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Enough said.
Your life ends where muslim feelings begin.

Innocence of Muslims is a troll movie allegedly made by a Coptic Christian named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who pretended to be a Jew named Sam Bacile, who created a masterpiece that displays the life of Muhammad. This film quickly gained 5/5 for "Death to America"-bility throughout numerous countries in the Middle East. This culminated with attacks on different embassies, culminating with the death of Christorpher Stevens, the Ambassador to Libya, due to smoke inhalation.

Back in America, now that the video that has so far gotten four Americunts killed, the fallout was of a different nature. While nobody has strapped bombs to themselves to kill American politicians (yet), things quickly got dramatic. No sooner was Ambassador Stevens' body turned cold was when Mitt Romney decided to turn the entire international crisis into a campaign issue, much like abortion and gay marriage. Appropriate, considering what the movie is actually about.

This whole film's nature is convoluted. The logistical planning of the film demonstrates there is a level of conspiracy designed to intentionally cause anti-American/Israeli sentiment. A few Muslims argued that this film was intentionally created by Zionist forces for some reason. This notion seems absurd since why would Obama fuck up his election with such a ploy, especially considering Obama is a secret Muslim. So the question is: who actually made this movie? Was it Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Israel, or possibly Republicans since they were so quick to jump all over Obama's handling of the international crisis.

Information is coming out now that many of the protesters haven't even seen the video. Going to further demonstrate that this issue is not really about Muslims being offended because of their religious views, but rather they are justifying their violence against America and Israel much like how anarchists justifying their violence against globalization.

The Movie Itself

It's worth mentioning that the actual movie isn't out as of the time of this writing (EDiots are planning a full review of it when it does release).

The trailer, which can be seen below, reveals how despite its alleged $5,000,000 price tag, can result in shitty cinema, suggesting a good deal of embezzlement was afoot. The overwhelming majority of backgrounds were clearly made with cheap-as-fuck green screens; the artwork is just slightly above Chris-chan quality; one of Muhammad's disciples is reported to have been played by a gay porn star; and a gay porn director directed the film. The movie's completely undeserved publicity can also be attributed to pastor and professional Christian troll Terry Jones, the mastermind of Burn a Koran Day.

Despite the shit-tier production look, the movies does deserve credit for delivering a semi-accurate account of Muhammad's life and times, by documenting the fact that Muhammad is historically recognized as a tyrant. The piece has allusions with scenes based out of the oral tradition (Hadith) and Qur'an, like when in the scene when he is being beaten by two of his wives because one of them got jealous, due to Muhammad fucking one of them and not the other is such. This semi-historical accuracy and allusion referencing is particularly insulting given on top of all this, the image of Muhammad is shown (which is a big no-no in Islam), to further add insult, Muhammad is portrayed as that dumb looking fuck.

The film has humor and jokes that are based off the original film, Desert Warrior, which is what the majority of the dialogue is about. The dialogue for the Innocence of Muslims was added later via dubbing. This results with many quotes and attributes that are presented as fact about the prophet Muhammad is considered highly blasphemous to Muslims. Numerous quotes exist in the Qur'an about it is bad to lie about Allah and his prophet. While Muhammad did marry a six year old girl for political reasons and sexed her up when she was nine years old, there is no evidence of any kind that suggests Muhammad encouraged or engaged in homosexuality. Also the film seems to touch upon Muhammad's incestuous relationship with Zaynab bint Jahsh.

Why it was offensive to Muslims

Muhammad the Tyrant

Typically when Muhammad defeated his enemies, he re-appropriated their wealth among his followers, committed mass executions of males, and selling their women and children into slavery, despite the Qur'an has an anti-slavery message. Sometimes Muhammad would take a sexy woman from a defeated enemy as his wife. There is controversy in the scholarly community for the reasoning behind Muhammad attacked Rayhana's tribe was for political reasons or because Muhammad wanted to get his dick wet from this alleged beauty.

While Muhammad's major enemies were local pagan tribes, the combat they engaged in was a mutual exchange of raids on caravans that is typical of Bedouin culture. Muhammad made enemy with the local Jews and eventually turned on the major clans, including his Jewish allies. It is important to know that despite the usage of the phrase Jew, we are not taking about Israeli Jews, but rather Arabanized Jews.

Muhammad's extreme disappointment with the Jewish refusal to recognize him as a prophet, led to his hostility towards them and to the wars against them. Ahmad now gives us some fresh insights into the strengths and weaknesses of siege warfare...


