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2ch ru emblem.png
FoundationFebruary 2006
Major Boards/b/, /a/
Epic WinsZOMG NONE OP is a faggot 3M cp get

2ch.ru (Russian: dvach) was the Russian version of 4chan. It was created in 2006 and had probably the most active userbase of any *chan except for Futaba.

In early 2009 the site was abandoned by the owner, who was tired of all the CP being posted. RIP.


Zoi in his human form

It is just another fucked up imageboard. Russian, actually, which explains it. However, unlike Futaba there are no restrictions for foreign IP’s, hence everyone can post.

Russian moot is called Zoi, but, unlike moot, he is fat, ugly and straight.


Dvach consists of more than 40 boards: 6 discussion (site discussion, anime, philosophy and other shit no one cares about), 25 special interest boards (cars, bikes, books, games, programming, music, cats, fashion and so on) and whole 12 boards devoted solely to animu.

The Russian government began cracking down on illegal websites in late 2008. Dvach went down in January 2009. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Dvach also has a random board located at http://2ch.hk/b/ so you won’t miss it. It was created following the example of the big /b/ro. There are no rules, so everybody can post anything he or she want (except illegal stuff, it's illegal to post CP in Russia and it can result in being b& and v&). /b/ also adopted 4chan’s talking style with its specific slang. Dvach's /b/ board is, unsurprisingly, most popular. It used to get at least 5 million posts per day, and due to this (actually, due to endless meaningless spam by Rozen Maiden fags and Perl programmers) every post has to be verified by CAPTCHA. Doesn't stop spammers from spamming though.

Hentai (/h/, /ho/, /y/, /u/ and /ls/) boards were hidden and pr0n boards are closed due to attention from Police and KGB. That’s what dvachers prefer to think, as sometimes dvach indeed consists solely of pr0n and cp, due to floods (“wipes”). In fact, dvach once raided pedo forums because it was pissed off by their constant spam and arrogant replies. The closing decision was made a few months ago when dvach's admin Zoi wanted to win the Best Runet Site Competition prize. Of course, he failed. Since than all adult-content-posters freely migrated to the Random board where now you can find almost anything you want, except real girls.

Glorious people of dvach

Typical discussion: Yo. I want to know, what character can I cosplay? Tell me please. Thank you in advance. Also my height is 1.8 m, weight is 72 kg. Pic related. — You can cosplay a turd.

As any other popular chan, dvach is largely stratified. Major groups were:

  • Schoolboys (does not actually mean that such poster still attends high school). Dumb and immature fucks which are to be replied with “hurry, go to class, its really late!”.
  • Newfags. Unaware of the rules, trying to force retarded memes, and such. Easy to spot.
  • Oldfags, the ones that saw the first 1-get in /b/. Largely nonexistent.
  • Rozen Maiden(Official Rozen Maiden Thread) worshippers collectively known as “Doll-chan” (also applies to Doll-chan infected board), a cross-chan conspiracy of aspies who, no matter what, will post and post and post images of Rozen Maiden dolls into their “Official Rozen Maiden” thread. Sometimes known as Rozenkreuzers.
  • Bydło (cattle in Polish), word used by geeks, basement dwellers, btards and other losers to describe "normal" people.
  • Nebydło (un-cattle), bydlo's antipode — elitist, usually Russia-hating dissident writers. Easily trollable as well.
  • Devoted trolls, may appear as any of the above.
  • Rozen Maiden worshipers moar like desufags
  • Whorefuckers — prostitution advocates. They like to discuss visited hookers and to troll permavirgins, basement dwellers and other dumbfucks that haven't sex.


Valeri Sütkin macro
Memes of the dvach
  • Valery Syutkin — he may look and sing a lot like Rick Astley, but this impression is completely wrong: he will let you down, hurt you etc by punching you in your fucking whore face. But only if you are a woman... Unfunny forced meme posted over and over by the same retarded underage virgin.
  • Leonid Vasilevski — the most trollable person in the world. He was trolled to the point of killing his parents with a pistol (his father was a bigass official so it made it to the newspapers) and going to the militia (russian police). This by far was the greatest impact dvach had on the real world.
  • Black Overlord (Ben Gunn, the pornstar) because 2ch.hk is an anime forum for queers.
  • Nomad — see Xynta.
  • Artemy Lebedev, the designer famous for his rich obscene lexicon that he uses in his many reviews.
  • Interesting person — the character of two videos from YouTube, shot on a mobile phone. His favorite phrase is the requirement «Saw my door!», addressed to the two policemen. "Saw" means "Created".
  • Natalia Poklonskaya — Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea and an angel, concurrently the heroine of the Internet who has become waifu of anons all around the world.

and other, thousands of them


No board is complete without mascots. Dvach posters show infinite love towards them because mascots are a substitute for the real life which none of them has.

2ch.hk and 2ch.ru

After 2ch's death in 2009 most people moved to 2-ch.ru (Russian: tirech, sosach, mochan), that became a clone of the original site that now is located at 2ch.hk. It has nothing to do with Zoi's Dvach: these boards are different and are created by different people and have different rules, but admin of 2ch.hk Nariman Namazov named his site as Dvach (2ch) because 2ch was a famous brand.

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