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Info non-talk.png Update: For a new interview with "Alex" from the 1guy1jar video's fame, see here.
I am cann't panic. If my sphinkter was pressed I don't pass out glass. And I could to lose the consciousness (collapsed) from lost of blood. Because I'm cann't panic.


—Alex, the one guy one jar guy, commenting on how he remained calm during his ordeal.

1guy1jar (a.k.a. Jarman or Jar Man on /b/) is a shock video that quickly rocketed to a great deal of popularity in early December 2008, shorty after the equally fux0red 3Guys1Hammer vidya debuted on the Internets. In a time when new, genuinely disturbing shock videos were becoming scarce on the web, one man brought a fresh take to the genre, raising the bar for the standards of sick anal torture using nothing but a glass jar and his determined will. If you've had your fill of 2girls1cup and Goatse just doesn't do it for you anymore, 1guy1jar may be just what you need to get your shock fix.

The Video

Blame the Jedi...

The video starts out in a foreboding but harmless manner; a sealed glass jar sits between the bare legs of a man hovering above. The viewer's suspicions of what is to happen to the jar are quickly affirmed as the man begins to crouch down over the jar and forcibly insert it into his visibly lubricated anus. Just as the man finishes inserting the jar into his ass, a *crack* is heard from inside of the man's pooper and the lid pops off with a piece of glass still attached. From here, it all goes downhill, as the man begins to stand up and blood begins to slowly seep out of the man's asshole onto the floor below. The remainder of the video shows the man patiently trying to fish the shards of broken glass out of his asshole as the pool of blood beneath him grows larger.

But perhaps the craziest part of the whole video is how little reaction the man has to shitting out an assload of blood and broken glass. At no point in the entire video do you hear a single whimper, cringe, or "OW THESE SHARDS OF GLASS ARE HURTING MY ANUS!" And when the man finally finishes removing the last bits of glass from his torn butthole, though at the very last 1.5 seconds of the video after he has stepped back, a loud scream can be heard. Truly one tough (and incredibly sick) bastard.

My anus...IS BLEEDING!!!

It should be noted that if 'Jar Man' had used the superior glassware of the PYREX® brand, all this nastiness could have been avoided.

PYREX® can stick it up your ass and it won't stab your rectum.

The video's likeness to the Rejected cartoon "My anus is bleeding" was parodied in a video posted on Tribalwar forums in a thread titled "1 Guy 1 Cup - My Anus is Bleeding edition"

Alex released a new video mid-February Next day after accident with an interview Ow! My ASS!.


/b/ tells it like it is.
A /b/tard familiar with the procedure chimes in.

Due to the natural human "shock and disbelief" reaction to the video, which is something along the lines of "OH FUCK THAT'S NASTY NO WAY IS THAT REAL", conspiracy theories have sprung up regarding the nature of the video: are we all being trolled by a master, or did somebody accidentally a whole glass jar?

The debate can be summarized in a few choice quotes from a /b/ thread on the matter:

Fake, the blood is much too red..

I reckon he put a load of fake blood up his ass, got a sugar glass jar with a cap, pushed that up his ass, would've taken a few seconds before it weakened from the heat then shattered.. after that its just a matter of pulling out any chunks which look remotely like glass shards...

My reasons for thinking its fake: he makes no noise the blood looks fake there's almost no glass on the floor after yet he stands up fine there's no blood dripping when he stands up, real glass would've ripped his hole to shreds as he pulled it out, and would've been dripping loads.


—Anonymous Fag

blood from veins is thick and dark, almost purple

blood from arteries is thin and bright red

neither of those vids seem fake at all to this medifag here...tbh, I wished they were fake.


—Anonymous Medifag

P.S.: All blood turns bright red upon contact with the air, lrn2doctor.

P.P.S. Incorrect. Bright red blood is oxidized (meaning it has oxygen in it, and thus would be coming from the heart/lungs), dark red doesn't have oxygen in it (going to the heart/lungs). Coming in contact with outside air (mostly nitrogen) doesn't oxidize your blood. L2biology, noob. [1]

Well, I can tell you one thing. It's definitely not Lupus.



Hosting Sites

Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it and my heart just going to cave in.