The real reasoning behind Muhammad's problems with the Jews; The Historical Muhammad; Chapter: Muhammad and the Jews page 140

It is in these terms that Muhammad and his followers learned something about the power equation between the desert and the sown. The "something new" was the reconginition of the vunerability of even the best fortified settlements and towns, a recognition that became an all-important element of Muslim military strategy in their spectacular conquests after the death of the Prophet. In those terms, Muhammad's war against the Jews of the Hijaz was a "dress rehearsal" for the wars of Islam against the empires.


—Muhammad practice war on Jews in the name of military tactics; The Historical Muhammad; Chapter: Muhammad and the Jews page 140

For it was after the "miraculous" victory of the Muslims over the Quraysh at Badr that Muhammad gained considerable prestige in Medina and among the surrounding Bedouin tribes, a prestige he soon transformed into political power. The victory at Badr, however, was followed by a raid on the Muslims by Abu Sufyan, the Meccan Commander. According to Muslim traditions, it was the leaders of the Banu Nadir who hosted Abu Sufyan and his raders, supplying him with up-to-date intelligence about the Muslim forces. Although the raid itself was militarily insignificant, it revealed the relationship between the Jewish tribe, B.Nadir, and Muhammad's Meccan enemy. The Jewish public rhetoric against Muhammad together with B. Nadir's secret dealings with his enemies, compelled him to act decisively, and to show that he was not weakened by the Meccan attacks. Ibn Ishaq fails to explain the cause of the breach, but Ibn Hisham tells the story with which we are now familiar, that some Jewish men of the B. Qaynuqa pinned the skirt of an Arab woman while she was seated in their market, so that when she stood up her nudity was exposed. A Muslim who was present took revenge on the Jew responsible for the prank, by killing him; and the Jews retaliated afterward, killing the Muslim.


—Muhammad taking advantage of any political incident to kill the Jewish rivals; The Historical Muhammad; Chapter: Muhammad and the Jews page 148

As the Jewish resistance to Muhammad continued, it took the form of a propaganda campaign. As we learned earlier, poetry fulfilled the function of journalism in Arabia, informing, but also inciting, and serving as the opening salvo in battle. One of the Jewish leaders, Kaab al-Ashraf, whose mother was from the B.Nadir, wrote a poem that was intended to be vulgar and insulting, the offensive nature of which ensured that it would be broadcast. Muhammad's reaction was predictable anger, and he asked, "Who will rid me of Ibn al-Ashraf?" The volunteer was Muhammad b. Maslama, who became one of the first secret assassins in the Muslim force. Evidently, he was urged to fill that role by Saad b. Muadh, the leader of the B. Abd al-Ashal, the man who effectively brought about their conversion to Islam. He served as Muhammad's personal bodyguard at Badr, and urged the slaying of all the Quraysh. Described as a man of bad temper, he is the individual who played a key role in the massacre of the men of the B. Qurayza. So this Maslama devised a plot, gained permission from Muhammad to tell lies in order to gain entry to Kaab, and murder him. This act cast terror among the Jews, and according to Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad followed this with a blanket order to "kill any Jew who falls into your power."


—Muhammad doing what it takes to win in the name of God; The Historical Muhammad; Chapter: Muhammad and the Jews page 149

The women and children of the B.Qurayza were sold into slavery to purcahse horses and weapons for the Muslims, and Muhammad chose one woman, Rayhana, who is said to have remained with him until she died. Some of the women and children were ransomed by Jews in Medina, Khaybar, Tayma, and Wadi al-Qura. The tribe of the B. Qurayza was destroyed, thus eliminating all organized Jewish opposition to Muhammad in Medina. A small number of Jews seem, nevertheless, to have remained in the city. Muhammad, having secured the city for Islam, could now turn his attention to other Jewish enclaves in Hijaz.


The Historical Muhammad; Chapter: Muhammad and the Jews page 151

Muhammad the Charlatan Harlequin

Since 1833, scholars have been arguing that Muhammad was inspired by other sources besides God transmitting divine revelation through the angel Gabriel. Since ancient documents were found in Yemen over three decades ago, this notion that Muslims have about the Qur'an being written in a complete divine form has been proven inaccurate. Due to a desire by scholars to get to the completest picture they can about the history of Islam, a debate has formed into two opposing factions: was it the Jews or Christians who actually inspired Muhammad's revelations? There is a hybrid version in this debate that merges both arguments that Muhammad was more inspired by Christians, but got his information about the Christians from Jewish sources.

