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Wait for it...
Does fapping to this make me gay? Answer: Not anymore! Definitely yes this time. Probably.
Nobody could fap with her less convincing unconvincing shemale sidekick in the frame.
Pen0r not depicted
Mo smile for daddy? Sadly, shortly afterwards she was killed off by Seth McFarlane.

Line Trap is the name given by 4chan to a rat-faced crossdresser from Virginia who came to fame in /con/ around July 2007 after a YouTube Favicon.png video surfaced of his flashing its breasts to the /b/tards waiting in line for the 4chan Otakon panel, and then claiming to be male.

Whether this was true or not remained to be determined for well over a year, as Line Trap seemingly enjoyed trolling /b/tards by refusing to give a definite answer regarding his/her/it's gender. He posted his pictures on 7chan's dickgirls board, as well as Chansluts, which, despite his large Jew beak of a nose, caused him to be unreservedly fapped to by the sexual deviants at 4chan, who obviously didn't care about gender. For a long time his MySpace profile listed him as male, but in March 2008 it was changed, and listed him as female. Then as of October 4, she apparently couldn't make up her mind and was listed as male again. Currently she is listed as female with a shlong.

It's okay, I'm a boy... Srsly!


—Line Trap, Otakon video

Porn Career

I am working for shemale yum now, doing nude modeling. Everyone keeps asking why I did the modeling if I didn't want the attention. But how many opportunities does a person have to make hundreds of dollars for a couple hours of work. It would be stupid not to do it.


—Line Trap, her MySpace blog

In September 2008, Line Trap began to pose for a companion site dedicated to alternative girls, made by the popular Tranny company Grooby, under her (incredibly unimaginative) porn name, Harley Quinn. Perhaps realizing what a shitty name this is, she later changed her alias to 'Bailey Jay'.

Line Trap's first video was released on October 3, 2008, and immediately uploaded to numerous filesharing sites, providing people with the most boring fap they will ever experience. She's since appeared on Shemale Yum six times and is currently rated third in their top list of all time most popular models. She is working on her own website.

In June 2009, Line Trap was posting in her defunct blog with SFW videos, in preparation for her paysite. Somebody upload when she has buttsex She had buttsex already (both pitching and catching), and it's all over the internet.

In 2011, Bailey Jay won "Transsexual Performer of the Year" at the 2011 AVN Awards.[1] and again in 2012.

Relationships make some women insane. When I use the women’s restroom at strip clubs and overhear girls talking about their boyfriends, it’s like the guys are an accessory rather than a person. It’s no wonder girls need a fashion magazine quiz to communicate with their significant other. Women and men are just so different from each other. I’ve always had guys figured out. That’s why I feel safer around them. Most of my friends are guys. I’m very male-minded although I feel female. I don’t need a lot of attention and I hate others that do.

Guys are easy, I’ve never been in trouble with a boyfriend like I have with past girlfriends. Men are my people. I get them and they get me. I have simple needs: I enjoy giving oral, getting anal, making food and watching Netflix. I have no need for drama and most men don’t either.”


—Line Trap, on why girls are icky and gross.

Suicide Rumors

After Line trap stopped posting on 4chan and other sites, several fans started a rumor that Line Trap killed himself. This is a false statement made by faggots who seem to have unhealthy obsessions with camwhores who have decide to get the fuck off of the internet after realizing that giving out naked pictures of one's self is a huge fucking mistake.

Line Trap is, however, going bald, and as of January 2012, started to put on weight. - Ha ha! Fail.

She is married to her site's content editor and bottom bitch, Matthew Terhune. And making a music single.

Music Career

Bailey Jay is now pursuing a singing career. The result is below. Warning: Don't listen. I warned you.


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