The video was originally hosted on a site called, a website specializing in fucked up or disturbing porn videos. The video was uploaded on December 4th, and within less than a day amassed over half a million views. The video was uploaded with the title "1 Guy 1 Cup," and the url description read "The Worst Sex Accident of All Time." The following message was also left above the video as a warning to viewers:

You're one click away from witnessing one of the most unsettling things I've ever posted. I'm still trying to figure out if this was intentional or what. Any ordinary human being would've said "OH FUCK!" and then proceeded to scream like a gay couple who's marriage just got revoked. This stunner doesn't even make a peep. I don't get it.


Given the popularity of the video, it was unsurprising that people would hurry to host the video on other sites in an effort to scar the minds of others on the nets. One fearless e-hero registered the domain "," and this has now become the main site for the video's viewings. In true shock site fashion, is simplistically designed, containing only the video. There are no pause buttons or slider bars for you to catch your breath or skip the worst parts, nor does it contain any outside links to take your eyes away from the pain.

The man responsible for taking the video of himself recently did an interview for The person revealed he was Ukrainian and his full name was Alexey Tatarov all known as Alex, btw his e-mail is: [email protected]. There is more of the interview to be posted soon. Alex took new photos in the kitchen where he took the original 1 cup video. 1 guy 1 cup photos



Only in the western countries my video have popularity. In the former USSR risk is minimal.


—1guy1jar - He's not worried about SOVIET RUSSIA where jars goatse YOU

The 1guy1jar phenomena was being discussed (only for registered members) on the Stile Project Forums recently and to the shock and amazement of many of the Spf community, 1guy1jar (he claims his name is Alex) actually posted on the forum.

the original forum post
with the accompanying picture

Of course, nobody believed this guy. For the most part, everybody either thought he was dead, or thought it was some sort of elaborate prank. Proof was quickly demanded:

Being a child of the internet I cannot believe this is really one guy one cup guy. Write stile sux on a jar and crush it with your mighty anus for proof of identity.


—Rorgazm posting on TheForum

This questioning of his identity caused 1guy1jar to respond quickly with this:

1guy1cup does not do jars on demand

After a bit he also responded to his naysayers buy posting a new 1guy1jar video on TheForum and linking the RapidShare address:

You Can't Handle The Truth!

Here is the video where you can see for yourself. While he may not know how to spell "stile" in the address or in his forum postings, he does get it right on the piece of paper that he has placed inside of his new jar.

I'm still trying to cope with the fact that I told a man to shove something in his ass and he did it. Have I caught the gay?


—Rorgazm has another comment

That was pretty fuckin quick, from "PROVE IT" to "STILESUX IN MAH BUTT" in an hour and a half.... that's mighty impressive.


—Yes, rutager4152, it is very impressive.

Now that he is e-famous, 1guy1jar is pimping for the ladies

Update Part Two

Alex, would it hurt to crack a smile?


—Forum user Zombies Make me Hot asking Alex for some emotion...while he sticks things up his ass.

I'm guessing that what he does takes alot of concentration.... no time for grins and shenanigans.


—Losh, Alex is a professional, the trick is to make it look easy.

It has been a while since we have heard from the 1guy1jar fellow, but just because he hasn't been around does not mean that he isn't busy. For those of you who have not seen his latest video, here is a link to the new "1guy1screwdriver" video. But "Alex" does not stop there, since his internet celebrity has grown, he has also decided to make some fan signs for the lucky few who have the balls (or homosexuality) to ask him for one. So far, only THREE GUYS have requested such vulgarity, but more are sure to surface...c'mon girls, we know you love him!

Special Video

Some lucky drunk named Johnny Royale got his own video...he will be visiting Russia soon, for hot jar sex love.

Fansign Gallery


The Sequel: 1 Guy 1 Screwdriver!

Wonder what the TSA would say to this one.

1guy1screwdriver is another shock video on the interwebs originating yet again from eFukt, a user called Drill that also sticks nasty objects into his rotten cockhole found said video by searching for rape pr0n like everyone on eFukt does. The video starts off with a guy with a jar up his ass and something sticking out of his dick. Then we move on to the guy shoving the handle of a screwdriver in his urethra. After that, we see the bloody aftermath. By the way he is Alex aka 1 Guy 1 Cup and his e-mail is: [email protected].


"Jarman" has also earned himself a spot in /b/'s black heart, and is often the subject of their numerous shoops and discussions.

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