan started to flourish, having over 35000 users on peak time, according to its counter.

On May 26, 55chan went offline, as Interpol and the brits seized 55chan's servers without any given reason or prior contact, maybe at a tip of Polícia Federal and the Operação Turko, Brazilian's own brand of FBI and Partyvan (Although Brazil has its own, official, actual Partyvan, the dreaded Skullvan). A couple of days later, Brchan was also offline and /BR/tards were crowding to Livrechan expecting BRchan mods posting about their seized host and further laughter.

Favelito and 55-chan

Mascot and logo of 55chan in the same time.
55chan user3.jpg

Favelito is a black with curly hair holding two guns in each hand and a football ball in the foot. Many may find that Favelito was the mascot 55chan, but he was not, everyone knows who the real mascot. The truth is that the Favelito was not created by any administrator or K, K simply took the design of Favelito and placed on 55chan.

Favelito was created by argentinians there for 2007 in an unsuccessful attempt to satirize the Brazilian lifestyle. The Favelito it was a "contribution" of argentinians for Brazilian mascot for the World Cup 2014, which was posted on the Argentine Barcelona humor magazine. It is very impressive fact that Brazilian super sensitive have not processed Argentina by this ugly bad joke.

55chan anons liked it due to the principle "You make it sound as if drug mafia, banditry i racism is something bad". If you do not understand where is racism, then pay attention to the colors of the Brazilian flag in the original. Of course labels "55" on the gun didn't exist initially. Many people consider that Favelito can't be referred to as mascot of 55-chan, as it is not designed by anons and just take by the admin from another space.

55chan had another Mascot - small loli 55-chan. Unfortunately we know much more less about her.

The Staff

Corintio comes out of the closet.

Its current members are:

  • Acariquara - Chubby fashionista
  • Def - Índio indie
  • Dolores Haze - The girl from Vila Ipanema
  • k - an ordinary fat jew
  • Kobus - k's dickmate.
  • LoliKing - Pedophile extraordinaire
  • Reich - Republican atheist (srsly)
  • Supertata - Forgot the way back to kitchen.
  • trapster - 55chan's first trap/camwhore who runs the trap board.
  • zipi - an underage furfag from Cabo Verde who plays with his Wii everyday.


Always trying to be internet tough guys, easily trollable. Whenever they're not shouting memes like horny 16 year old girls, they're talking about 55chan's absolute dick suckage and how much of a failure in life they are. Basically, users are whining emo kids who use said imageboard as a way to try to look cool, as an alternative to waste time at work, or in desperation to find a sex partner. Period.


Half of them are from VT and the other 90% are from brazilian Uncyclopedia or UOL Forums.


These are the known wordfilters:




  • Gay boards
    • /fur/ - If you want to see dog dicks with other goddamned furfags
    • /pinto/ - If you want to see dicks
    • /mimimi/ - If you want to see dicks in real life but need some psychological help first
    • /tr/ - If you want to see "women's dicks"
  • Weeaboo boards
    • /an/ - Anime and shit
    • /de/ - Hi, Khaki!
    • /h/ - Anime and shit
    • /hq/ - Western anime
    • /qt/ - Kawaii desu ^-^
  • Nerd boards
    • /pc/ - Computers and Tech
    • /pol/ - Corruption of R-S
    • /prog/ - Computers and Tech
    • /pseudo/ - High IQ
    • /RPG/ - Table-top games
    • /$/ - GIBE MONY PLOX
  • Minor Wins
    • /1997/ - Nostalgia
    • /ç/ - Çandom
    • /rsrs/ - Amateur
  • Boards nobody cares about
    • /a/ - Jews Fraternity
    • /b/ - Random
    • /c/ - Copypasta
    • /cb/ - Fatness
    • /cri/ - Creativity
    • /d/ - Weekly Discussion
    • /est/ - Study
    • /fla/ - Flash (Upload)
    • /gif/ - Animooted Gifs
    • /gnu/ - Free as in freedom
    • /gtk/ - lol, gore
    • /jo/ - Nintendo DS
    • /mil/ - Pax Brasiliana
    • /mu/ - Musak
    • /pr0n/ - Spam
    • /q/ - 55chan's /r/
    • /w/ - Pallwapers
  • Hidden Boards
    • /pedo/ - See Pee
    • /staff/ - Moderator's Corner
    • /?/ - wat

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