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Numa numa is a meme that was shat from the bowels of Jewgrounds.

PROTIP: This video is unfunny.

Since it's inception, many people have attempted to make their own Numa Numa videos much to the horror of millions.



Nao with MOAR FATNESS and (somehow) LESS FUNNY!

Obviously thinks that he is kind of a big deal. It should be noted that while the original "numa" song, "Dragostea Din Tei," was made by the Moldovian pop group O-Zone, the "New Numa" song didn't even have their involvement. This proves what a stupid fucking whore Broselman is: in order to continue milking shitty TV appearances from his original unfunny bullshit, he actually had a whole new song made just for him, even though the whole point of the original Gary Broselman video- if there even was a point -was that he was dancing to someone else's song while making puns on foreign lyrics.


In September of 2006, Gary Brolsma realized he could become a chick magnet by exploiting his e-fame. He created a new, more professional video, with his own band and much more advanced flash files. The video was a flop, and he was revealed to be the faggot he was to the world.

Sadly, he still goes at it with a third video and a site.

Osama version

Copyright claim fucked.

Furry Edition

Nigger version

Got removed by user.

Pingas version



ReBOOt WIndoze

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  • Top 10 Greatest Shits The guy seems to be just the 3rd lamest meme on teh internets
  • Original video of guy from New Jersey. Not the best quality or sound, but gives insight into how lame people are.
  • some old memes don't want to die because having one video isn't enough, he just decided to do another video with another song. Now with effects and background. Seems like it DID die
  • MSNBC report which talks about how the video actually IS funny, proving once again that both Microsoft and NBC will always know exactly the opposite of cool.
  • Actual Romanian video-[This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom], wtf?
  • Video of the band O-Zone singing the original Dragostea din Tei. Watching the real video followed by the Jersey video illustrates exactly why Romania has cool pop culture but is also always trying to take down IRC. The original video is worth watching, though it should be noted it could not get any gayer if you shoved an elephant's schlong up its ass. The song is really a gay love song but most people are too fucking stupid to realize that guys kissing, wearing rainbow colors, and dancing gay means that they're really gay. The Jersey guy is a waste of time. Also copyright buttfucked.
  • typical ripoff Does ripoff mean "doesn't work" in Romanian? NOTE: Yes, yes it does.
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