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Average #4chan user

4chan's IRC is the one IRC channel that sets the tone for the rest of Rizon with an average of 300 idling users. Newfags often come in to spam memes and act like it's #/b/. The frequency of bans keeps out the more blatant fags, but more often than not the mods don't do shit.


  1. http://rizon.net/chat
  2. Type in a good nickname and leave the channel field EMPTY
  3. A window will walk you through registration. Do it, faggot.
  4. Type "/join #4chan" when you're done.

Once you sign up, if you want to use Xchat or mIRC, make sure to identify your nickname if you want to join again! You can do this by typing "/msg nickserv identify YOURPASSWORD" after joining. You need to register and identify if you want to chat in 4chan! If you can't figure it out how to do it, you're too stupid to join.


Type your message and press enter. If you want to role play, type "/me <action>", and it'll spit out "*Username <action>" go somewhere else and be awesome! If you spam really quickly, a Yeti will eat you unless you hold down F and don't run into too many things. If you want to talk to a user in private, offer them a nice massage.

General Atmosphere

4chan's IRC is filled with oldfags weaboos and manchildren. It's pretty laid back, until someone pisses DragonMinded off. Popular topics include day-to-day life, good threads/pictures on 4chan, anime and video games, Pat's Boners, and time machines. There's no set topic, but talking about dongs is highly encouraged.


No jerkin' it.

People who go to 4chan IRC

You may go to 4chan irc, but you are not as cool as these people.

  • DragonMinded
  • Moo-Bun
  • FunkBrothers
  • dongfix
  • drfoppy
  • Ordog163
  • ALTERNATIVE everyone is cooler than alternative, he's a fag who bans people for criticizing mohels
  • tyam
  • buttly
  • BlueZek
  • trev
  • matlock
  • Smurph
  • Archduke
  • Stars
  • Beam
  • Pantaloons
  • IAmFat
  • LavosPhoenix
  • wave
  • ybgam35


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