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Zone-h founder Roberto Preatoni (SyS64738) was a site developed by Euro-fag wannabe hackers. It's purpose was to mirror website defacements which it has done from the start. And occasionally the idiot owner or one of the idiot admins will write a stupid and non-interesting article or simply plagiarize from SecurityFocus. Despite all of them being total noobs and not knowing how to keep their own website out of the defacement mirrors they offer "Hands on hacking" classes all around the world and charge people around $1700 a pop. God knows what these idiots try to teach people.

Security Pros eh?

Zone-h claims to be a site of security professionals and IT buffs but having their site publicly defaced numerous times no one takes them seriously anymore. From being hacked by flawed php apps they run to having their domain hijacked Zone-H has been owned by muslim script kiddies numerous times.

Useless Stats

The purpose of Zone-H's defacement mirror was to document server intrusions and what kind of server is being hacked, etc; But 99% of the defacements they mirror are simple php web app hacks. So it does not matter what kind of server was involved which makes the stats of most defaced servers unreliable and utterly useless.

Skiddie Heaven

The defacement mirror is a favorite of Turk and other Muslim script kiddies as they are able to keep track of how many phpBB sites they have defaced.

Who gives a shit?

No one really, it is obvious zone-h will not be around much longer as they cannot protect their sites from the simple exploits that the script kiddies they cater to use.

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