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Shock Site

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What? This article needs moar links, articles and details on each of these sites, including discussion of content and whether each contains a video or an image.
You can help by adding moar links, articles and details on each of these sites, including discussion of content and whether each contains a video or an image.
Shocking, no?

Shock sites are what make the internet great. They are a perfect way to cause drama in a wide variety of retarded groups. However, if the group is not sufficiently retarded, or internet experienced, or the site is not shocking enough, you'll just end up being a huge failure at life. Handle with care.

There are four standard ways to display shocking content:

  1. Pic - Static image
    • Earliest notorious example: Goatse
  2. Flash loop - Short looping SWF video clip, usually set to music
  3. Video - Extended video, usually not set to music
  4. Browser-fuckers - A complex way of displaying shock content that crashes your browser or fucks your computer in some way. And unlike the other three, you can't fap to that.

Sites consisting entirely of text are not shock sites per se, but there have long existed both short and long shocking text passages (e.g. Raping Little Suzy).

Recommended Usage

Typical reaction to a shock site.

Shock sites are best used under the guise of perfectly benign links. Approaches include:

  1. Generic Misdirects
  2. Site-specific Misdirects
    • Hey guys, go to http://[whatever] for free/information on/etc. [whatever] links to Last Measure

Partial List of Shock Sites, Past and Present

Large Compilations

Content Detailed on ED

If the link has been struck through (like this) it is dead. Feel free to replace with a mirror site if you know of one!

Newer Shock Content

Collection Sites with Pages Here

ED Originals

Live Shock Sites links to all the following shock sites:

That's Phucked offers fucked up sex videos and pictures along with the usual gore fare. Now has a content disclaimer; not so great if you want to use it to shock friends and family. However their videos do work on Apple and Android devices so are great for texting links to friends.


LOLShock, like Meat Spin Network, has a list of many shock sites. Most have 18+ warnings on them, ruining the surprise:

  • Prolapse Man - Image of a man's prolapsed rectum
  • Walk the Dinosaur - 3D animation of two dinosaurs giving one another blowjobs (SWF)
  • The Typical Mac User - A man at his desk, covered in shit and sucking a shit-covered dildo as he jerks off (Image)
  • LOL Train - Four men buttsecksing one another (Image)
  • Fruit Launcher - Woman launching oranges from her ass while shoving one in her vagina (SWF)
  • Milk Fountain - A circle of women squirting milk from their asses onto a woman covered in shit (Image)
  • Homewares - A woman covered in shit with shit in her vagina sucks on a shit-covered dildo (Image)
  • Jap Scat - Japanese woman shitting so a man can eat it up (Video)
  • Dad Party - Man being fucked by two trannies to "Make Love Like a Man" by Def Leppard (SWF)
  • Bottle Guy - Image of a bottle up a man's ass
  • Turdgasm - Two asian women eating puke and shit (Video)
  • - Asian woman vomiting onto another woman's breasts (Video)
  • Bowl Girl - Asian woman forcing herself to vomit into a bowl (Video)
  • Goatse Girl - Woman being fucked in the ass and pushing her rectum out (Video) Reported attack site as of January 2015.
  • - An image of a delicious vagina
  • 1Guy1Cock - Man choking on cock and semen (SWF)
  • 1Girl1Pitcher - Girl pissing into a pitcher and drinking it, then eating shit for good measure (Video)
  • Do Not Watch - Man in a bathtub being shit on (Video)
  • Clown Song - Man (supposedly Goatse) showing off his gaping asshole as "Sabre Dance" plays (SWF) Reported attack site as of January 2015
  • Phone Japan - Japanese girl puking onto another Japanese girl to "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors (SWF)
  • Worm Gush - Woman shitting onto another woman's face to "Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)" by Scatman John (SWF)
  • Whip Crack - Another meatspin rip-off, this time to "Let it Whip" by Dazz Band
  • LOL Hello - Two guys in their underwear covered in shit, the one on bottom presumably with his face in the other's ass (Image)
  • Mud Monster - A man jacking off while covered in shit (SWF)
  • Nut Abuse - A man having his balls squeezed and kicked by two dominatrices (Video)
  • - Autofellatio to "Now You're a Man" by DVDA
  • The Homo - Picture of a crossdressing fat man with a dildo in his ass, a dildo in his mouth, and a water bottle over his dick
  • Self Pwn - Another man performing autofellatio, but this time he's black (Image)
  • Kids in Sandbox - Violent urethral sounding (SWF)
  • Scroll Below - See offended, except with shitty warning that ruins all the fun.
  • - A Christmas special set to "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men (SWF)
  • - PROTIP: The paint is shit. (Video) Reported attack site as of January 2015

Shock Videos (Direct Links)

Nontraditional Shock Sites

Nontraditional shock sites host content that is shocking or generally offensive, but requires a bit of exploration for full effect. These may contain "believable" content (i.e. offer to sell something that is offensive but that seems at least marginally reasonable).

Sites and Communities Specializing in Shock Images and Other Shocking Content

Reaction Videos

Some of the above sites may have been taken down by The Man - please add them to the list of dead sites below if and when this happens.

Dead Shock Sites


Dead Nontraditionals

Dead Communities

See Also


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