For Torrey, it is quite likely Muhammad was literate and that he could write. For if that had not been true, why would the prosperous widow Khadija have chosen him to take charge of her trading ventures. Muslim scholars prefer to believe that Muhammad was unlettered in order to accentuate the miraculous nature of his having written down the words of God, mediated by Gabriel. But Torrey believes that Muhammad had possessed "the three Rs" from boyhood, and that he did indeed write down the whole of the Qur'an "with his right hand."


—Scholars questioning the traditional mythology of Islam;The Historical Muhammad; Chapter: Influences on Muhammad's Inspiration page 76

And through Torrey acknowledges that there are in the Qur'an at least three passages which seem clearly to be dependent on the New Testament (7:38; 57:13; and 19:1-15), he maintains that it was not from the Christians that the Arabian Prophet obtained information about the Gospels, for "it is utterly impossible to suppose that Muhammad ever had any continuous intercourse with Christians" (60). Furthermore, Torrey's argument continues, the name for Jesus in the Qur'an, Isa, is strange, and he escapes the fate intended for him and is taked up to heaven (Sura 3:48); and there is no mention of the Second Coming, the Christian doctrine which was more universally held and built upon than any other. Torrey sees this as support for his view that Muhammad's familitary with Christian doctrine and his impression of the Prophet Jesus, were derived not from direct Christian informants, but rather from "Jewish teaching, very shrewdly given" (81)


—Historiography at its finest; The Historical Muhammad; Chapter: Influences on Muhammad's Inspiration page 76-77

Mudslime Chimpouts So Far


Afghanistan's President, and Bush/Obama's partner in regional peace Hamid Karzai announced a nationwide YouTube block in Afghanistan because of the movie. In practice, meaning that he installed NetNanny on his own computer, thus effectively blocking every computer from being able to access YouTube in the country. Later the Taliban got jealous for being late for the party and attacked an Afgan military base. Proudly setting a new highscore of the whole chimpout of dead butthurt muslims at twenty, then they returned to whatever sandy cave they crawled from.

On September 18th 2012, a huge stride was made towards female participation in Afghan society. This change was so profound, that the explosive ripple from such an empowering and liberating event resulted in fourteen civilian casualities, including eight foreigners. Once again showing that Muslim extremists aren't against human rights and gender equality, but are against Western notions of human rights and gender equality.

Student protests in the eastern province of Nangarhar that resulted in the burning of effigies of Obama followed by tribal chiefs and Islamic clerics offering a $100,000 dollar bounty for the head of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.


Yes, apparantly there are enough mudslimes infesting Australia to stage a protest. Cheap and easy "chop everyone's but ours heads off" cardboard signs were plenty and the protesters showed their appreciation of Osama. As the muslims started throwing rocks, attacking the cops and went full jihad mode, Australian cops gave the "Allah Ackbar" chanting monkeys a faceful of mace.

Elders and other prominent members of the Muslim community in Melbourne informed journalists that they were not behind a protest that was planned for this Sunday. This demonstrates that it isn't merely political leaders within the Muslim community taking advantage of this crisis, but other interested parties are facilitating drama for whatever reason.


Protests have been ongoing since last thursday over the film. The Egyptian police aren't attempting their normal duties and stop the violent protests since they are still upset that their police state regime fell and are trying to prove a point about why Mubarak was a cool dude who was right about the Islamists. The interesting thing about the Egyptian protests is that the youth with no religious or political affiliation are violently protesting while the Islamists are peacefully protesting away from the American embassy. Here is a video of a young woman calling a Salafist man a "fag" for suggesting peaceful protests.

An Egyptian court issued arrest warrants for the arrest of seven Coptic Christians including American pastor Terry Jones. If convicted, they could face the death penalty, but that is assuming the defendants are stupid enough to show up in Egyptian court.


The Grand Mufti of Jammu gave a statement saying "US citizens visiting Kashmir should leave immediately as the sentiments of the Muslims have been hurt by these pictures." Despite these strong words, there were peaceful protests with minor scuffles. This is surprising because if there was going to be a legitimate World War 3, it would be over Kashmir and it would be a conflict of Muslims and Hindus with nuclear weapons.


Obama with his Jew swag

There were peaceful protests with minor scuffles with the police in Terhan outside the Swiss embassy (which is the United States' communication medium to Iran). While by no means are Iranians peaceful and are famous for storming Zionist embassies in the past, but when protests happen within Iran that are not directed towards the Shia totalitarian state, the dear leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad allows such protests to happen to demonstrate a Muslim solidarity of "Death to America!" mentality.


OH LAWDY, this is like another 9/11! Trayvon Martin all over again.

