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Definitely not gay

3OH!3 (pronouced like a faggot douche, Three Oh Three) is a two piece electro-hip-hop group from Colorado, US of A. 3OH!3 consists of Sean Foreman, 23, and Nathaniel Motte, 25, who are both white and think that they can rap. Motte's last name was a common 18th century word used in ribald literature of the time as a synonym for pussy, appropriately. 3OH!3 is known for their lack of skill of any sort and their incomprehensible nonsense they call songs, which are really performance pieces consisting of Motte and Foreskin shouting over a beat from a cheap keyboard. 3OH!3 are also blatant misogynists, which can clearly be heard in their no. 1 single, Don't Trust Me’’.

Dont trust a hoe

Never trust a hoe
Wont trust a hoe
Because a hoe wont trust me



3OH!3 getting no respect from Whores


Just like NWA, Wu-Tang Clan, and Jurassic 5, 3OH!3 had it's hardcore beginnings. Sean Fagman invited his fuck buddy Nathan over for their usual day long session of bare backing. Afterward while they were cleaning the sperm and feces off of each other whilst dropping rhymes in their spare time, they formulated a plan to get some scene pussy. They would borrow the talents of other artists and be a totally artificial hip music group, and so they decided it was a good idea as they could also keep fucking each other on the side.

After some thinking and some more "rhyme dropping", they went with a name that was hip, cool, freSh and dope. 3OH!3, after their area code and the way it sounds when you say it. Clever huh?

Oddly, unlike some of their Crunkcore contemporaries, they are the closest thing to straight-edge in their genre, probably due to their Hipster agenda or their being far too white to truly have experienced the wonderful effects of drugs stronger than a couple cans of PBR. Not that they ARE sXe, as they do drink and "sleep with" "women", but their snarky commentary on most drugs, being carrot-eaters, and promoting a belief in some Jew nailed to 2x4s eons ago as an alternative to being a dipshit Scenefag puts them in a pretty close comparison. Whatever their reasons, this has brought about questions of the validity of being in a genre of attention-whoring alcoholics who do lots of drugs and/or dongs; these questions mostly being, "WHY DO YOU CALL US CRUNKCORE BAAAAAW?" The simple answer is of course they still share a common bond - h8tin' bitches and being white

Musical Style

Considering that this kind of music and it's listeners are all mainstream losers it can be hard to consider any of it original or containing any kind of talent.

Nonetheless, 3OH!3 can be considered rap/crunk/electronica/rock/pop, or the proper term, shit. Lyrics are either presented in the form of "rap", or a familiar whiny yelling. Lyrics usually consist of talking about how much ass they get from your girlfriend, how much of their parents money they spend on cheap beer, or that they can definitely kick your ass no matter what. Also remember that cussing a lot makes you cool.


It is a familiar symbol...
Ah yes, there it is.

Like every other rap group in existence, 3OH!3 are massive misogynists, which stems from their deep seated homosexuality that can clearly be heard in their lyrics. Many butthurt lesbians have been noted to disagree with 3OH!3's sexist lyrics. But here at ED we know they are simply stating the obvious. Never-the-less, for the purpose of NPOV, here is a cumdumpster outraging about 3OH!3's lyrics during a live show.

Went to check out the Colorado-based, Bamboozle-friendly rap-rock duo 3OH!3 at SXSW on the recommendation of a stranger, and while I won’t say I “enjoyed” their set, I was definitely fascinated by the pocket of cult fandom I wandered into at Stubbs that afternoon. Lots of girls screaming at their pelvic-thrusting dance moves, which I’m not convinced were ironic; lots of concern for those girls as they gleefully chanted along with lyrics that no amount of irony could save from being kinda offensive. From Starstrukk (”Push it baby push it baby out of control / I got my gun cocked tight and I’m ready to blow”) to I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby (self-explanatory), there seemed to be a running string of, if not misogyny, then at least lack of respect for the female gender underpinning every hooky, shouty, high-energy song — but it was their closing number that really pushed me over the edge.


Whitney Pastorek

The website where this story was posted has a comment function, which draws enough drama and lulz to feed Oprah. Here are some of the better replies to this story, for your viewing pleasure.

Get over it. Nobody’s dead, everybody’s alright. They’re just words. Move on to writing more mediocre office recaps.



A guy my sister dated this summer told her he wished she were a doll; someone that wouldn’t talk, but he could look at and touch. Sick.

kinda sick that these girls are throwing themselves all over these douche bags.



They seem pretty stupid, but this is nothing worth getting worked up about.



There are pages and pages of this butthurt whinging here.

So Much Talent!

I could listen to this forever!

Katy Perry fucks up their song

In this video you can see Katy Perry jumping around like an idiot in a blue dress, fucking up the lyrics (pretty much just repeating the word "Ho" over and over like fucking Santa Claus and generally being a douche bag whore, including stage diving into the crowd and recieving Goatse from hundreds of people.

3OH!3 - Dont Trust Me Live w/ Katy Perry

Beavis and Butt-Head explain how Sean and Nathaniel met

"My Dick"

On December 4, 2015, 3OH!3 released a single titled "My Dick", which is supposed to be part of an upcoming album. The music video features a 60-year-old wanker with a cock the size of a Gippsland earthworm, which, when erect, causes him to pass-out. The autotune is fucking atrocious, and to top it off, a large portion of the lyrics are sung by an ugly nigger baboon. 3OH!3 announced this piece of shit on Twitter, and now every 13-year-old fuckboi in America won't stop talking about it.


Content warning: This video may be inappropriate for some users.


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