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It's not porn, it's art... That you fap to.


—Zone adversiting his/her products

Unrealistic expectations zone1.png
Zone-tan was originally designed by Maggot, an artist who only draws underage girls in slutty outfits. Sound familiar?

Zone (mostly referred by his/her fans as Zone-sama) is a self-entitled professional animator who makes a living off drawing hentai and flash animations of popular female cartoon characters which he/she labels them as "parodies". But since he/she can't hold any consistency for the series that he/she supposed to make fun of, this often leads him/her to fuck up those animations in the process, pissing off his/her own target audience. While Zone became famous in the Internet, his/her fantards are at least lucky when he or she, sometimes, makes a half-assed flash cartoon depicting one or more characters requested by his/her mongoloid fandom, usually fucking each other's brains out. Despite Zone's attempts to make people pay for this garbage, someone always leaks out the game to 4Chan, leading to massive fappage and kissing his/her ass.

Who is Zone?

Expect to see shit like this everyday and everywhere like a STD.

No one knows who or what Zone is, but most people like to believe that he or she is almost certainly a girl. Many claim to have seen Zone in person, although most end up never being seen again; those who are not eaten alive are liars and should be killed on contact. Zone may also be a computer, created to do nothing but to make hentai and watch cartoons marketed for children. In most cases, this would be awesome, but as we all know the Japanese have been known to create machines to do everything for them (like wipe ass). If this supposed to be true, it would mean that Zone is a part of the Internet, and can screw with your precious RTFM, Fdisk and other computer terms you probably don't know. This would explain why his/her website infects its visitors with spyware and mind-control probes.

It's pretty apparent that Zone wishes to be a meme of the Internet, like Moot and W.T. Snacks ("her" internet birth parents), which we can almost guarantee makes Zone female, as women can rarely be anonymous without camfagging it up. As further evidence of this e-famous cocksuckery here is this cartoon he/she made that for once wasn't porn--and was probably the only thing he/she should have ever made porn out of, amirite gaiz??


Zone had his/her humble beginnings in the HentaiKey, where the owners commanded him/her to make more than 9000 flashes a week, although he/she never really did. Under normal circumstances, Zone would be fired, but because every other artist for HentaiKey is shit and makes no money, they were forced to continue forking over their delicious moneys to him/her. He/she also should be booted because of his/her inability to stop his/her flashes from being stolen and shown off for free (sometimes even willingly letting them be leaked). Luckily for him/her, however, HentaiKey is full of lazy pricks who can't do their jobs properly. This caused them to lose money, which usually left Zone broke and complaining he/she "isn't able to reveal his/her flash games on schedule". Mass-hysteria and whining ensued.

ZTV News

It seems like that in certain point Zone got fed up with HentaiKey's autistic method of working, because for a while he/she started to administrate his/her own creations in his/her own site, as well as in his/her Youtube channel and Newgrounds account. Besides still raping cartoon girls, he/she also now produces animated shorts known as ZTV News, which features his/her mascot Zone-tan who is portrayed as a smug, slutty goth that enjoys making witty remarks about the rape victim of the day. The creation of these shorts has the assistance of a writing team (though it's a mystery why they would need a writing team in the first place) and a voice actress for Zone-Tan. The shorts are notorious for being incredibly unfunny and bland, but the fans care little as they are more interested to see Zone's bitch and fap furiously to her.

Zone's Fans

If you ever find yourself on the Internet, never under any circumstances voice your opinion on how Zone's work is only "ok" or anything less than amazing. This may lead to you to being brutally raped and left to die by his/her rabid fanboys, who cannot accept the existence of people hating their precious porn artist. This is because all of Zone's supporters think that he/she is some sort of god, and insulting him/her is the highest form of disrespect, although no one knows why they act this way except maybe that they cannot get laid with anything that isn't a fictional girl made of ink.

And whenever someone expresses a negative opinion about Zone, expect to have a colossal, hilarious shitstorm between fans and, well, anyone who doesn't agree that Zone is a good artist. Said shitstorms can be usually found in boards like /co/ and /v/, which are the places where Zone usually looks to know who is the hot shit cartoon skank of the moment among the local manchildren so he/she can violate the shit out of her and thus gain more popularity and at the same time pamper his/her cry-babyish fandom.

Just scroll the comments section of this video and abandon all hope.
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4chan Lust Gallery

Zone loves 4chan. He/she loves 4chan so much it's epically creepy. But honestly, can you blame him/her? His/her fantard weeaboo ways make it apparent that he/she doesn't just adore Moot and the awesomeness that is 4chan, but also has a particular favoritism for W.T. Snacks, which most certainly translates into him/her being a filthy traitor. But it may be why Zone never finishes anything or meets deadlines, because he or she is too busy lurking on 4chan and being a typical /b/tard, which usually means wasting your life and your talent.

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