Unlike other countries in the Middle East, Lebanon is rather industrialized and exposed to Western culture. Despite this development and acclimatization to Western society, this didn't stop angry Muslims from having a chimpout in response to a 15 minute trailer to a poorly made movie. Despite the usage of terms used to describe blacks and their behavior, such as referring to angry Muslims having a "chimpout" or referring to Arabs as "Sand Niggers," doesn't mean regular blacks are Arabs. This difference was demonstrated magnificently when the Lebanese Sand Niggers decided to burn down a local KFC. Such an act would be considered unfathomable if Sand Niggers were actual Niggers, not simply individuals who behave similarly when presented with controversies.

After a few days of protesting in Lebanon, Lebanon's equivalent of Osama Bin Laden, Hassan Nasrallah, came out of hiding to rant about this film. Despite his argument that this film's creation shouldn't be blamed on Christians, which was rather reasonable of a Terrorist leader, he then came out and claimed that the United States should be blamed for the creation of this film. Nasrallah goes further and argues that an international law should exist to prevent hate speech against religion (specifically Islam), citing laws about Holocaust denial and antisemitism as a basis for his anti-free speech argument. Finally after being told for eight years that they hate our freedoms, the terrorists are actually coming after our freedoms and our politicians couldn't care less.


I told you about the extremists, dog

Unlike their pyramid-building pussy sandnigger cousins, Libyans actually did something. America's head ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, who made more dough while taking a shit than you make in your entire lifetime, was having a joyride in his pimpmobile with his homies and got to experience some of that famous Libyan hospitality in the form of an RPG.

One of the victims was Sean Smith or "Vile Rat", an e-jew known for defrauding people in EVE Online and being a moderator in money-grubbing grand jew Lowtax's pay-to-post Web 1.0 forum that stopped being relevant about a decade ago. He was famous for defending minorities and banning people whom he disagreed with. It is sweet irony that he met his end at the hands of his beloved dunecoons. According to a reliable source, his last words were "B-but I defend you on the internet".


"All the UN base are belong to loli"

Maldivian jihadists, renowned internet tough guys the world over, laid siege to the UN headquarters. However, since they're pretty much pussies when it comes to doing some shit on their own, they brought out child soldiers in the hopes of baiting the 'murrikans inside. A few hours later, in a surprising spark of intelligent thinking from the otherwise retarded-as-fuck towel-head wannabes, they realized they were SUPPOSED to attack the US Embassy. But them being the dumbasses they were, they could not find the US Embassy no matter how hard they tried, and finally - with their rage-boners flatlining on them, they retreated to their caves for another round of raping their concubines.


As usual in the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, Muslims, terrorists, and anarchists found a reason to protest against their treatment by Zionist forces. There were several arrests, but no causalities.


Given the nature of Pakistan, as soon the video went viral, protests rocked the country. Tens of thousands of people marched across the country burning flags and chanting the typical "Death to America" and other slogans. Unlike other countries in the Middle East, many of the protesters aren't simply angry about the film, but rather the drone strikes that kill innocents. A poorly made film was merely a catalyst for a butthurt volcano to erupt. There were also peaceful protests by Christian minorities in reaction to the film.

I announce today that this blasphemer, who has abused the holy prophet - if somebody will kill him, I will give that person a prize of $100,000


Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, Pakistan's federal railways minister

"The US deserves only one remedy - jihad, jihad."


—A chant by a group of protesters named Jamaat-ud-Dawa

The Pakistan Foreign Ministry quickly responded and denounced the statements by Ghulam Ahmed Bilour. However, Bilour's statements started a trend in Pakistan: so far a Islamic cleric has offered a bounty of $105,000 dollars as well as a businessman who offered a bounty of $1.27 million for the death of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.


Peaceful protests were had which involved chanting anti-Obama slogans such as "Obama, Obama, we are all Osamah," but also doing typical "Death to America" chants such as "the people want the downfall of the ambassador."


This is the Middle East, but this scene could happen anywhere!

Since no proper chimpout is without a healthy dose of niggers, Sudanese Islamists, militia thugs/janjaweed, and anarchists in Khatorum decided to join in on the fun. In their Qur'an and kool-aid induced rage they rampaged blindly in an attempt to punish the Great Satan. Given the nigger beserk ability lowers intelligence by 10 points, this resulted with the British and German embassies being stormed and burned down by accident. Once the rioters stormed the gates of the base, they started to burn whatever they could get their black hands on. Once the right embassy was found at the rioters' third attempt, they proceeded to do the same thing to it as well. Later a mob broke into a German mission and presumably proceeded to legitimate rape the German women inside.

