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4chan Gaming (or "bdyagames") is moar in a recent trend of WIN original content delivered to 4chan by Satan Claus, just in time for Malcolm Xmas.

Like EXTREME ADVERTISING and SFW Porn, this meme requires moar thought-out effort and gamesmanship than the rampant crapflood of newfaggotry such as lame 'memes' (like TOUCHDOWN THURMAN THOMAS), lame semi-original content (Random Album Art) and straight-up facepalm threads (Confirmed For Brawl and Everyone Get In Here) that has recently been spamming up /b/, much to the chagrin of the oldfags already at 10 on the Whine-o-Meter since Foxing Day sent 4chan's Alexa ranking to the moon.

Although it is too early to tell, it appears that the chemo that is curing /b/ has the cancer in remission.

The Play

It's quite simple: this meme calls for /b/tards to fire-up the INTERNET PAINT MACHINE and create original content by shooping popular 'video games' into 4chan Games.

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