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Motivate me /b/!



This Rule 34 Demotivator raised the bar for both Rule 34 and Demotivators.

Demotivators are pretty much the opposite of the motivator posters by Successories; they are designed to put the person reading it down, destroying any self esteem that they may have. People who create them take a beautiful, amazing picture and then wreck it completely by giving it another meaning, mostly by invoking anal satisfaction or gratuitous cum-stains.

Once a beautiful, faggot cock, the motivator format has recently been flogged to death and now constitutes a full half of all *chan content on Thursdays. It is now part of the cancer that will hopefully kill /b/, since it has become the macro of choice to newfags. To instantly make a funny picture unfunny, just make a motivator out of it and then cool people will flame you for shitifying it.


It may be used to torment people in not funny ways. Even if you're there to watch them break down in tears and reach a point where they contemplate suicide you will feel nothing just knowing that you ruined someone's day/week/month/possibly life will destroy you. It would be foolish to use against those really cocky people with too much confidence.

How to use them

The shitty way: Just take a picture with subtitles and rephrase it into a word and a sentence.

Of course, there are some pictures that aren't amazing and beautiful like the above examples. And some don't personally attack people, they're just plain funny.

One very bad example of a motivational picture would be crappy chains, such as The Geterator. They are a complete waste of time and only fags take part in these.

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