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The unfortunate truth that every sane and rational (as in not an SJW NPC Leftist Marxist) person's gonna have to endure.

Welcome to CURRENT YEAR+4 aka the final year of the shithole known as the 2010s. This year will make 2010-2018 seem sane by comparison. This era started with ponyfaggotry and ended with internet totalitarianism perpetrated by beta male NPCs living on silken tofu contaminated with immigrant fecal matter. By this point you are likely tired, deprived of any mental sanity, and possibly contemplating suicide over the fact that you are one of the last sane people who have not yet turned into a total pozzhole soyboy degenerate faggot, a weak beta incel, an NPC or a slutty Marxist thot who eats white fetus for breakfast.

By the time this year is over people will not miss this shit decade only to be disappointed with very low expectations when the 2020s come by. Once this year is over and the 2020s begin, people around the world who are not SJWs, Leftists, and NPCs will already be calling the 2020s the worst era since the Dark Ages. Expect this year to be the final year where you can say nigger without offending easily offended people as the government expands further and further into people's lives, taking away the right for independent bloggers to criticize them as they strengthen their own fascist agenda to eradicate free speech.

Article 13 has been ratified this year which will turn the EU's internet into China whose social credit system makes their country more hive-like than ever before. All of the mainstream internet has turned into EXTREMELY dangerous online ghettos that can instaban - or maybe even arrest you in person and then jailed or even SENTENCED TO DEATH - for saying words they don't like, criticizing the left cult, or advocating for self sufficiency. Hopefully, Alt-tech will thrive in order to restore 1st amendment rights to an age of the internet that is long gone.

Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.

Dramatic Events from 2019


  • January 1, 2019. The day you realize this is the start of the last year of the shitty 2010's decade so you feel a bit euphoric about that. Perhaps make some icky looking (yet tasty) new year's treats you see in some butt-ugly postmodernist cooking magazine published in Jan 2019.
  • Trump has the government shut down due to the Dems refusing to give a mere 5 billion to fund the construction of his wall (despite being more than happy to throw trillions at infinity sand-nigger wars for the Jews, infinity gibs for the beaners, and tranny injections for little boys), clearly showing, just like the last shutdown, they are only concerned with flooding America with hostile foreign nationals and weaken the U.S. for those illegal votes.
  • January 5: Old bitch owner of britbongland, should have died, but alas, the baby flesh is keeping her alive for another millennia
  • Ricegum and Jake Paul fuck up and whore themselves for MysteryCrate, a scam gambling site, to their child fanbase. Ricegun fucks up again and hands out fake gift card codes after being caught shilling a scam.
  • The gay cannibal who runs the CWCki (a wiki that revolves around Chris-Chan) ate the entire CWCipedia. It was at this moment that they knew they fucked up.
  • January 13: Gillette went woke with their latest "toxic masculinity" leftist propaganda commercial that's got more DISLIKES than likes on (((Jewtube))) and are GOING BROKE by (pun intended) shaving off their profits.
  • Jeff Bezos of Amazon gets divorce raped by his whore wife, losing half of his fortune to her.
  • A second issue of Goddess Mode by Zoe Quinn is out. And the writing is still goddess-terrible.
  • RBG somehow "survives" her surgeries and is "still" a Supreme Court Justice, yet is apparently either "working from home"(defeating the purpose of being a justice) or is already dead and the Democrats are trying to keep the ruse up for as long as possible before Trump can pick another nominee and start the whole Kavannaugh media circus all over again. meanwhile, the media refuses to give an update on her health, instead celebrating her cameo role in a children's Lego film, like that's some kind of fucking accomplishment given the Semitic collusion between the media and the entertainment industry.
  • 17 January 2019: in yet another blatant attempt to start World War III the CIA/Mossad fake an "ISIS" terrorist attack that kills five American solders, cohencidentally right after Trump promises to remove U.S. troops from Syria. Only time will tell if the false flag will pay off for Israel.
  • Cyntoia Brown is granted release from prison for murder and theft, thus proving that the pussy pass is alive and well, even for colored whores.
  • Fake News Queen Buzzfeed straight up lies to people again (like the pissgate 4chan hoax) and claims that Cohen was told by Trump to lie to Congress (even though he admitted to lying to them independently), a lie so fucking blatant that even Muller comes out from his vigorous drinking and masturbation sessions to call it out.
  • 21 January: Only 21 days in and the the most blatant example of the media lying to your face in the new year has been exposed: a bunch of white teens wearing MAGA hats were harassed by Black Israelites and began chanting to drown out the noise. Then an Injun (who later lied about being attacked and, get this, lied about being a Vietnam vet for victim points) walked into the scene banging a war drum and harassing the teens into a confrontation, while the white kid just stood there smirking smugly. the full video was released, but the Judenpresse immediately attacked the teens and made them look like the aggressors with selectively edited out of context videos(the same ones who cried out in pain when the Parkland faggot got called out for his FBI faggotry) and defended the colored that instigated the attack(while defending attacks on Trump supporters, especially from Antifa). Calls from Verified Twitter, including sheltered shitlib celebrities, were made to dox, threaten, harass, attack and assault the teen who literally just stood there and did nothing.(The irony being that the same shitlibs, not even a week ago, were mocking normal people for hating the shitty Gillette ad attacking men were now screeching in pain). Eventually, as always, the truth came out that the teens did nothing wrong and the media had to backtrack after getting caught literally lying to people's faces and memoryholing the event as though it never happened.
  • With the new (real) Ghostbusters movie coming out in 2020, feminists, including racist bitch Leslie Jones, start to complain about it, blaming Trump for it, for some fucking reason.
  • January 22: The Brexit deal is either not passed into britbong law or is passed with so many concessions it is basically taking all the worse parts of leaving the EU with none of the benefits.
  • Venezuelans begin their protests against Maduro, who was un-verified from twitter as violence escelates on the streets. For extra lulz, the opposition leader declares himself president Mike Pence declares the current government illegitimate and Maduro kicks out the U.S. diplomats.
Truly a representative
  • Big Chungus continues to diagnose millions of Internet users with Down syndrome.
  • Good News Everyone!: Buzzfeed, HuffPo and other lying Jew media outlets have laid off "journalists" due to hemorrhaging money due to the nonstop bullshit they spew (or they blame "Russia" for their own fuck ups). Now the worthless subhumans that used to work for them will have to get normie jobs and suffer like the rest of us (or they kill themselves either way is fine).
  • January 31: Brendan Fraser, the poster boy of JUST, made his last payment of alimony to his ex-wife. The JUST crown is now disputed between Johnny Depp and Jeff Bezos.


