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This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
One of those hands is fondling his fat, capitalist wallet. The other is either feeling the ridges from the scars left on his nigger slave, or the naked body of some poor child.

For those not aware of how intolerant of deviants the Soviet Union was, you could be sent to freeze your ass in Siberia for being a faggot, and that's on a good day. Being a kiddy fucker resulted in consequences that we'd instantly add to the Offended page.

However, we aren't just going to talk about a kiddy fucker here. No, we're going to talk about a capitalist cosplaying as a commie while living like the bourgeoise, a man who championed feminism and minorities while whipping sheboons for sexual pleasure, and that's when he wasn't seeding child porn torrents.

And so, we begin the tale of "Zeitgueist", aka Patrick Murray.

The Hypocritorist Revolution

Zeitgueist [sic] became first known on the website Something Awful, ranting for hours on end about the evils of capitalism, about how women get treated like pieces of meat and how terrible that is, and even ranting about the poor, poor black people who suffer due to all the horrible WHITE PEOPLE of this planet.

We need to mention that Zeitgueist is a pasty fuck himself, and we know what you are thinking, he's just a self hating marxist SJW type, right?

Actually, he's more like the kind of deviant hypocrite the Chinese Communists would've have billed his family for the bullet needed to waste his sick fuck ass, as we shall further explain.

A Capitalist Wearing Commie Stripes

Before we get on to whether Patrick is a deviant, we first must examine whether he actually took Mao Tse Tung's "Little Red Book" seriously, which advised that one must be one with the peasants to understand their plight.

According to Wikipedophilia, this is where Zeitguiest lives:

The beach lifestyle comes at a price: According to public data from the Los Angeles Times, real estate prices increased almost 20% per year between 1999 and 2005. Properties within short walking distance of the ocean routinely sell for well over $1 million. Those with direct, unhindered views routinely ask in excess of $2 million. Money Magazine ranks communities in the area as some of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. The average three-bed, two-bath home costs about $1,000,000 in South Redondo as of 2006 and $875,000 in North Redondo.


Yeah, not a lot of peasants get to live in places that bourgeois.

As for what he does with his day, when he's not being an "engineer", he spends most of his time on Something Awful like he has since 2003, ranting about communism, playing Eve Online, and sperging over nerd shit like Star Wars.

Basically, he sits on his ass and goofs off instead of robbing banks and starting workers revolts like Stalin and Lenin.

This is his own words on his job:

I'm living by the beach in LA, have a good job at a large company, and I can talk to pretty much anyone.




And that job is essentially this:

Zeitgueit's job is basically to structure the plastic and cardboard of toys. In fact, he went to RIT in Rochester to get a Bachelors of Science in something called "Packaging Science" because he had a burning desire to work for major companies like Mattel and help make packaging for toys. Check out his webpage: http://re.vu/pjmurray and you can see some of the packages he designed.


He also eats pretty well for a commie:

Well like I said, Long Beach isn't great but one place I can give you is the Long Beach Thai Restaurant at the corner of 10th and Redondo. It's tucked away facing the McDonald's drive through, and it's the place where the tables are packed with Thai immigrants. It gets props from my thai friends and foodies alike, though it doesn't look like much from the outside(or inside).

Most of the "high-end" restaurants in downtown you should stay away from because they're not worth it. L'Opera is OK, but you can do better for the money, as well as 555 East. Parker's Lighthouse is OK as well, but mostly cool because they have a pack of cats that roams the perimeter of the restaurant. As far as pubs though, a lot of folks swear by Congregation.

If you're looking for a brunch place, there's way more choice in LB than WLA, especially in the Belmont Heights/Shore area. I'd give my vote to The Potholder. Standard brunch diner fair, but done pretty well and you get a huge selection and huge portions for your money. I haven't been to the downtown location, just the Belmont Shore one. I'd say do not go to Starlings Diner, which is hipster as hell, overpriced, and essentially exactly the place they were making fun of on the brunch episode of Portlandia. Including the massive line.

On 2nd Street, a lot of places have turned over in the past year and I don't know that I can give you something up to date on them. If you like french, La Creperie is still pretty good, even after the change in ownership, and while it tries a bit hard to be ~french~ it's one of my favorite places.

I think LB is gradually becoming a trendier place to eat, and in 5 years the list will be much longer. However right now, it's essentially like the club scene in Long Beach: If you were going to make something really neat, there's not a whole lot of reason you wouldn't just build your place in LA.


This of course does not even describe his SA bullshit, where he used to be a member of the LF leftist circlejerk, and to this day plays the hardened commie on messageboards when IRL he's a white guilt riddled rich fuck and his actual job involves forcing overseas children and minorities to work for pennies until their knuckles bleed while his fat clogged arteries haven't shed any blood of their own for his allegedly beloved proletariat. And, of course, like every other good SJW, he hates anyone to the right of Lenin and white knights feminism.

tl;dr, he's a fucking hypocrite.