Politically, the scene in Sudan is dramatic. The political demographics rioting and burning embassies is the Sudanese regime's support base so the tradition of how police states typically respond to violent protests couldn't happen. There are unverified claims that protesters were run over by riot squad vehicles and the bodies of the dead protesters were dragged inside an embassy. Even if these claims turn out to be false, this doesn't matter to the logic of a chimpout, and thus the rage will continue.


In Tunisia, the rioters climbed the walls and set trees and other objects in the US embassy's yard on fire. Unknown gunmen have fired guns at the embassy, but no one has die. After the first wave of rioters were depleted from protesting, busloads of protesters from all over the countryside reinforced the numbers of the first wave of protesters whom had been defeated by U.S. Marines and local police forces. Despite a newly reinforced army of Muslim cannon fodder ready to face teargas and rubber bullets, these combined forces were prevented from storming the American embassy again. Defeated, but still high on Islam and a few matches in their pockets, they did the same to an American school in La Goulette.


After violent protests targeting the United States embassy, Americans wanted to send troops to defend the embassy. The Yemeni parliament responded with a statement affirming its "rejection of any form of foreign presence." Despite this declaration by the Yemeni parliament, the United States deployed a FAST (Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team) which comprises of 50 marines. Somehow 50 marines are capable of protecting an embassy from thousands of heavily armed Arabs during a chimpout.


The Full Movie

Is there a conspiracy behind this plot?

When the land of American pigdogs who mock our holy prophet is ashes....

Everything about this whole incident reeks of a conspiratorial heist of sorts in a classical Neuromancer style: hiring a point man to produce a movie who just recently left federal prison for fraud, who pretended to be a Israeli named Sam Bacile and claimed the movie was funded from 100 Jews; the actors involved in the film were unawares of what was really happening; as well as the film was claimed to be the reasoning behind the death of Ambassador Stevens despite what appeared to be a coordinated attack that conveniently happened on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. It makes one wonder: was someone behind this that isn't Nakoula Basseley Nakoula? Very likely, but who?

While numerous parties can be blamed for this as well as blaming massive incompetence, blaming the Jews is almost too easy. This is easy given that Jews did WTC eleven years earlier in order to have the United States get involved in the Middle East in order to fulfill their Zionist master plan that is slowly unfolding as we speak. Since the war drums are beating ever faster for intervention in Syria and war with Iran, provoking a response from angry Muslims who'd typically riot every time something like this happens is important. An angry Middle East is easier to invade, after all, dehumanizing the enemy is important in any propaganda campaign before a war. So after an illegal war that deposed a somewhat popular dictator, and Earth's last true super-villian, Qaddafi, it never occurred that loyalists to the former regime might still be active in Libya and want revenge, or possibly that al-Qaeda wanted him dead.

So on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, a coordinated attack was launched during the chaos of the protests. However, there was something not right about the situation in Libya: first, the embassy used by the Americans was atypical of the normal fortress like nature of American embassies; second, Marines normally guard embassies. This was not the case in Libya, instead Libyan and State Department security officials were protecting him; third, despite numerous security breaches in Libya, including an after attack on June 6th against the embassy by an improvised explosive device, no additional security was offered to the American Embassy; fourth, a few days after the attack against the embassy, a CNN reporter was able to walk away from the embassy with a journal written by the ambassador, revealing that he was concerned about the security situation in Benghazi.

The pieces that fell into place fell too easily and conveniently to not be suspicious, after all, the last time a major terrorist attack happened to the United States, the Patriot Act and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq was a response for a single terrorist attack. Perhaps this attack will be used as a justification for increasing the scale of the war on terror, and possibly be used to justify invading new countries and further strip away constitutional rights. Only time will tell...

Political ramifications

...What [westerners] do hear however is the supposed moderate Muslims demanding they give up the right to Have and Express their beliefs Freely. The moderates seem as intent as the radicals to impose their religious laws on the world, they just use different methods.


YouTube Favicon.png BRIMAN711

Regarding the political ramifications of theAmerican Presidential elections, that can be read here. However, there are many more political ramifications than this, mainly free speech. Calls from numerous individuals, ranging from peaceful Islamic clerics to the leaders of terrorist organizations have been calling for international laws that would make it criminal to mock Islam, much like how antisemitism and Holocaust denial are illegal in some places. Unlike other internet entities, Encyclopedia Dramatica will never capitulate to censorship because we don't negotiate with terrorists. Which is why ED will smuggle the video into Islamic countries after Google finally takes it in the ass over the video because they don't actually care about free speech as they have pretended to do recently.

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