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Foundation10th November 2003
Major Boards/rail/
Epic Winsraid on One Chan


1chan was an image board created by a guy called thatdog (who rarely posts on his own board), and is home to a group of trolls, railroaders, foamers, furries, Thomas fags, and weeaboos whose goal it is to be the one who knows the most about trains.


Due to russian chease pizza being flooded on the board thatdog fearing the party van shut down the site. A tempoary bord was set up on 8chan untill another clon site called Rail Chan was set up. Since Rail Chan consist of the same users of 1chan much of what is on this page applies.


Since the majority of the stupid fucks on


Rail Chan can't spell worth a shit, someone with real grammar skills will groom this bad boy up on a weekly basis. If things start looking like they were written by a 20-something-year-old with the mentality of a 5-year-old (like Ham549), you diagnosed the problem accurately. Fear not; by Friday each week, things will be cleaned up again.

==How to troll


Rail Chan==

  1. Make a thread asking something about trains. They will swarm to your thread, trying to be the first one to show off their trainology or whatever you may call it. Once the sauce is delivered, others will continue to follow up with other related information to top the previous poster.
  2. Post anything slightly furry related. This will immediately induce a retaliatory post from Ham549, usually of anti-furry art (ironic since he is a furry himself) or something to do with the F40PH. Note: If they sage and post pictures of train crashes, that means they don't like the thread anymore.
  3. Post anything Genesis-related, or anything that remotely hints at defamation of the F40PH. The latter will provide the best results.
    • It should best be noted here that anything posted (not to Ham549's liking) WILL result in drama. He considers himself "King Shit," "Overwatch," "God," and "Head Cock" of 1chan, though as the great SooLine once said, "Ham has yet to learn that incendiary opinions and responses are best kept to himself, and as such inevitably will say some form of asshattery, a trend known all too well to all of us. The temptation of witnessing a Hamsplosion is too great for some to avoid, so instigation ensues with predictable, and sometimes entertaining, results."
  4. Get into an editing war on the 1chan ED page, which, at this rate, won't be around for much longer.




Yes, there are so few posters on this chan that we can literally list every single one of them by name.

  • 09!6PT2TQJNaQ -N/A
  • aGEisfinetoo -Plays with Legos still.
  • Jason Hill KD7TQN -1/3 of the Washington Hornfag Trio, ham radio fag, rarely posts to 1chan, but when he does it's something about horns. Every time. Usually the K5LA. Jason's lust for horns rivals Ham's lust for the F40PH.
  • AutisticPsycho!5/elwbL0iI -TSA janitor.
  • Anon!LuRkerPkyw -One of the few people who have met Ham549 outside of 1chan and survived.
  • Black Plague!!Qye6CTw5 -Likes to flood ginormous pictures.
  • Captain Slog -I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
    I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
    Everybody look at me cause I'm sailin' on a boat (sailin' on a boat)
  • Churchill8F -A Britfag and Thomas the Tank Engine fetishist.
  • Cornelius Vanderwreck -A grumpy old fag who's been around since dirt.
  • DBAG -German
  • drewb99 -Seems to be from New York
  • Ferrous -Has a fetish for locomotives with Dat Ass. Also is the Internet incarnate.
  • forman -N/A
  • BCOLisalwaysright -Expert thread hijacker
  • gamer1682!pbcDCukrBw -Requested he be mentioned here.
  • Ham549!.CzKQna1OU -He claims to be the guy who invented the F40PH meme, cant speel worth a dame, he also can't take a joke worth shit. Everything is completely srs business with him. Also made this video. 'Nuff said.
  • Kartma!wvTgDQHyaM -The guy who posts more animu shit than actual trains. You have to give Kartma credit though, because most of the news updates pertinent to the train community are made by him.
  • microbuss -A closet furry.
  • Musky Stoat!fjJbBede6I -One of the most active members.
  • Nanaki -Another furfag who likes to troll with Thomas the Tank Engine. Also does bad Photoshops. Suspected wolfaboo.
  • HO Guy -Posts pictures of his trains on a ping pong table.
  • noofnoof!g9p3Ms4sPQ -Ausfag with a fetish for narrow gauge. Fails at pic dump.
  • PsychoFox -Has a fetish for midget trains. Nice name, furfag.
  • Smitie -A railway slave from Africa. He makes tl:dr posts about how they feed him watermelons and gets struck with a whip if he don't nail the track down faster.
  • SooLine!3GqYIJ3Obs -Has the biggest hard-on for the railroad known as Soo Line.
  • Sparks -Newfag, also American with a love of all things British and Australian.
  • Stickman -A retired railroader with glasses.
  • t3h_fuhr3r!IpkR/xtlzM -This guy likes CP. Lots of CP. That's all he ever posts, and if there is a CP thread on the board, news flash! He's in it.
  • Tex -Stuck somewhere in Arizona.
  • thaddeusthudpucker!pzKE5FBJbw -Drives big rigs. Possibly Insane.
  • Therock!E0rycVwH.I -Can't stop him.
  • wirodeu!!CiJ+ZEoe
  • Ytter -The only guy who seemed the most badass became an hero not too long ago.
  • ThamasTehTrain -Really a very VERY funny shitty user who just shitposted and shit. Got banned for the lulz.

The Employees

There are a few members of 1chan who actually do this shit for a living on a daily basis. These individuals, otherwise regarded as heroes and professionals of their trade, are equally as fail as the rest of 1chan for coming home from work and .....oh yeah, discussing moar trains!

  • B&OCT Rail Snail - A real life railroad employee and weeaboo, second only to Kartma.
  • Ham's Headache!F40PH4rHYQ - Another real life railroad employee who likes to get into occasional troll battles with Ham, much to the entertainment of the rest of the members.
  • Filthy!zIArsem5L. - Yet another real life railroad employee, who is also the biggest furfag of them all. He even runs a chan site with Jay Naylor called U18 chan that hosts tons of furry porn. Also draws/traces shitty furry porn. He trolls the shit out of Ham. But 1chan always seems to forgive him when he actually contributes to the board with things such as his model train layout: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/abitfur4u/ Possibly likes to stalk women taking pictures of their butts.


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