And that doesn't even cover what he does in the bedroom

That shit in his hands is caked in nigger blood.

Like any true communist, he says all the right things in public and does sick shit in private, much like one of his heroes Mao Tse Tung was infamous for fucking kids (Zeitgueist covers this niche too, more on that later) behind closed doors.

And so, we have Zeitgueist, pictured here in all his nasty assed glory with his nigger slave:

Patrick "Zeitguiest" Murray's black slave.jpg

The collar around her neck isn't any ordinary necklace. Nope, that's a collar doms give their submissive slaves so everyone knows who is the master and who is on their knees getting whipped.

Remember, this man supports the dignity of women and rants about whites keeping down blacks, shit that must make him feel good on the internet in between bouts of beating his black whore and telling her to call him "massa".

However, a now banned SA member puts it best about our working class hero:

Zeit has over 100k posts on the forums. he makes 1k+ word posts about finding racism or sexism in commercials, videogames, etc. Castigating those for "cryptoracism" and "silent misogyny". The sensitivity level is at 10/10 here, which normally would be okay I guess. But.....You don't find it the least bit amusing or ironic that this same man ties up, verbally abuses, and whips his black gf to get off?



After his fake commie bullshit and nigger whipping was exposed by the banned pantshitters at the Something Sensitive forums, he fucked off for awhile, crying like a bitch, but not before he tried to pass off his black whore beating off as something completely normal and healthy and he was being lied and bullshitted about despite using the same name on every account, including his professional life.

This even included him being the seeder of a ton of porn torrents, which instantly got privated when the dox dropped.

The Death and Return of Commie Cosplay Man

After a couple of months, minus a few half ass attempts at using alt accounts to not draw attention to himself, he went right back to using the Zeitgueist name and posting the same SJW shit he did before, and since SA is filled with deviants and hypocrites, they acted as if he had never been exposed as a liar and that all was right because he had the proper opinions, even if IRL he was still the same rich, corrupt, abusive sack of shit.

Of course, this drew the attention of the bitter assholes cast from Paradise at Something Sensitive, so they did more digging into Zeitgueist's life, as by now he was no longer paranoid about the SASShats and denied being a black beating bastard and a fan of porn where women are choked and beaten.

The second dox revealed Zeitgueist's work history involved him working for companies that has injured and killed many of the innocents he white knighted on SA yet still continued working for them.

But that's small potatoes compared to the real lulz.


What to expect - All kinds of weird pornographic shit. Strange fetishes from Japan. Extreme sports. Streetfights. Obscure TV shows. Strange cartoons. Montages of weird porn. Clips from old cult movies. David Hasselhoff. Guys vandalising trains. Guys surfing trains. Girls fighting. Retro porn. Crackheads. Spongebob Squarepants. Katanas. Weird childrens shows. Stewie Griffin. Cock sucking. Pussy eating. Skateboarding. Midget porn. Gigantic titties. Gigantic titties crushing things. Gigantic titties lifting weights. Japanese women covered in cum. Clips from old horror films. Chicks gagging on cocks. Cheesy 80s beats. Vanilla Ice. Telekenesis. Aliens. Japanese Anime. Apache Montage, with all kinds of weird dancing. Weird insertions. Arnold Schwarzanegger smoking weed. Midgets eating pie. Chicks getting fucked hard. Hardcore wrestling. Zombies. Graffiti. Spaceships. Blow up dolls. Terrible Japanese stuff. Demented fans of guitarists. Dragonball Z. More hardcore fucking. Strange insertions played in reverse. Acrobatics. Much, much more...


—a short sampling of the kinds of porn that Patrick "Zeitguiest" Murray jacks off to.

A search of his porn seeding history for "The Gentleman's Club turned up a bunch of porn. A lot of BDSM, to no one's surprise, a bunch of shit involving Stewie Griffon getting cornholed, and best of all, nudist videos.

Not just any nudist videos. Videos with naked children in them. Almost 1 GB worth of naked kid videos.


After this bomb was dropped, the SASShats immediately sent "Lord Ambien" and his fellow degenerates messages they might want to BAN THE FUCK OUT OF A DISTRIBUTOR OF CHILD PORN, and they even sent a heads up to the FBI.

Lowtax was too spazzed out his mind on ambien and cheap boxed wine to give a shit, most of the mods at SA were either too busy sucking dick or banning people for squealing on their fellow pedophiles to act on this information, and eventually, after a crapflood of posts about Zeitgueist being a sick fuck flooded every board on SA, Patrick Murray requested his account be banned in the hopes he could come back under an alt while trying to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING that he denied was even true.

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