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When there's a global crash of communications networks I think I'll sit back and read a book.
Jews scare us again
explanation of Y2K
Y2K Doom 1.jpg

Y2K was an old meme and conspiracy theory from the 1990s, and quite possibly the lulziest moment in computerdom history. The original Y2K meme was a creepypasta about how at the beginning of the new millennium, all computers would break and the internets would die because of Bill Gates.

In order to prevent this catastrophe, W made a deal with the Jew that if they didn't do Y2K, they could do WTC instead.

Horrifyingly enough, none of the computers manufactured before 2000 now operate, confirming the above statements.

It's important to fill your house with water

The Scare

Y2K Doom 2.jpg

Some people were stupid enough to buy "Y2K kits", stock up on food and groceries at the last minute, and generally stay in a state of panic for the entire week leading up to New Years.

The ball dropped, clocks changed over, the Internet didn't crash, life went on as normal, and nothing of value was lost

A few funny things happened however, like a Japanese power plant's radiation detectors shutting down.

In hindsight, it would have been the most awesome way to troll the entire world if someone found a way to make a virus big and bad enough to take down every computer in the world. Maybe next millennium in 2039 2038—enjoy your 31-bit computer clocks.

The Awful Truth

Y2K 1.jpg
Y2K 2.jpg

A little known but increasingly obvious fact is that the catastrophic Y2K meltdown did actually occur and is an ongoing occurrence. Since a billionth of a second just before/after the stroke of midnight on December 31st, 1999 the universe has been locked in a logical fallacy, caused by the bug, from which it is impossible to escape. The fallacy being that nothing happened. Once this is accepted and internalised it is easy to spot the signs of this catastrophe everywhere. The main clue is that there is no evidence; if there were evidence we would not be locked in the false loop at all. This is fact.

According to numerous studies the best way to deal with this catastrophe is to carry on as normal and forget you ever knew the awful truth. For those who can handle such paradoxes, a slightly more meaningful way to deal with this is to carry on as normal while keeping the thought in the back of your mind that none of this is real and most people don’t know it.

As Dilbert explains, people had to drink milk
in-order to relieve the stress of the upcoming doomsday

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