  • February 7: Nothing of interest happening; calm before the storm... except for Mercedes Carerra getting arrested for being a pedo.
  • February 14: Another Valentine's Day you will spend Alone; also the 1 year anniversary of our hero, Nikolas Cruz's, massacre.
  • February 16: Pie Pivotmontier-O becomes an hero, due for his abusive parents.
  • Vic Mignogna has his entire career as a voice actor destroyed because someone falsely accused him of being a creep towards women (because he allegedly didn't want to sign gay fan art (he only signs art that respects the canon anyway, so it didn't matter)). Despite there being literally no evidence to support these retarded claims, Funimation, Rooster Teeth, and his fellow voice actors stab him in the back and fuck him over to the horde of the screeching SJWs. Despite this, the shitshow is unfolding as more and more people see what a complete farce this is and how a single accusation can destroy a man's career.
  • Bad news everyone: RBG somehow survived from the literal brink of death and is back in the Supreme Court.
  • Jussie Smollett is arrested and free from bail after faking the "MAGA Country Hate Crime" is exposed as a hoax by the Chicago Police with the arrests and cooperation of two Nigerian men who attacked the gay Jew actor Jussie Smollett, who, by the way, is facing criminal charges for the hoax. The Judenpresse is currently working overtime as jurnos and late night lecture hosts bitch about the hoax being unraveled and having a harder time to say "Orange Man Bad" and be taken seriously. (even Colbert has a video about "what went wrong" with the hoax and reporting it as "more bad news" rather than blasting Jussie for his immorality and selfishness of faking a hate crime, as any normal non-scumbag person would) (Interestingly enough, his career in "Empire" is still intact, while Rosanne Barr lost her entire show with a tweet. Double standards at work here) Lol lost his job.
  • Indian Kid sues washington compost for $250 defamation
  • February 26: THQNordic runs an AMA interview on 8chan. The interview goes as well as expected, despite the Judenpresse chimping out and forcing THQNordic to apologize for no reason.


