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The 4chan Cup is a Pro Evolution Soccer online tournament series which started in 2011. All the matches are AI versus AI. Humans manage each team with CSIII modding skills, creating their tactics and giving input during games, making substitutions and tactical changes as they see fit; The players of each team have the facets of the board they represent. The creator of this competition is a tripfag called: GermanBro !!i9X8R/z42Rt. Current commissioner is DrBorisG !!9Egy5BjxCD. All this other tripfags are part of the judges: Gracen Ivorinne !SyespadaHQ, tottori !!sRN5AxsnGLL, Sexcopter !!DmLjci16Djv. Every year there are 4 tournaments, one per season.

The Beginning

The 4chan Cup started in the 6th of August of 2011 (the same day in which a nigger fucked an elephant). In this first edition there were only 16 teams: /a/, /adv/, /b/, /ck/, /fa/, /fit/, /g/, /int/, /k/, /mu/, /s/, /soc/, /sp/, /tv/, /v/, /x/. It lasted from August 6 to August 9, 2011. It was an overnight sensation, as dozens of /sp/-goers and denizens of other boards flocked to Germanbro's stream. The winner of this first tournament was /a/, which made /v/irgins cry like mad gaymers they are.

Picture of the tournament:


2012 WinterCup

Gay logo from wintercup 2012

The 2012 Winter Cup was the most corrupt cup until the date and was also played by 16 teams, /k/ won, so /v/irgins cried again and tried to sabotage the cups wiki. This tournaments MVP was Messi, that argentinian midget who is in love with Cristiano. The nerd known as Messi managed to score 3.65 goals per match, which is the ammount of people who die of coconuts every year divided by 41.095. The new incorporations to this edition were: /co/, /tg/, /o/ and /jp/.

2012 Spring Babby Cup

The 2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup was the third official 4chan Cup competition, and the inaugural Babby Cup, designed to act as a lower-tier qualification stage to major tournaments due to the increasing number of participating boards. It was held on the weekends of 23 - 25 March 2012 and 31 March - 1 April 2012. If you managed to win on this one, you could play on Summers competition.

Rules for all Babby Cup games:

  • 10 minutes per half
  • All teams started with good condition (including fat nerds), however fatigue accumulated *throughout the tournament.
  • Card accumulation
  • Extra time and Penalties in the knockout phase, not in the group stage
  • Superstar player level

/m/ won the tournament.

2012 4chan Summer Cup

/n/, /o/, /sp/ and /x/ were retroactively disqualified from this competition for being significantly influenced by Dragonfag. Their results in this tournament were judged to be void and their opponents were awarded wins. The aforementioned teams received no ranking points for their participation in this tournament.

/sp/'s Summer Cup title was vacated due to former manager Dragonfag's influence on the tournament. The whole scandal was named Dragongate.

The final rankings of the Cup was the following (no /v/ victory yet):


2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

Dragongate continued affecting the following teams: /an/, /cm/, /diy/, /ic/, /o/, /vp/ and /y/. Their results in this tournament were judged to be void and their opponents were awarded wins. The aforementioned teams received no ranking points for their participation in this tournament.

The Tournament was won by /wg/, a board that designed tactics on their OS X HD wallpapers.

2013 4chan Winter Cup

Faggotry continued in 2013 with the start of the Winter Cup, which saw a new /sp/ victory. This was the first official tournament to use Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 as a platform and was also the first one without Dragonfag corruption. It was the final official tournament stream hosted by former 4chan Cup commissioner Germanbro.


2014 4chan Autumn Cup

This is the upcoming tournament, boards are choosing partners and the biggest drama is with /pol/ - they have to chose between 2 partners: /x/ and /lgbt/


The autumn Babby Cup ended with a /b/ victory after winning 1-2 against /e/


The 4chan Cup Committee (4CCC) was accused of corruption by many losers. It also participed in the Bracket Scandal:

Following the initial group stages of the 2012 4chan Summer Cup, PES2012 selected the brackets for the knockout stages. This had been done before with the 2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup, so no one expected the massive backlash as provided by the random bracketing.

