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The 2000s (two-thousands) was the decade that occurred roughly from 2003 to 2009. Computers started to become actually decent, which allowed for truly 3D Video Games, and MMOs like World of Warcraft and Maplestory, along with Web 2.0. 80% of Memes were created during the 2000s, and penetrated the mainstream, thus causing an Eternal September and making the normies start to ruin our fun. Sites like 4chan started to become complete shit by the end of this decade. Encyclopedia Dramatica was brought into existence during the 2000s, single-handedly giving billions of people a reason to live. The economy went to shit, fucking america up the ass even harder than the initial bush presidency. A nigger managed to become el presidente of Murka after W Fucked off, mainly due to White Guilt. Lame ass subcultures such as emo kids and scenefags were at their peak.

Everyone hated this decade when it was going on, but as time went on to tell, it was a utopia compared to the 2010s, and now "00s kids" (people born in the mid-90s who have given up on trying to be 90s kids and/or people born in the early 2000s) look back on it with the same rose-tinted glasses that 90s nostalgiafags have on, with most of the nostalgia being for the 2000-2006 period.


Y2K Doom 1.jpg
Kicking off the new millenium with a BANG!
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Angry german kid vs numa numa.jpg
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Angry Homo Kid Dark Knight why so homo.jpg
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This year was the last of the 20th century, and of the 2nd Millenium.

  • Y2K doesn't happen, making an ass of millions of preppers and conspiracy nuts.
  • Al-Qaeda holds a summit (with cooperation of USA, Israel, and Saudia Arabia) to prepare for the epic pwnage that would occur next year in New York City.
  • AOL announces plans to buy out Time Warner for $162 BILLION dollars, the largest merger evar.
  • The release of the PS2 and Gamecube.
  • Bad Vlad becomes el presidente of Russia, and to this day, still holds mother russia by the balls.
  • Microsoft gets pwn'd by the US Government.
  • DeviantArt is launched, further accelerating the societal decay of teh intarwebz, by giving furfags, autistic artfags, and weebs a creative outlet.
  • Al Gore sues W over the 2000 Elections of USA, but congress narrowly rejects the recount, thus ensuring Dubya becomes the dictator of Dumbfuckistan for a decade.


  • W Rigs the election, barely defeating Al Gore by having his brother, Jeb Bush rig the polls in Florida. Coincidentally, over 1/3rd of Nigras in that state were unable to vote due to being v& and sent to Prison at some point in their lives, thus banning them from being able to vote.
  • Jews successfully conspire to bring down the World Trade Center towers; in full cooperation with the Shadow Government of Dumbfuckistan, they hire a dozen Saudis to massively pwn NYC and Raep the minds of the masses.
  • Newgrounds is flooded by shitloads of crappy 9/11 tributes within hours.
  • Shawn Woolley becomes an hero while EQ was still running on his PC. This caused a lot of lulzy drama online, especially within the MMO community.
  • Wikipedia launches.
  • Most 16 year old girls of today are born around this year.
  • Timothy McVeigh is executed by Uncle Sam.
  • Jews Did WTC - Duh!
  • Windows XP is released, and is still used to this day; mainly, by the Chinese and Russians.
  • Apple releases that shitty iPod.
  • Duke Nukem Forever is made, but not really.
  • W signs the Patriot Act. A massive campaign of the erosion of civil liberties occurs.
  • Just a month after 9/11, a plane taking off from NYC, America Airlines Flight 587, crashes in Queens, just minutes after takeoff, pwning all of the 260 unlucky sods aboard!
  • A serial killer named Gary Ridgway (The Green River Killer) gets caught, after the longest game of hide-and-seek in US History.


  • Square has passionate sex with Disney, creating the abomination that is known as Kingdom Hearts, a game series played exclusively by underage b& and Scenefags.
  • Unsurprising to anyone with a 90+ IQ, America goes to shit under the reign of Dictator Bush.
  • Robert Steinhäuser goes for the high score in Germany, landing 16 frags in the best example of Tactical Espionage Action on the "School" gamemode, in the history of the game of Life!


  • The 90s truly end around now.
  • moot makes 4chan, thus planting the seeds of 80% of all internet memes.
  • MySpace comes out, giving Emo fags a home.
  • Saddam Hussein gets caught :(
  • Star Wars Kid has his cringy videos leaked out by his "Friends", becoming a massive internet meme and getting bullied to near-death. He's a successful lawyer now.
  • Operation Pipe Dreams is conducted.


  • Justin Timberlake flashes Janet Jackson's tit at the Super Bowl, causing a media storm and moral panic upon retarded conservatives.
  • W wins the elections again, providing direct evidence of the lack of intelligence among the 'Murkan tribesmen.
  • Ronald Reagan is worm food, making rednecks BAWWW for weeks.
  • EverQuest II, and World of Warcraft are released, destroying millions of lives in the process.
  • YTMND emerges from the series of tubes...
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica is born. She's old enough to 'hit' now, if you are a Catholic Priest ;)
  • Dimebag Darrell is murdered on stage.
  • Numa Numa yey, numa numa numa yey




This year is probably the most notable in intarwebz culture. Because of this fact, we're only leaving in the best stories from the year; see the article for a tl;dr insight into this crazy ass year.


A fuckload of shit happens this year as well. Many memes originated this year as well. As usual, here's the most notable events:


  • Boxxy takes over the internets.
  • Nancy Pelosi does a rickroll. Good night, sweet meme.
  • Fred Phelps is b& from the United Kingdom.
  • Kenny Glenn abuses his cats and has his life destroyed by Anons everywhere.
  • Travis the Killer Chimp - What have we learned here? Chimps are not people too. They are psychopathic killing machines that will eat your face if you change your hairstyle.
  • Girugamesh - A terribly embarrassing commercial for an anime convention turns into annoying internet sensation.
  • Josef Fritzl gets arrested, and sentenced to life in prison.
  • John Katehis - Eat your heart out, Chris Hansen; this guy not only hunts pedophiles, he does something about it.
  • Angry Homo Kid - a 12 year old christfag boy starts a vlog, gets noticed, gets trolled hard, chimps out, and becomes an immortal meme.
  • The 10th anniversary of the Columbine High School Massacre. NEVAR FORGET!
  • Tony48219 assassinates fellow youtuber AsiaMcGowan, after an epic flamewar.
  • Tubcat dies :(
  • Operation YouTube - A mass upload of porn onto YouTube, using tags in a way that millions of people see the pr0n. The meme "I am 12 years old and what is this?" spawns.
  • Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and BILLY MAYS die!
  • Balloon Boy - Half of America stops and stares at a silver balloon as they get fuckin' owned by a 6 year old troll
  • Obama wins the Most useless Nobel Peace Prize for no fucking reason.
  • At least Al Gore had a god damn PowerPoint.
  • Nidal Hassan goes for the high score on Nightmare Difficulty, at Fort Hood, and manages an A+ grade for his work, all things considered.
  • ED turns 5.
  • Tiger Woods cheats on his wife.
  • World of Warcraft reaches it's peak, with 12,000,000 pathetic losers actively playing it. It quickly dies after WOTLK though.


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