  • Feminist Captain Marvel starring Brie "I Hate Straight White Males" Larson is out on theaters March 8th. (Not that you have the choice of watching something else, as most theatres have canceled all other movies except Foot Fungus Lady's shit film. Memeology 101 vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLYseCykWuY ) As expected, the vast majority of the reviews have been negative, with Rotten Tomatoes and YouTube working overtime to censor the bad ones and artificially inflate the review score, despite it being the worst Marvel film per reviews to date (Worse than Lucas' Howard the Duck, if you can believe it)
  • March 29: at 11pm local time: Brexit (probably, or maybe in 2099 or later if Treason May continues to stand in the way)
  • March 1: The band Weezer released their album "The black album" causing massive butthurt from fans.
  • March 15: Hero Brenton Tarrant culturally enriches 50 filthy mudslimes and gives them a taste of their own medicine that they've been giving to the world since before 9/11. Lulz from the Judenpresse immediately follow with Facebook taking down 1.5 million copies of the video while demanding people not watch the video, the NZ government literally arresting people for sharing the video and for supporting the shooter. What won't get reported is the massive attack Israel did on the Gaza strip on the same day (pure cohencidence I'm sure). If you're white and male, be sure to complain about possible retaliatory strikes and how this will look bad "for your people", Muslims do it all the time when one of theirs does an attack on whites. (P.S. Subscribe to PewDiePie if you haven't already)
  • Shane Dawson is apparently an animal fucker due to old videos of him being weird.
  • Literally days after Christopher Steele publicly admitted to plagiarizing CNN sources for his pissgate hoax, Muller ends his investigation with zero charges and and with no evidence to support the Russiagate hoax claims that Trump worked with Russia to rig the election. The lying Jew media and their fellow shitlib NPCs scrambles to save face by refusing to admit that they lied to the world for 2.5 years strait by shifting the goal posts and demanding Muller be investigated for being a Russian agent (no, seriously). If anything, the lying Jew media is beyond redemption and faces collapse within the next decade.
  • March 26th: Article 13 is passed, eurocucks eternally BTFO'D


  • Julian Assange is arrested by the British popo after the Ecuadorian embassy boots him out for bullshit reasons to be extradited to the U.S. for the crimes of costing Hillary the election revealing embarrassing info on U.S. war crimes through Bradley Manning brutally raping a woman for having sex without a condom when she thought he had one something something whatever. What is known is that the real free press is in serious danger.
  • Notre Dame goes up in flames for no reason at all
  • The 20th Anniversary of the Columbine Shootings which are now tame (like a stroll down the park) compared to the shootings, ANTIFA and riots of today, which are being superfueled by the left mafia's control of your childrens' minds via leftist media and the destruction of their conscience through leftist, NK-style edukayshon. Kim Jong Un would be proud!
  • Dissent momentum against technocrat monopolies builds to the point when government seriously begins drafting legislation to break up big-tech monopolies and heavily regulate them as toxic propaganda and threats to sovereign security. Google and Facebook breaks up into tiny little pieces.
  • Despite failing in both Canada and Finland, Nu-Communism aka Basic Income is attempted in more countries, quickly turning wageslaves surviving below the poverty line, into comfy NEETs for a short period until Big Daddy Government pulls the plug after realizing it's too expensive.
  • Butthurt Moslems blow up 300+ Christians in Sri Lanka as revenge for Brenton Tarrant's ethnic cleansing ritual. Shitlibs openly refuse to call the victims Christians, instead referring to them as "Easter Worshipers". The Sri Lanka government, meanwhile, goes full Stronghold Crusader and begin purging the country of sandmonkeys.
  • Yet another Synagogue was shot up during Passover by a sperg that left behind a manifesto (Basically the same as Tarrant's, but far more blatant and openly hostile).


  • Alphabet (formerly Google) loses 70 Billion USD in revenue and YouTube is considered into playing a big role in that part with demonetization. Susan Waluigi has a lot of explaining to do.
  • Third Rate Gamer ProJared cheats on his wife for a shitty emo looking girl, look how well that went. Even better, month's before the incident he asked fans to send him nudes, some of which are underage. He truly fucked himself big time a lost 100k subscribers that day.
  • Not 24 hours later, professional Faggot, James Charles, is charged for using his money and power to force straight guys to be his bottoms in exchange for favors.
  • May 14th: Grumpy Cat was called home to be with Jesus at age 7.
  • May 24th: Theresa May ragequits after England finished dead last in the Eurovision, barely making it three years in the office. Boris Johnson takes the lead!


  • June 4th, 2019: Adpocalypse 3.0: This time it was caused by a faggot complaining directly to YouTube about Steven Crowder saying some things. Amazingly, YouTube stood its ground... for 24 hours before cucking like a little bitch and demonetizing Crowder as well as other YouTubers that had nothing to do with this faggotry.
  • June 5th, 2019: YouTube once again violates the first amendment and shuts down thousands of channels for hate speech. It's like they never learned from their 70 Bullion USD loss.
  • June 10th, 2019: Someone in Cleveland farted and caused a Earthquake
  • June 19th, 2019: Negro Etika becomes an hero in Jew York
  • AOC cries like a little bitch behind an empty parking lot fence in an obvious attempt to pander to foreign invaders gang raping the U.S. border. The photographer is so buttmad he demands the photos be taken down, not apparently unaware how the internets work.


