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Foundation28th of June 2018
Major Boards/sewers/ , /b/
Epic Winsnone

22chan, also called Comfychan or Dubs-chan, is a bland Futaba-style spinoff founded by an anonymous 4chan user, known as 'twoot' to the community. It was established with the goal of creating a cancer-free alternative to 4chan, because that worked out well before.

Everything that makes an imageboard worth browsing (namely pr0nz, fags, and guro) is banned from the site, making it one of the bleakest presences on the web that isn't a redirect to some shady landing page hosted by a Russian cybersquatter. 22chan boasts an average of at least 100 visitors per day, but like most imageboards, has less active users and much fewer posts. Raids are allowed, but only on /b/ and /sewers/ UPDATE: twoot's faggot ass pussied out and banned raids.

List of boards

  • /a/ - Anime & Manga
  • /b/ - Random
  • /i/ - Art & Drawing
  • /mu/ - Music
  • /pol/ - Politically Incorrect
  • /r9k/ - ROBOT9001
  • /sewers/ - The sewers of 22chan
  • /sg/ - Suggestions
  • /t/ - Science/Technology
  • /vg/ - Video Games & more

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