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Futaba Channel
Futuba logo.png
FoundationAugust 30, 2001
Major BoardsNews, VIP, over 9,000 different boards
Epic WinsPreviously largest imageboard on the planet

Futaba Channel (not to be confused with Futabachannel), also known as 2chan, is a Japanese imageboard, basically equivalent to 4chan except with about 100 times more inexplicable memes and gibberish. It was founded in order to provide a backup when 2ch went down but its image boards became far more popular, especially their /b/. It now has something like seven different /b/ boards, all of which are about as popular as 4chan's (see image). It also has boards for news, sports, trains, mahjong, and a bunch of other utterly random shit.

You can't post on Futaba. All non-Japanese dirty gaijin IPs are banned due to spam and child porn that Japanese users like to sneak around through specially constructed international proxies. However, you are welcome to read it, if you are a weeaboo. As a result, moot made 4chan.

They were there way before 4chan users in terms of sick-fuckery and they still maintain their guro board long after 4chan abandoned it.

What happens when gaijins post on Futaba Channel.

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