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Screenshots of stupidity.

Zing (zĭng)

v., zinged, zing, zing·ing, zings
  1. To viciously point out flaws, with relentless, uncaring effort.
n. Nonstandard.
  1. The ability to viciously point out flaws, with relentless, uncaring effort. <see usage note at your mom>
  2. A state of mind or being that is conducive to zing.
  3. A spell in Dragon Quest. It's called "Vivify", you fucking newfag.
Usage Notes:
a. Should you pause to think before retorting, your reply—no matter how clever—falls to the level of common insult and you fail it. (It is zing.)
b. A zing must be quick, calculated, and articulate, and have no flaws in its logical or figurative consistency.
Etymology: English, onomatopoeia, from the sound of a ricocheting projectile (e.g. bullet).
Origin: The term "burn" was overused, and therefore had died. From its ashes rose several new terms, such as snap, and zing. To be zing is bliss, and neverending once you have it.
Errata: The Zing King, or King of Zing, is currently jameth, who has not yet found a match for his talents. Like the Dalai Llama, he is all-knowing in his art.
Synonyms: see PWN, wit.

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