At the conclusion of the group stage, PES 2012 randomly selected the draw for the knockout stages. To make things worse, the game placed top performers like /m/, /sp/, and /toy/ in the preliminary rounds. Accusations of RIGGED flew around 4chan, some /sp/ supporters vandalized the wiki and posted what they considered the rightful standings, /pol/ and /int/ released a joint statement blaming "The Jews" for "starting a false-flag operation to make the Aryan GermanBro look worse than Hitler," and /vg/'s empty stadium was filled with supporters on all sides bemoaning or celebrating their team's placement while the hometown vendors sold booze and lol'd at the proceedings.

After witnessing a night of furious petitioning, bitching, moaning, wiki vandalizing and a few flaming bags of dog poop left on the steps of random German people in the neighborhood, the secretive 4CCC convened to discuss how to proceed. In the end, GermanBro decided to "rejigger" the brackets within PES, giving byes to the top-ranked teams and changing around the matchups in the preliminaries. GermanBro also promised to actually sort out the tiebreaker and placement rules before the Cup starts next time.

Hi guys. I wanted to save this until Friday but apparently you guys have no patience. I am honoured by your dedication and enthusiasm and disappointed with your insults and hate. This is the new bracket and this is how it will be done. I hope you enjoy the tournament Friday. I am available for questions this evening. Once again, I don't care if a board goes against me personally, but there is no need to attack the site or the wiki or sabotage this and result to petty insults.


—GermanBro !Qg4DEzuQbM

This decision was not without controversy either, as some lambasted GermanBro for giving into a minorities demands, while others accused /sp/, the board most outraged at the randomly drawn bracket, of attempting to rig the cup. Still others were upset that, while the new bracket addressed some of the primary problems regarding byes, the two group winners that did not receive byes, /co/ and /n/ were matched against each other in the preliminaries. GermanBro has stated that, while he properly seeded the boards, he failed to match them up properly. However, seeing the anger that met both versions of the bracket, he refused to make any further changes.

Since 2013, the 4CCC only faps to Goatse.

Vocabulary used by players

Christmas Tree formation
  • Tackle: method of a player winning the ball back from an opponent, after giving him cock to eat.
  • Silver player: Used to describe a non-standard player with stats rated at 88 across the board.
  • Christmas tree: a 4-3-2-1 formation, which takes the shape of a Christmas Tree with the goalkeeper as the trunk (see picture on the right for an idea).
  • Route one: direct, attacking style of football which generally involves taking the most direct route to goal.
  • Fan: a device for creating a current of air or a breeze, its general purpose is cooling. Also can mean Fan.
  • Game of two halves: expression used by commentators to describe a close match where one team dominates each half.
  • Friendly: match arranged by two teams with no competitive value, such as a player's testimonial or a warm-up match before a season begins. This is the only type of matches that England's national soccer team wins.
  • Howler: glaring and possibly amusing error made by a player or referee during a match.
  • Kick-off: method of starting a match; the ball must be played forwards from the centre spot with all members of the opposing team at least 10 yards from the ball. Also used to restart the match when a goal has been scored. Only losers kick-off the ball.
  • Panenka: skill move used when taking a penalty kick wherein the player taking the penalty delicately chips the ball over a diving goalkeeper, rather than striking the ball firmly, as is the norm. Named after Antonín Panenka, who famously scored such a penalty for Czechoslovakia against West Germany in the final of the 1976 UEFA European Football Championship.
  • Winger: wide midfield player whose primary focus is to provide crosses into the penalty area. Alternatively known as a wide midfielder.


  • Most wins: /a/
  • Most draws: /y/
  • Most losses: /tv/
  • Most goals scored: /sp/
  • Most goals conceded: /k/

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