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All three of these model citizens had existing mug shots.
holy fuck!

Emily Sander was a college student who got raped and murdered by a filthy mexican (allegedly). Her death was non-notable, except that her alter ego Zoey Zane, a sexy, barely legal coed who liked posing nude with her friends and masturbating with her bedroom door open, also died that day.

The Story

18-year-old Emily Sander was a college student from Kansas who went missing for nearly a week after Thanksgiving break. She was last seen leaving a bar in El Dorado (pronounced "El Dor-aye-doh" as opposed to El Dor-ah-doh"), Kansas about 30 miles from Wichita, with a man identified by police as Israel Mireles, 24 years old, authorities said. Emily's body was found fifty miles east of El Dorado, and authorities went on a nationwide manhunt for Mireles and his underage pregnant girlfriend, believed to be making a run for the border.

Was Zoey Zane Killed by Anon?

Early Thursday morning, someone posted coordinates on /b/ that matched a point about 50 miles east of El Dorado, just off a highway. Later that day, it was announced that the camwhore's body was found in about the same area as the coordinates. Barring some crazy-ass timezone shit, it seems that her killer is a /b/tard. Who would have thought it possible?

Zoey Speaks from Beyond the Grave

To the Media

It truly saddens us to see, in this day and age, that we still live in a society that ridicules a woman for doing something that is completely legal. There was some incorrect information leaked to the press on Wednesday by an unknown individual named "David Thomas" claiming to have information about Emily's huge "Porn" career. He has nothing to do with our company nor do we know any individual by that name. Now, due to your irresponsible journalism and not checking your facts before sending out this info over the news wire, you have turned this into a PR feeding frenzy for the sole purpose of creating drama to draw in viewers. We want to set the record straight. Emily was a solo nude model whose site went live September 25, 2007. She was exactly that - a solo girl model. As soon as these false facts were released, YOU the media, from your "Porn" story you ran, have sent more traffic to Emily's adult site in 2 hours than the site has received in 2 months - since the site has gone live. We ask all media outlets - please show some class and respect, for once, on a very sad and misfortunate situation, and get back to the main focus now of capturing Israel Mireles.


—Zoey's website, after the abduction

The Media Flips The Fuck Out

Given a case involving a young, attractive white woman and a nefarious Mexican, the media no doubt would have been on this case like a fat kid on cake regardless. The fact that Emily/Zoey was a camwhore, however, sent reporters into a frenzy. Though her site had been up for all of two months, and the raunchiest material involved her touching herself and making naughty-girl faces, headline writers had the nerve to call her a "porn star."

Their mistake points up the essential tragedy of this situation. Not only was Emily/Zoey not a porn star, she would never have the chance to become one. Many an innocent camwhore has promised herself at first to stick to "tasteful" nudes, only to find herself doing DP, deep-throating, and facials like a pro; Emily was denied the opportunity to compromise her morals and become a genuine hardcore porn star, and we were denied the opportunity to watch her do it. It's a cruel world when a fresh, budding young girl will never be able to realize her full potential as a sex object.

The Goods

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