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You guys are really hurting my feeling can you kill your self to make me feel better. Lol


—50 via Twitter

50 cents (aka Curtis Jackson, aka 50¢, $0.50 or Thirty One Pence (at current exchange rates)) is a youth leader and community organiser for the Republican Party. This inspiring young nigger from New York City rose from humble roots, selling crack cocaine on street corners, getting discovered by wigger rapper Eminem to living the American Dream and becoming one of the nation's leading advocates for all things USA: from conspicuous consumption and being the poster boy for Capitalism to being one of the leading advocates for 2nd Amendment rights and spokesman for the NRA.

He is best known for getting shot a lot, rapping about all the crimes he's ever committed without getting arrested for it, his hit video games about shooting people and being the only valid reason to have a twatter account. Following Mr. ¢'s twitter feed is mandatory (or he will shoot you) and probably the only thing on the Internets that will make you LOL WUT and/or ROFL facepalm after all these years. This is what happens when a manchild discovers the World Wide Web for the first time.

NB: if you're not fluent in Ebonics, Fiddy's tweets have been translated into the Queen's English by the Oxford English Dictionary for clarity @English50cent.


Mr. Cents was born to a 15 year old crack whore in some New York Ghetto. Shortly after returning home with her newborn and dodging the usual incoming gunfire, 50 cents began selling crack because he gots to support da family. The average life expectancy for Queens inhabitants being what it is, his mother died at the ripe age of 27 after being date raped and gassed in her home like a Jew. 50 then had to step up the crack selling. After being arrested, he somehow managed to earn his GED in prison while also adopting his new fursona as a rapper.

Leaving his drug dealing ways behind, 50 began his "musical" career and began writing songs. His first single cleverly entitled "How to Rob" was a moderate success. In a fitting reaction, he was then shot nine times by Mike Tyson's evil henchman. Why Mr. Tyson wanted 50 cents dead is still unknown but it is widely speculated that he wanted all of 50's delicious ears.

I was scared the whole time.... I was looking in the rear-view mirror like, 'Oh shit, somebody shot me in the face! It burns, burns, burns.


—This just in: Getting shot in the face burns.

God's cruel sense of humor allowed him to survive the nine gunshots. 50 mistook God's joke as some sort of miracle and went on to fully recover. His street cred for getting shot attracted wigger rapper Eminem and his rapping career took off. He then bought shares in vitamin water because nothing shows how hard you are better than a shity tasting water supplement drink.

Rap career

Maybe you should pour vitamin-water on it?

Even though 50 had made several recordings, he was sadly lacking the sufficient talent to make any kind of breakthrough into the big leagues. According to sources within the music industry a wind of change came when Mr Cent by chance met an up-and-cumming rapper named M&M at a rave/disco that was being thrown to celebrate M&M's coming out of the closet. As a result of his seeing 50's enormous endowment he was directed immediately towards the notorious super-producer/gay-rights activist Andre "Dr. Dre" Young. The good doctor, having grown tired of taking it in the ass from both the Jews and Eazy-E at the same time for many years was looking for his next "big-thing", and he was no stranger to the game.

The fact that 50's face had become riddled with gun-shot wounds in his youth seriously affected his speech patterns. Not to be discouraged by the small technicality of his being unable to speak fluent English, Eminem told Dre that he could do all the writing for his new disabled friend. Some argue that this was only because he wanted to hear the sound of his words issuing forth from the kind of powerful black man he always wishes he was. Dr. Dre then bought 50 Cent for approximately 1 million pieces of Jew gold. Shortly afterward, Eminem began to ghostwrite for him and Dre cobbled together some tracks using music that he shamelessly stole from Limewire. He got really famous and niggers fell in love, they play his songs on the radio Ad nauseam, etc. Nobody with any sense gives a fuck about 50 Cents or that crazy nigger jungle-bop anyway. It is also confirmed from Eminem that Mr. Cent has a very small penis. When the have bum sex in "Da Club" Its not as fun as when Dre but rams him.

He thinks he is an actor how cute

Losing to Conway West

Photos emerged in early 2010 showing 50 cent in a very thin state. People began speculating. Is it Cancer? Is it AIDS? Crack? Unfortunately none of is true(except possibly the AIDS and crack). 50 was sitting in his gold plated chair one day and his success finally got to his head. 50 cents is now an actor! His skinniness was preparation for a future roll he would be playing as a cancer patient. Don't fret though, he can still get cancer later.

Twitter shit

I'm not crazy I'm special.


—50 cent

In August 2010, 50 cent's twitter account exploded with some absolutely batshit insane tweets.

It all started when 50's management handed over the keys to his twitter account, which proved to be like handing the keys to an alcoholic autist with Tourette's. He starts out complaining about taking out the trash.

50cent tweet of the year.png

What a sweetheart.

The previous picture depicts a particularly offensive tweet he made joking about shooting up a gay wedding. This came after Perez Hilton called him a douchebag. Fiddy got butthurt and responded with one of the greatest tweets in the history of twitter. Anti-gay-defamation organizations are now calling for an apology. 50 cents has yet to respond does not give a flying fuck. He has way too many more people to offend.

I can't belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I'm rich fuck this I'm going home I don't need this shit


—50 cent, Twitter

I took out the garbage She mad cause I havent been over there a lot I been working my grand father was laughingAnd shit fuck that


This fucked up man I'm on gawker.comThey sayin I'm a bad grandson I love my grand mom to deathShe was just bossing me around


—50 responding to Gawker's post.

I really don't like when people call me crazy I'm not crazy I'm special and I don't wish bad on anyone. Learn to love me



—Man when I figure out how to use the spell Check on this motherfucker you niggas in trouble

I calm down I aint mad no more But This shit is crazy I was about to go out side and smack the frist nigga I see on twitter (wop)



50 Also unleashed his rage at Twitpic when his account was suspended after a spree of strange images.

Twitpic just suspended my account damn They got 30mns to get it back or ima go haywire


Nobody at team 50 cent seems to have noticed that people are laughing at him and he is still tweeting his insane drivel.


Fitty pays a visit to Keenan Cahill's bedroom for some lip-syncing

Dem real 50 life.

50 Gets arrested. A rite of passage in the rap community.

Another rite of passage.

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