  • July 2nd, 2019: ED goes down after the Cloudflare problems.
  • July 4th, 2019: 4th of Jew lies. Also ED returns. Everyone thinks it's not gonna happen again.
  • July 9th, 2019: Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is finally arrested for possession of child pornography. The Clintons perform their usual damage control as much as possible, with mentions of Bill being with Kevin Spacey on Jeff's rape island being removed from the Wikipedia page while keeping a mention of him meeting Trump once years ago still there. (Clearly nothing sinister here, folks)
  • Around the same time, 400,000 weebs planned to zerg rush Area 51 by running Naruto style into the base in the hopes of not getting shot and finding alien tech.
  • July 18, 2019: There was an arson attack on the Kyoto Animation headquarters in Kyoto, Japan (obviously), which was a dark and horrible day for anyone who is an otaku.
  • The Mueller Report is finally exposed as the hoax of the century as Robert Muller drivels on national television about this bullshit and exposing himself as an incompetent moron who shouldn't even be there, let alone heading the investigation. As expected, the Lying Jew Media beings chimping out after investing nearly 3 years into this hoax only to get nothing out of it and proving Trump (and the rest of us) right about them.
  • archive.is finally refuses to snapshot pages from Twitter.



  • September 20: A bunch of faggots attempt to raid Area 51. They shall instead raid and dismantle Silicon Valley, It's much easier are has a real prize at the end.
  • September 20: A goose game is released on the Switch to keep everyone interested in the above event indoors. It fucking works.
  • September 23: Swedenistan Aspie Greta Thunberg lectures the leaders of the first world for being the biggest polluters while in the process dismissing China. Who doesn't love China.


  • October 02: South Park aired S23E02 Band In China that literally got the episode banned from China for making fun of China's greed and comparing China's president to Winnie the Pooh.
  • October 05: Vic Mignogna has sexual allegations discharged by a Texas judge. Monica derails herself into a corner.
  • October 07: Encyclopedia Dramatica returns in its everlasting glory after Cloudfare stops fagging around. There was much rejoicing.
  • October 08: Blizzard permabans a chink playing Heartstone, a Magic: The Gathering rip off for a year very publicly and takes his prize money away because he didn't have any tegrity, also bans two other players who heard him say "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time". Blizzard softens his sentence to half both in terms of prize money and dignity a week later, but this doesn't prevent the Streisand Effect from happening. The consumers do the same thing and don't purchase Overwatch, a three year old game that's now relevant as spoiled milk, for the third time a week later. Nintendo cancels Blizzard's special event a week after in response to the Hong Kong bullshit gamers will forget about in a week, an Activision Blizzard rep says in his office. Merchandise of Mei from Overwatch has been removed due to protesters using Mei as a symbol to free Hong Kong. Meanwhile, World of Warcraft players are ragequitting to move to Final Fantasy XIV. BlizzCon 2019 is expected to actually be fun this year. Spoiler: it wasn't.
  • October 09: President Trump in his infinite wisdom withdrew USA troops from Kurdish territory to stop policing Turkey's miltary ambitions. It works.
  • October 21: Despite all his bullshit and being complete shut off from Alberta and Saskatchewan, Justin Trudeau gets re-elected this time under minority government. Many people in Alberta are now seeking succession. Quebec also voted to succeed from this shitty cuck country.
  • October 24: Facebook added Breitbart as part of the trusted news section. SJW journalists from fake news got butthurt over it. Some like Brianna Wu claims that Facebook is GamerGate.
  • October 31st: If eveything goes well, Brexit will finally happened without delays, and England will finally remember how it's like to lick the world's boots like a bitch. Fast forward to November 2019, England chickened out for the third time in one year.


  • Lord Gaben trolls the world by teasing Half Life Alyx as an excuse to sell VR sets. It fucking works.
  • November 29 - Twitter-favicon.png The FBI Records Vault Twitter page posted the FBI documents on GamerGate, revealing the conclusion that with no leads to investigate and no arrests, GamerGate is officially innocent and not a harassment group against the poor wahman of gayming.


  • Shitter has suspended @EDdotse, having no sympathy for people who are not filthy leftists like usual.
  • Onision gets buttfucked after his Patreon gets b& after he retardedly doxxed someone online. Not helping the case is Chris Hansen telling him to take a seat over there.
  • December 5, 2019 - YouTube follow up their awful 2018 Rewind with a video full of statistics.
  • December 10th, 2019 - YouTube's new TOS policies were added, but literally nothing bad really happened.
  • December 18th, 2019 - Donald drumpf/blumpf/krumpf/zumpf.numf/trump finally gets v8nd from his presidency, many a more sulk over this great loss.
  • December 25th, 2019 - Zoe Quinn got high on Christmas, but doesn't erase her history of bullying her ex-boyfriend & beta orbiter Alec Holowka to suicide.
  • December 29th, 2019 - Maria "Remilia" Creveling, a transgender competitive League of Legends championship streamer that Kotaku thinks Remilia is the "first woman to compete", kills himself. The Kiwi Farmsers saved Remilia's last livestream before joining the 41% of tranny sucides.
  • December 31, 2019 - The Final day of this shithole called the 2010's. Good fucking riddance.

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